Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 28 November 2019
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    We have been asked by a few people to sin this little indie film from the summer called Avengers: Endgame. And we had nothing else going on today, so we decided to cave to fan request for once. This movie was a crowd pleaser and currently stands as the highest grossing movie of all time. But it has plenty of sins, so buckle up, kids, let's go for a ride.

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  • Runtime : 24:22
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  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   4 hours ago

    Soul Stone redux -. Also why Captain Marvel can't snap without dying. 'Physical strength - check. Next level genius intellect - like Banner, and Stark and Thanos.... nope. Spiritual connection to soul stone sacrifice - nope. Not to mention no practical understanding of what his happening exactly (Thanos attacking our Universe from across multiple timelines), nor practical understanding of the Gauntlet - which does not even fit a normal human hand....and no she doesn't know about the Nano Tech which might resize the Gauntlet and.... no, it isn't even clear that the damaged Gauntlet used by Hulk would work a second time in any case.Again we all want Tony to be alive - but you have to ignore the rules of the film to create fan fiction plot amor that leads to a 'happy ending' which also happens to utterly destroy the meaning of the film.

  • nauris nauris
    nauris nauris   12 hours ago

    Yeah but wth sooo where's the other cap......

  • Lily Watson
    Lily Watson   14 hours ago

    its insulting that he didn't even acknowledge "we won Mr stark"

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   21 hours ago

    Snyder made a dumbed down Watchman (The HBO series is far better by the way).But the Russo’s made an even smarter Infinity Quest.

  • Rex Miller
    Rex Miller   1 days ago

    Isint it Lizzie Borden. Plus Love your content!!!

  • Obiwan Kenobi
    Obiwan Kenobi   1 days ago

    Can Jeremy stop acting like he cares how holograms work nobody is wondering how those holograms work

  • Damion Christopher Gibson

    over the last couple of hours i have watched everything wrong with back to the future 3, everything wrong with Justice league, and this one... in the justice league one he references Huey Lewis [wrote the theme song for back to the future] , and in this one he references back to the future... mind blown..

  • AG47
    AG47   1 days ago

    I used the stone to destroy the other stone.*Last stone "Your math is blowing my mind."

  • Nicolas Hoyos
    Nicolas Hoyos   1 days ago

    6:48 Sin on Cinemasins: Calling a baby goat a “baby lamb” and not just a lamb!

  • Marcelo Vinicius
    Marcelo Vinicius   2 days ago

    Soo, peggie married someone who they couldn't discover the name, and steve kisses one of her relatives on winter soldier movie, don't remember if it's a niece or grand daughter but, u know, now that we know steve is the unknown husband, isn't this strange ?

  • Justice Graceful
    Justice Graceful   2 days ago

    14:05 if that's not the same person they're identical twins.

  • CherryStudios
    CherryStudios   2 days ago

    The Bruce hulk combination deserves at least five sins

  • Doctor Emmett Brown
    Doctor Emmett Brown   2 days ago

    That time machine is cute. You’re right this movie is pretty unbelievable.

  • I lost my juul
    I lost my juul   2 days ago

    How are u not gonna sin Bucky not getting the shield, that was the one thing in the movie I actually got mad at

