Unsolved Mystery of Sven

  • Published on: 16 August 2019
  • Unsolved Mystery of Sven
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    All credit to PewDiePie, Angeline Rye, and dreaveler for the PewDiePie clips used.

    Thanks to BadBoyHalo for helping me test theories and find PewDiePie locations, and for the thumbnail: https://www.youtube.com/user/thesaintsofgames

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  • Runtime : 10:14
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  • Dream
    Dream   1 years ago

    Correction: PewDiePie is using a data-pack not a mod. Wrong terminology.Also, you can't drown on magma blocks but you can still drown in bubble ravines. (See in chat at 6:03, my dog drowns)Like the video if you enjoyed it :)

  • JL assassin
    JL assassin   8 hours ago

    who else thinks this is so dumb but it is so funny watching him saying dumbshet

  • Anthony
    Anthony   23 hours ago

    I have a solution he died a long time ago. He clickbaited his viewers. Just respawned the dog the end

  • karl the meme emperor

    have you guys ever noticed when pewdiepie found sven in the cave, sven is sitting and dog can sit by there selves so it means the real sven is now dead

  • Yuyun Muin
    Yuyun Muin   2 days ago

    Dream 2019 : i am facecam Dream 2020 : sorry guys i am not facecam Me : why 😭

  • F B
    F B   2 days ago

    This is how I found dream

  • Vellagir
    Vellagir   3 days ago

    He’s acting like Sven is a serial killer

  • Mykkä Pelaaja
    Mykkä Pelaaja   3 days ago

    Sven did Not take drowning damage because you can breath in a bouble colum

  • LuizTFC
    LuizTFC   3 days ago

    "In loving memory of:Mushroom Cow Thing" That cracked me up real nice ;D

  • franz& coco
    franz& coco   3 days ago

    i believe that pewdiepie is a bad pet owner

  • Harry and Eli
    Harry and Eli   4 days ago

    yeah also the whole cave thing is possible. the reason sven didnt take drowning damage was cuz when ur in a bubble stream, u dont lose air bubbles. and he could have just slipped into the cave before he started taking damage.

  • Orange Peel
    Orange Peel   4 days ago

    Battle of the century: Sven VS The Queen

  • Creature
    Creature   4 days ago

    “No James Charles needed”

  • AllType Craft
    AllType Craft   4 days ago

    Can Someone PLEASE Tell What Is The Name Of This Horror Music At 0:39

  • Monds Is Not Here
    Monds Is Not Here   4 days ago

    lol you can see buzz feed true crime lol is minecraft a crime????????????

  • Firey
    Firey   4 days ago

    Subscribe to jelly

  • Tyrone Mallaghan
    Tyrone Mallaghan   4 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw white eyes behind the tree when he gives the dog a apple on 2:50

  • The Brudda
    The Brudda   4 days ago

    Kinda imposible that hes unkillable since you can tell his health drop on the tail and yes the tail acts as a health meter so hes not unkillable

  • Grace Mark
    Grace Mark   5 days ago

    plot twist : sven is queen elizabeth's dog

  • Maze
    Maze   5 days ago

    dude why is this creepy