Bizarre Solar System Discoveries of the Planets That Will Make Your Hair Stand Up

  • Published on: 17 January 2021
  • Our solar system is a bizarre place with its alien planets, mysterious moons ... Scientists have discovered ice-spewing volcanoes on Pluto, while Mars ... to the sun, when the atmosphere would have been heated the most. ... and have been lucky enough to get close-up pictures of dozens of celestial objects. #Pluto #Mars #SolarSystem #Planets
  • Runtime : 36:43


  • Simon A.
    Simon A.   2 months ago

    I wish all Youtube videos would offer such perfect narration. Superbly written and perfectly spoken. Thank you!

  • Oif Eagle
    Oif Eagle   2 months ago

    When I did an aerial tour of The Grand Canyon, I thought it was just huge and I was so insignificant. Now I realize I was wrong. It's not huge

  • Rex Remedy
    Rex Remedy   2 months ago

    I love this documentary series with this narrator, this Music, and this footage! Could watch it and watch it and watch it... :-)

  • UnforgivenTrucker
    UnforgivenTrucker   2 months ago

    God created all of that, just by simply exhaling through His nostril.

  • ashish sharma
    ashish sharma   3 months ago

    Good no human can reach such beautiful creation...bcz we will surly mess it as we have messed up Earth

  • Charles Chimfwembe
    Charles Chimfwembe   3 months ago

    There must be a reason why The creator created all these. This is man's assignment.

  • jeanette shackles
    jeanette shackles   3 months ago

    they cant even tell how many planets are in our small solar system, asteroid after asteroid coming through and they dont see most of them until they are here...anybody out there believe this crap............

  • Wayne Shipman
    Wayne Shipman   3 months ago

    Cgi ,people wake up GOD created the earth, the moon the sun ,stars and heaven and hell

  • swbrost
    swbrost   3 months ago

    For aprox. 55 years I have learned and understand Miles as a measurement. Is it so difficult to show miles as wells as kilometers?

  • Lakshmi Narasimhan Aasuri

    Indian Astronomer , Aryabhatta, calculated the distance between Earth and Sun as early as 5 CE. Indians calculated 9 planets as early as 3000 BCE. Europeans were able to even calculate only in later 16 CE. Don't play that it were as if Europeans who calculated and discovered planets and their distances!!

  • Ravi Krishnamurthy
    Ravi Krishnamurthy   3 months ago

    This is the grand creation of the Grand Creator , way beyond human intelligence , no human , no factory can ever produce space , time and life...never ever ,ever never !!! Every thing has come from nothing

  • DRC
    DRC   3 months ago

    When you consider HOW those moons work in an efficient manner to keep particles in check, there is no way possible I’m ever going to believe in evolution. It’s obvious that these intelligent designs had a creator. Nothing of that design could come out of a Big Bang. That would be like saying that one could get the parts of an iPhone and put them in a box with a bomb and when it blows up and makes a BIG BANG the phone will put itself together and work PERFECTLY. We know that’s impossible. A phone is no where near as complicated and advanced as our solar system and yet people except that garbage for the creation of all life and everything as we know it to be. 🤔

  • Mohit Bhardwaj
    Mohit Bhardwaj   4 months ago

    It’s was given in Indian ancient scriptures I mean the distances

  • Aryan Bakx
    Aryan Bakx   4 months ago

    Watched this on repeat three Times and it still amazes me

  • Shivtej Manohar
    Shivtej Manohar   4 months ago

    Indians know about all the planets thousands of years ago. We even worship the planets together called as "navagrahas". Nava means 9... Graha means planet... And these rituals date thousands of years back.. You can research further about this.

  • Jane Dughatir
    Jane Dughatir   4 months ago

    British pronunciation of Uranus is real gentlemanly 😁

  • MyTime Management
    MyTime Management   4 months ago

    I have a fishbowl theory... ever notice how a fish can only grow as big as the body of water they are in. Now add the planets range from smallest to largest then back to smallest. Is it a coincidence the planets in the middle of the solar system are largest or is it something that allowed them to grow?

  • Jason Guthrie
    Jason Guthrie   4 months ago

    What ever is out there we will soon find out are true existence.

  • Cleander
    Cleander   5 months ago

    I wish I could visit Titan and explore under Europa’s icy crust with a submarine.

  • Asif A. Ali
    Asif A. Ali   5 months ago

    It's so fascinating that I wish to be a superman, and visit all these planets by myself in person. ☻

  • Theflyingcandleguy Me
    Theflyingcandleguy Me   5 months ago

    Pluto is a body orbiting the sun on a stable predictable orbit with moons. Pluto is a planet. To say otherwise is silly semantics invented by jealous self important academics that achieve nothing real. They create imagine and argue over nonsense.

  • Mister Cat
    Mister Cat   5 months ago

    so much mystery around uranus..... ; )

  • Toby Cortes
    Toby Cortes   5 months ago

    only 1 flyby of 6-8 hours of Uranus and Neptune, so much info but so little at the same time!!!