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   2 days ago

    HiShe gets it wrong or How it could NOT have ended.... 😂 More film watchers grasp the awesomeness of the time stone than any other. -Because it's the one that Dr. Strange uses, but they still get a few things wrong. Like every other stone - the time stone is infinite - in one dimension but also limited because it is a single dimension. You see this with every use of the stone to turn time backwards or forward on a limited amount of matter (power stone) and within a limited area (space stone). This amounts to creating a pocket in time. Time creates logical puzzles and if you are not careful with the logic of time, you misunderstand events. Take for example the most famous use of the time stone... Dr. Strange vs. Dormammu. This is referred to as "putting Dormammu in a time loop" - but watch the scene carefully, that's not what happens at all. Dr. Strange actually loops himself. He sets the loop to trigger upon his death. Dormammu is not even in the scene when Strange does this. Dormammu only loops because he is the cause that killed Strange. And the principal of logic is critical to understand. There is still causality involved - and to reverse the effects of time locally on an object is to reverse the direct causes of those effects.Another example of this principal occurs when Thanos reverses time on Vision and causes the mind stone to reassemble. In the past Vision had the mind stone - take him back to the past - and the mind stone goes back to him. And this leads to the frustrating answer to the question of why you can't use the time stone to bring Tony Stark back to life - like Vision.If you take the time stone away from Tony, place it in the Eye of Agamotto and turn Tony Back in time -> then the time stone goes back to him.He is still dead. You can't turn back time beyond this point - as you do not have the time stone and you do not have control over time - Tony does, because he did - and snapping with all 6 stones - including the time stone is what killed him.This is why the Avengers need all 6 stones to undo the snap in the 1st place. Time has tricky logic. Endgame is very smart about it. Sometimes fans are not quite up to speed and you see the results with things like HiShe which fail at logic, esp. where time is concerned.

  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee   2 days ago

    i just realized old steve looks like joe biden

  • Craig Finger
    Craig Finger   2 days ago

    Me being named Craig I take no offence to that

  • Joel Kepler
    Joel Kepler   2 days ago

    Also if Cap did his happy ending, Peggy's kids dont exist, and Bucky is tortured and never becomes a good guy

  • Joel Kepler
    Joel Kepler   2 days ago

    One thing also driving me batty ever since watching it, if Thor is a god, wouldnt it logically make sense for him to have the gauntlet since it wouldnt kill or harm him the way it did with Iron Man and Hulk?

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   3 days ago

    re: "In Infinity War, when they confronted Thanos in Titan, Thanos had all but the mind and time stones equipped and yet a bunch of powerless mortals (excluding Spiderman and Dr. Strange) were able to nearly sabotage his plan had it not been for Star Lord getting emotional."⬆️Another example of how to not understand a scene.Before that battle has begun - Dr. Strange has already examined the 14 million possible futures. He has already determined that there is no way to defeat Thanos. He has to win and accomplish his mission and die - as is his goal - and only then can the Avengers undo what he did.Strange allows Starlord to confront Thanos over Gamora. Only then does Thanos will falter. Only then do the Avengers have any success in moving the glove off of his hand. The Gauntlet responds to Thanos will and his alone - per Etri. Strange knows that Stark will never get the Gauntlet from Thanos - but he needs to come close enough - in his own mind to be obsessed by it.This is what compels Tony Stark to spend years agonizing over what he might have done differently. And his leads to the Stark Maneuver.The Stark Maneuver is the single most brilliant Strategy in the history of SuperHero movies - and which of course CinemaSins completely failed to understand.He could not get the Gauntlet from Thanos - so he developed a nano-tech gauntlet that allowed him to absorb the stones off the Gauntlet.This is the Stark maneuver and it's genius. As it would be via Tony Stark. This is brilliant writing and story telling too, relating character to theme and narrative. All wasted on you.The truth is you don't understand any of it, because you are like a kid reading Shakespeare for the 1st time, when you've never read anything more sophisticated than Mother Goose nursery rhymes up until now. 😂 As for your notion that the Avengers 'almost won'. This also shows your lack of sophistication. Any good fight in a story is a close fight where the loser almost wins. Otherwise the scene is dramatically inert. You've obviously never written any story before because you don't understand how storytelling works.The notion that they almost win - is actually meaningless. Either you win or you don't. They don't."Either do or do not....there is no try." - Yoda

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   3 days ago

    ".....they can always take the stones back any time they want to solve the branch reality problem"⬆️ Cinemasins fixes the multiverse. 🤣Sure, it's not like Thanos can attack the Avengers from across the branch realities- anytime he wants. It's not like he can get the stones from any of the branch realities they created, and snap and completely destroy 'their' branch, and they will never know because they won't be there to see it. Oh wait....

