The Legend of Bigfoot (1975) Documentary

  • Published on: 21 November 2020
  • Startling motion picture footage of the elusive creature!
    A documentary about the legendary creature, Bigfoot, with emphasis on him being the missing link.

    Director: Harry Winer
    Writers: Harry Winer, Paula Labrot
    Stars: Ivan Marx, Peggy Marx, Yukon Frida
    Genres: Classics, Cult, Documentary, Drama

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  • Runtime : 1:14:13
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  • TriggeredFrailNaggers ChimpOut

    Give me Bigfoot over Shiite face any day! I live be side poo toned monk keys, the worse demons to walk on two legs.

  • Argent a
    Argent a   1 weeks ago

    This documentary along with "In Search Of" held me captive in my teens. My goodness these were so wonderful. Outstanding uploads!!!!

  • Marc Kelly
    Marc Kelly   1 weeks ago

    He sounds like rodney dangerfield. I tell ya bigfoot don't get no respect, no respect at all

  • David Hallett
    David Hallett   2 weeks ago

    Textbook case of what you see when you drink sterno

  • MrTonySweatpants
    MrTonySweatpants   2 weeks ago

    Stop calling this a documentary it’s a fictional movie

  • James Konzek
    James Konzek   2 weeks ago

    Mystery Science Theatre should do a take on this.

  • A Pheonix
    A Pheonix   3 weeks ago

    instant sleep Ive put this on and gone to bed listening to it at least 300 times, and put it on to cure insomnia. a classic

    ADAM LANGDON   3 weeks ago

    " but dawn broke and it disappeared behind a rainbow... " Word...? high do you people think we are man??

    ADAM LANGDON   3 weeks ago

    9:48 in... RAINER BEER COMES FROM HERE!! 😂❤❤❤

  • Steve's Gardening Adventures

    I hate to say this but this video was truly horrible it was like watching a bad version of a B class movie.

    LUCKY CONQUEROR TV   1 months ago

    this guy is so full of shit and watched way too many old disney wildlife documentaries.

  • Himalayan Yak
    Himalayan Yak   1 months ago

    Of course they exist. Their ability to remain elusive from humans is what has ensured their survivability. They know humans are deceptive creatures with various selfish agendas. That's why they avoid humans.

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger   1 months ago

    And they still haven’t found him lol …. Chasing shadows that don’t exist .

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis   1 months ago

    This was released a year after I graduated HS and 8 years before my own encounter with BF. Years later I told of my experience with other believers and knowers.

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow   1 months ago

    This was such a wholesome video. I enjoyed it 🙂

  • jonny the boy
    jonny the boy   1 months ago

    LOL Bigfoot carries it's dead thousands of miles to a burial ground, it's so ridiculous number 1 and number 2 how did they know hahaha. But still, what an awesome fun 70's documentary

  • Mossy
    Mossy   1 months ago

    This is the best doc ive seen in ages .No Dramatic musicNo Dramatic Acting.No repeating the same subject over and over like modern docs. Overall just an outstanding watch and well worth the time .

    TAINO WELDER   1 months ago

    Been lookinh for this documentary one of the best ever made love it !!

  • Jan Allen
    Jan Allen   1 months ago

    OH PLEASE. A 16 Inch Print and 9 Inches across the Ball of the foot.... PLEASE... Ivan Marks was the Biggest Hoaxer of his time. SAD

  • Jim Bartz
    Jim Bartz   1 months ago

    gotta love a good scifi story

  • trailblazer King
    trailblazer King   1 months ago

    I love This 69-70's Hippy NARRATIVE but PLEASE the film of THAT "BIG FOOT" WAS ALL "WRONG" IT'S PROPORTIONAL SIZE WAS ALL WRONG I CARNT SEE THAT SNAPPING A 400kg bear's neck. It was like watching A planet of the APE'S COSTUME WITH A BAD SKINNY Actor inside .I still L♥️ve the 70's Documentary.There was nothing to DISTRACT you from that Natral CONECTIONS WITH NATURE AND THE WILD....NO Electronics JUST YOUR OWN IMAGINATION AND A SET OF WAR DRUMS....♥️♥️♥️...ITS BIG FOOTS EYES

  • Lord Figo
    Lord Figo   2 months ago

    Strong Cereal Milk makes you end up watching some wild shit like this!! I dont even know what goin on! This dude wildin!!

  • Crypto Queen
    Crypto Queen   2 months ago

    Cool movie but theres some misstatements. Animals flee when bigfoot is around and they eat red meat.

  • Willie Payne
    Willie Payne   2 months ago

    Todd Standings bruh 1st nationally people is the most important peice to any study of Sasquatch you were right thank you too for your filming!

  • Willie Payne
    Willie Payne   2 months ago

    This film is the 2nd best film I've ever seen of bigfoot the 1st 1 that was hurt most to of been fighting another male to the rites of a female in the water bathing was female and her son bathing the whole video is worth saving and I did whoever you are Thank You for the filming!

  • Henry Agustín Idrogo
    Henry Agustín Idrogo   2 months ago

    What a beautiful report, it deserves a lot of attention and as always those American scientists try to deny everything ,,, they deny the aliens they denied that they were making the atomic bomb, they deny the mermaids, and now also the megalodon and the big foot, if evolution and adaptation is the most real than their limited minds, beautiful documentary I already downloaded to show my daughters, it must be a clear image of the big foot running in my idea this is totally authentic this video is based on it in all its authenticity

  • Sasquatch Isnot Real
    Sasquatch Isnot Real   2 months ago

    Legend has it, the reefer quality back in the 70s was much more potent than today.

  • A Vapor
    A Vapor   2 months ago

    I met a bigfoot and we've become good friends. The first time I felt dread I thought wait I only wanted a selfie with you. As fast as it came it was gone since then he helped me find my next wife to cherish for the rest of my life

  • A Vapor
    A Vapor   2 months ago

    Youtube keep that offer to me for a couple weeks and I'll do it. Now for the guy in this movie my steps are 36 inches not your tiny little 30

  • Nancy Desch
    Nancy Desch   2 months ago

    This is now 46 years ago and we still are no closer to proving these creatures exist. I believe they do but there is just something incredibly weird about the way they can elude human beings when they need to. Native Americans have legends about these creatures all over North American and Canada going back thousands of years so they DO exist - what they are I just don't know though!!!!

  • Mark Twain
    Mark Twain   2 months ago

    Fantastic script and story-telling! Cinematography is really perfect for a film of this nature. Easy to see why this is a classic!

  • John Melland
    John Melland   2 months ago

    Knowing what I know now, this guy could have just looked around his own state to find them. There's no experts in the field. There's a lot of information that is known about them but there's even more about them we don't know. Despite the centuries of them being around, they remain illusive and hidden. Sure, Bigfoot migrates maybe? No one's 100% sure and it's still just a theory. They inhabit every continent and many countries. These older documentaries are creepy! LOL. I'm a Bigfooter from Oregon and seen them and have had many experiences over the years. They're an enigma! That's not even touching on the supernatural or woo factor that many unexplainable things that have been reported and I too believe because I have experienced it a couple times myself. Thanks for sharing and putting this oldie but a goodie out there!

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker   2 months ago

    This could be taken up a notch by having Charlton Heston narrate it instead. Soylent Green is peeeeeople!

  • alvidama
    alvidama   2 months ago

    das können ja nur affen ähnliche wesen sein , vieleicht ein verwanter des neandertaler , oder spät einwanderer der bäringstraße !!!! auf jeden fall haben schon die ureinwohner davon berichtet , auf jeden fall interesant !!!! tolles video !!!!