[YTP] BFB 2: Frick Your Way to Venom

  • Published on: 18 November 2020
  • this was a very rushed project of mine. as you can tell, the bfb ytp videos are now offically a series. this means I will post every ytp on the exact day that episode was released.

    I had very little time to extend this, and I promise to give out a better ytp next time

    thumbnail was made by AlphaAmoeba, he's the best! Go check him out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ8P2Kv8z_-jUYK4ltpjPfQ
  • Runtime : 2:56


  • Brawl For A Prize
    Brawl For A Prize   1 weeks ago

    Four:bubble got 7 votes! throws de cakeBubble:*pop*Bottle: AND BUBBLE IS DEAD!

  • Zypher Fontanilla
    Zypher Fontanilla   1 weeks ago

    9:27 i think so.e e dead four said yoir fucking ate thed frends r tramp da- go

  • Rylan Bell
    Rylan Bell   1 weeks ago

    This video says a lot about society

  • Charlie DELANEY
    Charlie DELANEY   1 weeks ago

    Balloony: You better start licking those JAAAAWBBRRRREAKERRRRS

  • Person
    Person   1 weeks ago

    2:20 at this scene you should have made it leafy pushes yhe thing slowly then baloony pop then NUKE

  • Flutey
    Flutey   1 weeks ago

    Ni[C]kel was very sus in this episode gotta get him outta here

  • Yael M
    Yael M   1 weeks ago

    Woody exe is not working 1:59

  • Ida Dood
    Ida Dood   2 weeks ago

    [A] I ban any impostors who kill me -Balloony

  • Klaudia Totoń
    Klaudia Totoń   2 weeks ago

    Clowdy: Reported body. Team beep: where. Cloudy: Leafy sus. Leafy: its not me plus there is 1 impostor among us. We can skip for now. Cloudy: YOUR EXTREMLY SUUUUUUUUUS. Everyone exept cloudy on team beep: skipped. Leafy: gets her last kill and win lol.