  • venetic gamer
    venetic gamer   3 days ago

    you couldn't find anything actually wrong with the movie so you resort to nitpicking. I mean seriously 34 seconds of logos 34 seconds is a sin

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   4 days ago

    Old man Cap sitting on the BenchRemember when they lose Loki in 2012 and Cap and Stark decide to go back to 1970? They traveled from one timeline in 2012 to another in 1970. They don’t get summoned to the Quantum tunnel. Neither does Captain America need to return to the Quantum Tunnel.So mechanically here is how it works based on all the information shown and stated in the MCU.1) Pym particles are dark matter or energy that are capable of allowing you to enter the Quantum Realm.2) Quantum Realm contains space/time vortexes. (Vortex just means it’s unstable and unpredictable).3) The Quantum Tunnel - was built by Hank Pym to rescue Janet Van Dyne from the Quantum Realm: so it acts as a link - between our dimension and whatever is in the Quantum realm and can retrieve you from the Quantum Realm.4) Professor Hulk develops a means of having the Quantum Bridge link to the person in the Quantum Realm AND the space time vortexes. He sends time thru the person both forwards AND backwards. (Key point)5) Stark develops a space / time GPS. This is the communicator that links the Quantum Tunnel to the person traveling in the Quantum Realm so that they can navigate thru the space/time vortexes.6) When Cap and Steve travel back to 1970 - > The pym particles shrink them into the Quantum Realm, the space/time GPS signals the Quantum Tunnel from within the Quantum Realm. They do not travel back 2023. The flight path is 2012 timeline -> Quantum Realm -> 1970 timeline.7) Tony and Cap and the rest all come back to 2023 at the exact same time - which is in a minute (per Nat) after they leave. 8) At the end of the film Cap comes back to the Bench a few seconds after he leaves - you can hear it during the Hulk return count down. When he doesn’t show up on the bench - Hulk says - he blew by his time stamp! (That’s when Bucky looks and is surprised to see that he is on the bench)9) He has civilian clothes on - not a Quantum suit - because the Quantum suits are all nano tech and change out in a second anyway. Watch what happens when they 1st time travel to 2012 - > the instant they get back the nanotech Quantum suits all change to Avengers attire - including even IronMan who changes into his armor.

  • Colin Champion
    Colin Champion   4 days ago

    You forgot that thanos was from a time before he found the stones and did the snap and travelled to the future where the erased him from existence. Which means he never did the snap and nothing happened so no need to time travel.

  • The BossDrummer
    The BossDrummer   4 days ago

    If Cap stayed in 1940 doesn’t that open a branch timeline where the avengers don’t have captain america???Edit: changed 1970 to 1940

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   4 days ago

    Superman, and Captain Marvel, and Kevin Feige and Scarlet WitchWho's the most powerful? Superman. Who's the smartest? Kevin FeigeHere's why:Superman's character to date has been a disaster for the DCU. He is too powerful, too popular and too perfect. This destroys all stakes in DCU stories, eliminates tension, and sucks life out of the Universe. Because he is too powerful - his powers solve every problem and makes everyone else irrelevant. Because he is too perfect - the audience can only ever root for him and there is no conflict or tension between the audience and character. Because he is too popular - they can't make his character less powerful or less perfect, without fan boy 😭 😭 whiny baby tantrums. So they're stuck.Feige anticipated this problem and manages to stay several steps ahead of Marvel fan boys. It was Feige who announced that Captain Marvel would be the most powerful character yet.Right away this had effects that were predictable. Such as the beta males worst nightmare that a woman would be the most powerful super hero character. But Captain Marvel is not and never was Marvel's Superman. She was set up from the start as head fake ex machina. You are supposed to think that she can single handedly solve the film - just like for example Superman did with the disastrous Justice League -> but she doesn't. She isn't Superman. Neither was Thor in Infinity War. MCU does not have a Superman, because Superman -> is a MISTAKE.Now some have caught on to this and others haven't. But Feige stays out in front. Enter Scarlett Witch. Feige is very big on the idea that Scarlet Witch is the only character who in a straight fight - could have possibly beaten Thanos had he not "cheated." (as villains will) So the Marvel Fan boys react accordingly -> Scarlett Witch is the new Marvel Superman - great, at least she's better than Brie Larson!You got played again. Feige is building up Scarlett Witch not as a hero....but rather a villain. With Thanos gone the MCU does not need more over powered heroes. It needs complex adversaries who can tear the fanbases loyalties in two, creating tension, emotional and intellectual involvement and stakes. Just like they did with Thanos. Just like they did With IronMan vs. Cap and Bucky in Civil War. Brilliant.Superman may be the strongest, but Feige is the smartest. 😂

