The Entire History of the Akkadians // Ancient Mesopotamia Documentary

  • Published on: 08 September 2021
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  • Runtime : 1:28:9
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  • History Time
    History Time   2 months ago

    Phew. Glad to have this one finally finished. I'm finally off to Ireland next week for a much anticipated journey into the islands incredible history as well as insights into my own family history. Of course many videos will follow! Video wise there are so many ridiculously epic projects in the works. This one on Akkad is a mere taste of what is to come in terms of the Bronze Age world! Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy the content and leave a comment telling me what you'd like to see covered next. It all helps the algorithm gods to help the channel. Thanks all! See you on the next one. Right.. Back to work..

  • Alex Manousos
    Alex Manousos   2 hours ago

    These people were honestly primitive compared to the EgyptiansLook at the Great Pyramids or the Temple of Luxor and you will see a more sophisticated understanding of architecture and mathematics Read John Anthony West's 'Serpent in the Sky' for more on this topic

  • bomberdils
    bomberdils   10 hours ago

    Who got here because of house of ashes?

  • M. Hossein Fereshteh
    M. Hossein Fereshteh   13 hours ago

    Very well done in all aspects; the best possible way of presenting history. Thank you, enjoyed it very much.

  • Roksi
    Roksi   1 days ago

    Would love to watch this but had trouble with the volume being too loud with the music and too quiet with the narration.

  • Sword Sword
    Sword Sword   1 days ago

    It's more of a "narrative history" than a "documentary". Effort is valued though!

  • Susan Dombrowski
    Susan Dombrowski   2 days ago

    This is simply terrific. Your narration is powerful and entertaining. I loved your background music choices. It really moves the story along. Excellent! I can't begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into a work like this. Thank you!

  • Riven burg
    Riven burg   3 days ago

    So, correct me if im wrong, Sargon et al appear to be ethno-nationalist fascists who initiated ethnic and cultural cleansing.

  • Taylor
    Taylor   4 days ago

    @13:44 [Insert obligatory outdated Pickle Rick joke here]

  • Dav 316
    Dav 316   4 days ago

    I don't like the compressed-music during voice-over thing

  • reginadelgraal
    reginadelgraal   5 days ago

    Probably Mesopotamia was the nest of various advanced civilizations linked among them; actually certain hebrew lineages had their far roots in this area, like these amazing people, still existant:

  • bruce fulper
    bruce fulper   5 days ago

    damn, if that music BLARES one more time I'm outa here. Fk, learn to edit the volumes.

  • Zachary Pryor
    Zachary Pryor   6 days ago

    Hey man just some constructive feedback: the music going up and down after every sentence is jarring and not desirable. I did really like the documentary though

  • Sue Daniels
    Sue Daniels   6 days ago

    Thank you for this amazing work, outstanding as an enjoyable educational experience. Really appreciated and valued. I have watched this so many times and learn something new everytime. The integrated maps help so much too.

  • gordon besancon
    gordon besancon   6 days ago

    history will rewrite itself because the first empire was not Mesopotamia.

  • butler barney
    butler barney   6 days ago

    Thanks You ! Spending my Thanksgiving with this, so glad I found you. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy and Thankful!

  • Chad Hrenko
    Chad Hrenko   1 weeks ago

    The aura you project with the pics and the music is the best. Love this channel!

  • Carlos Acta
    Carlos Acta   1 weeks ago

    When I grow up I hope to make awesome documentaries like History Time! KUDOS!!

  • David Clarke
    David Clarke   1 weeks ago

    Hmmmmmm, first empire since the tramas and denial of the sudden end of the last Ice age 12'000 years ago ,, (or should I say God's anger for our wicked ways wiping out 25% of the population) ,, but it was a natural event a comet hit were the great lakes of North America now are, causing havoc and distraction all over the Planet,, most city's and towns on the coasts were submerged ,, and the other great empires pre Ice age have been brushed under the carpet Remember the Giants? well the smithsonian has covered that up for years,, ever wonder why? I could go on with evidence of these ancient pre flood civilizations but the way things are these days the real truth is now a conspiracy.

  • Paddy Mcdoogle
    Paddy Mcdoogle   1 weeks ago

    I don't think many people realize the sublime, tranquil, beauty that was this neck of the woods.

  • Jørgen Petersen
    Jørgen Petersen   1 weeks ago

    Again and again a produktion is destroyed by the audio guys.

  • Angelo Stenta
    Angelo Stenta   1 weeks ago

    I wanted to watch this documentary but the overpowering, distorted "music" put me off!!!! When will they learn ????

  • D Reed
    D Reed   1 weeks ago

    The music is loud, unnecessary, and distracting.

  • FruitSalad
    FruitSalad   1 weeks ago

    I just wish the volume wasn't at a set level. The music changes its sound between talking and not talking and I'm not sure why. Great documentary just I think leave the music at the same level throughout rather than going in and out constantly

  • Bill Hesford
    Bill Hesford   1 weeks ago

    People enslaving people is ugly. It reminds me of the globalist push the whole world is currently undergoing. When will these people who have it all be satisfied? This is where the post-flood people went. Only about 600 miles from Ararat most likely from the spread after Babel. Some of them possibly knew Noah. I always doubt the dating models which invariably conflict.

  • Bill Hesford
    Bill Hesford   1 weeks ago

    The climate has always changed. The river moved because the climate changed. They should have stopped driving big cars.

  • David Simmons son of God

    Ok Larry my pima grandson he went to Hawaii ok he his wife kids were eating im DAS Pima pharaoh Joseph ok i 20.000 years ago i sail to Hawaii say don't eat Pima so i brought them back to America pima land they repaid me sent the rock Pima Hawaiian man saved me as Achilles 12000 years ago little more im born before 7 years drought Egypt im Jesus of generations crucified lamb

  • Guido Stefanuto
    Guido Stefanuto   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for another amazing video. It is amazing that this content is free to watch