Everything Wrong With Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in a SCAAARY Amount of Minutes

  • Published on: 28 January 2020
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is the most Guillermo del Toro movie that Guillermo del Toro didn't direct. And like every horror movie these days, it's also got bullies and monsters and sins!

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 17:33
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  • James Darby
    James Darby   1 days ago

    I was excited by the idea of this movie, i was disappointed after watching it....

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288   4 days ago

    What would make for an Interesting Horror Movie is basically a Family get a unwanted infant girl dropped on them that they hate due to racism or prejudice and they decide to abandon said Infant in a Murder House hoping the supposed Evil Spirit would kill the girl only for the Spirit to be a woman who regrets dying without having any Children while also wanting vengeance against her killers so decides to raise the girl as her own while using Ghost Powers to make her into her actual daughter as well placing her own Hatred of her killers and their families into her daughter leading said girl to develop Supernatural Powers and uses that and stealth to lure them into the murder house so that her Mother could kill them.

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288   4 days ago

    15:07 Uh.. Phrasing, Dude! You made it sound like Sarah not only brought Stella back in time but de-aged Stella into a fetus and placed her into Sarah's Womb. Though that raises an interesting Question? If a Reality Warper could do that while still being a Virgin then could they pass off their kid as Jesus' sister?

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288   4 days ago

    7:30 It would have been funny if she suddenly developed Spider powers from the Bite.

  • Zadetter V
    Zadetter V   5 days ago

    Dang lol, my gf is one scary night away from being the trifecta of horror movie protagonists. She’s a writer/director and super into horror movies.

  • erin liebig
    erin liebig   6 days ago

    I hated the ending. I thought she was gonna write in the book that her friends came back and that would bring them back. felt super weird that the movie ended with “I guess maybe I’ll find my dead friends 🤷‍♀️”

  • SGTV
    SGTV   1 weeks ago

    2:17 I thought that was a Molotov cocktail

  • MoviePro84
    MoviePro84   1 weeks ago

    Next: Everything Wrong With Freddy vs. Jason (after you finish Everything wrong with Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises). 😁

  • avaorchid
    avaorchid   1 weeks ago

    Movies that come from books never really hold up but damnit these books were scary. Especially Harold and they sort of brushed right past it. My guess is this was a movie for 9 year olds

  • Ava Lee
    Ava Lee   1 weeks ago

    When I was a kid I LOVED the Scary Stories books. If you could check them out of the school library and read them, you were a certified badass. I loved the stories and illustrations. The movie's costuming for the creepy characters were spot on! However, I really didn't like the whole plot with Sarah Bellows. It struck me as Disney Channel-esque. Stella wasn't terribly likable for me, either. She acted like her taking the book from the haunted house is what started the killings, when it was her asking Sarah to 'tell her a story'. But she never told anyone that. The characters don't have much background and we don't know enough about them to like or dislike any of them. When the characters are killed it doesn't incite any particular response for me.

  • Doot Doot toast
    Doot Doot toast   2 weeks ago

    That movie made me gag 10 times and jump not even once. Also why does chucks monster looks like a rejected little nightmares boss

  • Shellton
    Shellton   2 weeks ago

    couldve generalized by saying "all"

  • Angel Chuu
    Angel Chuu   2 weeks ago

    The way you pronounced J.K. Rowling triggers me

  • Justin Damien
    Justin Damien   2 weeks ago

    "My name is ASAC Schrader and you can go fuck yourself"- Hank.

  • SamTheUnknown
    SamTheUnknown   2 weeks ago

    Who else just watches this instead of the movies.........oh just me

  • Antares
    Antares   2 weeks ago

    "basement is downstairs" must be the most useless line in the history of useless lines.

  • behemoth 7354
    behemoth 7354   2 weeks ago

    Why is everyone scared of the pale lady? She looked caring and kind to me, with the most sincere smile. I would almost hug back.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   3 weeks ago

    BULLIES, MONSTERS, & SINS................. OH MY!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   3 weeks ago


  • Lily 674
    Lily 674   3 weeks ago

    I'm adding 15 sins for the story's not being ANYWHERE close to the books

  • lil Dan
    lil Dan   3 weeks ago

    He doesn’t even say things that the movie did wrong he just bashes the movie

  • Turnip
    Turnip   3 weeks ago

    Lawl, yet suddenly people care about draft dodging when they can use it to attack Trump

  • high kid
    high kid   3 weeks ago

    Cinema sin wouldn't be cinema sin without that voice 😂

  • Derick Moore
    Derick Moore   1 months ago

    How cool would it be if the book turned into the Necronomicon Ex Mortis!

  • Enceore Mcnabb
    Enceore Mcnabb   1 months ago

    They shoulda did all the stories retold in movie form and not all together.

  • Im Everywhere
    Im Everywhere   1 months ago

    Still don’t understand how he turned into a scarecrow just from being stabbed? Lol

  • Lynell Marie
    Lynell Marie   1 months ago

    I'm so happy you used a Barry reference at the end. Caught me off guard!

  • Ninjakitten42
    Ninjakitten42   1 months ago

    The movie of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children might have sucked, but the book was good, at least.

  • Samiam Party
    Samiam Party   1 months ago

    Very disappointed. Loved the book growing up I expected better.

  • Mya Dorm
    Mya Dorm   1 months ago

    "the basement is downstairs"well no shit sherlock

  • William Don
    William Don   1 months ago

    Millennials have no good old fashion imagination, clearly see how influential people are