  • Wafflezzz
    Wafflezzz   4 days ago

    Here’s a sin I just came up withIn Thor: Ragnarok, Odin said the hammer helped Thor harness his thunder powers. So the thunder came from Thor to his hammer instead of directly from his hammer. So how did Captain America have access to the thunder powers if he’s not Thor. He should just be swinging around a heavy hammer without thunder

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   5 days ago

    Infinity Stones in one word. - Because many of you are still clueless and so you can’t understand the film.Power -> Omnipotence.Space -> Omnipresence.MInd -> Omniscience.Reality-> Omni-verse.Time -> Eternity.Soul. -> Immortality.

  • Smarty Stupid
    Smarty Stupid   5 days ago

    SIN: If anyone watches the marvel shows like me you'd know that they completely f*cked the time travel from Agents of S.H.I.E.LD

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme   5 days ago

    Nebula 2023 gets Captured by Thanos. Why doesn't she just escape!!!??? ⬅️ Many still don't get this scene. 😎 -> Nebula is a Cyborg - part woman part machine. She has been created as such to be controlled and manipulated by Thanos.-> When they travel back in time - she becomes Quantum entangled with her 2014 counterpart. -> The analogy is with mirrored hard drives that are out of sync. The 2023 Nebula begins to dump information to the 2014 Nebula.-> It's not the other way around because Nebula 2023's time stamp already has the information from 2014.-> Once Thanos and Ebony Maw get this information they hack Nebula 2023. This is why she short circuits and passes out when she tries to activate the space time GPS to escape.-> It's not a coincidence, or bad timing or malfunction - it is intentional sabotage of her systems by Ebony Maw and Thanos.-> When she regains consciousness - she reasons it out (unlike some in the audience who are already lost even by this explanation. 😂 )-> Thanos Knows.-> Now Nebula makes an intelligent decision: Do not try to activate the GPS again - same thing will happen. Like opening up an email containing a virus a second time. Instead she must warn Clint and Nat. Why?-> The key impediment to Thanos quest is that he does not know where the soul stone is. But now - he does. If he gets to the soul stone in 2014 - then the Avengers and the Universe is doomed.-> Even if Nebula could eventually escape back to 2023 - she would likely be returning to Universe that no longer exists. Because Thanos has wiped it out, in his own time. And "They would never know it - because she wouldn't have been there to tell them."Last point: Nebula actually does the right thing. What she does is critical to setting in motion the 1 timeline where the Avengers win.They need Thanos to come to the future with Gamora. They need Black Widow to get the soul stone, for Gamora to turn on Thanos, for Nebula to kill her past self and take the Gauntlet - so that IronMan can get it and snap and destroy Thanos from all timelines and set the Universe right.People who want Nebula to escape - are not only not following the plot - or the logic of time travel, they are also giving bad advice since Nebula getting captured actually leads to Thanos defeat. This is a smart film, and its critics aren't even on the same level.

  • Maximilian Gore-Perez

    20:09 film theory actually made a video on this. And I don’t care it was his ear or nose he’s 50X STRONGER GOD DAMMIT

  • Jeremy Breinig
    Jeremy Breinig   5 days ago

    The snap only brings back the ones that were dusted

  • steven livingston
    steven livingston   5 days ago

    This dude is one bitter motherfucker that he can't make movies. Especially movies as epic as this one. It's ok, scooter; at least you've got the internet.

  • Alto Clef
    Alto Clef   6 days ago

    I think that Thanos had the right idea. But instead of wiping out half of all life he should have made half of every species sterile.

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson   6 days ago

    Endgame is a great movie and there is nothing wrong with it. If you think wrong you're just dumb.

  • pledged34 Games
    pledged34 Games   6 days ago

    Man this movie was great but you had to make a video every thing wrong with the movie