Down With the SICK

  • Published on: 20 November 2020
  • Winter Wear:

    I dun got sick and no one knew what it was. So have a filler toon until the real video comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!

    #LetMeExplainStudios #Sick #BlizzardBeach #RebeccaParham #animation #cartoon #DisneyWorld #Disney #NewYork #animated #winter
  • Runtime : 2:2


  • EmmEH_
    EmmEH_   1 minuts ago

    Other youtubers promoting merch: Rebecca: 0:48

  • Slut Slayer
    Slut Slayer   22 minuts ago

    Got some serious Disturbed vibes from the title.

  • Aesthetic Yoons
    Aesthetic Yoons   22 minuts ago

    Is it just me or when i saw the title Going down with the sickness the disturbed-

  • Aaron Adams
    Aaron Adams   22 minuts ago

    Come up come down with the sickness Tell me what song is that

  • waterstardrop
    waterstardrop   58 minuts ago

    that sweater looks amazing! if i wasn't poor and could sell my left kidney id buy 10! all for myself~ (OwO)

  • Pinkhairedhaley
    Pinkhairedhaley   58 minuts ago

    Let’s all appreciate our clear non-congested noses

  • Diego Luna
    Diego Luna   1 hours ago


  • Harry yeager
    Harry yeager   1 hours ago

    Its ok Becca, i was just wondering if you were ok, and you are, so that's good, can wait for your next vid!!!

  • Lorien Zoeller
    Lorien Zoeller   1 hours ago

    Rebecca and I have the same Hogwarts house eep!!!!!

  • Megan Ashley Pangan
    Megan Ashley Pangan   1 hours ago

    Walkin' in an Winter Wonderlandbut it doesn't snow here but I still want it

  • Carlo Morales
    Carlo Morales   2 hours ago

    I’m sick tooI hope I don’t have crona I don’t want to die when I’m only 10

  • Speedster M
    Speedster M   2 hours ago

    I want I want to be a ghost story back for a T-shirt

  • Wren Online
    Wren Online   2 hours ago

    She is sick, yet she makes a video for us.

  • Lacey Evans
    Lacey Evans   3 hours ago

    Rebecca: makes winter wear merch.Me in Australia. It's summer 😢

  • MinecraftEnderman
    MinecraftEnderman   3 hours ago

    0:20 They didn't show her face, because she was in the process of generating dark arts magic.

  • Bananaman7 Yt
    Bananaman7 Yt   4 hours ago

    Did it say rebbeca how thiccc you be or rebbeca how sick you be. I can't tell

  • Smol Birb
    Smol Birb   5 hours ago

    I thought you already had the virus like a couple of months agoOr maybe I’m tripping

  • Rosetta story's
    Rosetta story's   5 hours ago

    I would rather me sick but not you Rebecca your story are awesome and I feel so bad your sick ☹️

  • Saikō no
    Saikō no   5 hours ago

    Huh this title reminds me of somethingOOO-AH-AH-AH-AH

  • FranzAntonMesmer
    FranzAntonMesmer   6 hours ago

    I'm a sucker for working class women with a Bowery accent. Sadly there's few left. :-(

  • Eman !
    Eman !   6 hours ago

    I love how's she dying but the promotes her merch lol

  • Oliver Parla
    Oliver Parla   6 hours ago

    That moment ur dead so u can’t get the vires: NOW THATS A EPIC GAMER MOMENT

  • Yoav Pol
    Yoav Pol   7 hours ago

    So... small summery of the start...Dumb guy next to drunk RebeccaThe dumb guy's neck extendsRebecca has long armThe dumb guy moves his eyeballs around his faceRebecca now has realistic armsAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Rebecca vomits on dumb guy