Alien Contact: What Happens Next?

  • Published on: 18 May 2019
  • Are we alone in this vast universe? Some think that’s highly unlikely. With new technologies joining the search, NASA estimates we’ll find definitive evidence of aliens within 20 to 30 years. Which raises the vital question: And then what? Will the news inspire jubilation, despair, or fear? Will aliens be seen as gods or interlopers? Evidence of alien life will provoke fundamental questions about our place in the universe–not just about who they are, but also who we are. Join astronomers, astrobiologists, anthropologists, philosophers, and linguists as we ponder these issues.

    PARTICIPANTS: Kathryn Denning, David Kipping, Karen Lewis, and Marcelo Magnasco

    MODERATOR: Wendy Zukerman


    This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

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    00:00 - Participant intros
    1:50 - How are scientists searching for intelligent life?
    5:10 - Sending messages into space
    6:59 - What kind of alien signal are we likely to detect?
    9:00 - Would we be able to interpret an alien signal?
    13:44 - What is the closest that intelligent life could be to Earth?
    16:25 - How would we know if far away transmitting civilizations still exist?
    20:00 - How well can we communicate with dolphins?
    24:19 - Dolphin research film
    26:27 - Understanding dolphins vs. understanding aliens
    28:44 - What are the steps to understand an alien language?
    38:02 - What happens on earth after we contact alien life?
    44:40 - "War of the Worlds" broadcast controversy and damage
    46:40 - Will the discovery of aliens unite humanity?
    50:39 - What if we’re alone in the universe?
    53:10 - Could AI help us find aliens?
    54:20 - Using our children to bridge languages and species


    - Produced by John Plummer
    - Associate Produced by Laura Dattaro

    This program was recorded live 6/3/18 at the World Science Festival and has been edited and condensed for YouTube.
  • Runtime : 1:11
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  • Dave Stevens
    Dave Stevens   2 days ago

    You lot know nothing about ets agenda. Confuse yourselves. But you can’t confuse us. We. Are the way think in your puzzle of no we’re your piese of thinking goes no we’re.

  • Kai Pirinha
    Kai Pirinha   2 days ago

    With all due respect: So we assume that either an organic or machine intelligence had - probably thousand years ago when they left "their home" - the intelligence which had lead to that - obviously successful trip to earth. It is also to be assumed that during the flight, such an intelligence would improve itself, either autonomously or via contact to "their home", receiving the latest KI updates (so a way better KI than the one which they used when they left, thousand years advanced...). is safe to assume that we are talking about extreme KI which they could use once they are here. And WE assume that WE would TEACH THEM how to learn a new, primitive language, so that we can talk? Visitors with the intelligence as described would IMHO have no problem to "learn" our language(s) in no time. Even if it would take them longer - let us say 100 years - it would be no problem at all for them to hide for that period. After all, they probably were several thousand years on a journey, so time is not of the essence. In case they can receive radio signals (which is safe to assume I guess), they would have lots of time to use the content which they receive on their way to us and already be able to "speak" all languages we know on earth. I think, that also in the universe, "there is no second chance for a good first impression", so they would not get into contact before they know our languages. Unless of course, they just want to nuke/NBC-warfare us.

  • Alexander Hildebrandt

    Aliens are the Angels of God. The Angels of God will come down from Heaven at the End of Time:Surah 25:25-26: The day will come, when the sky with its clouds will split open, and the angels are sent down in streams. On that Day, true sovereignty will belong to the Merciful, and it will be a difficult Day for the disbelievers.

  • Old Vet who Travels.

    Pretty Naive to think that Humans would have any say, in what happens Next!

  • tonymaric
    tonymaric   4 days ago

    The hostess is wearing gym clothes. And scarf guy talks a lot with little content.

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown   6 days ago

    Communication is intelligence. Its a start. Public gets told we'd be too shocked if we knew the truth about ufos n aliens, but what's worse than sudden attack n no defence or a united global strategy. Its a long time since 1947 n Roswell, a lot of the top ranking in the know of Classified information etc have retired or passed on, Later generations in th Military and other Forces, experiencing/witnessing an alien presence, aerial phenomena/Alien abduction/time lapse, etc are threatened into silence with threats to their career personal /family safety and more. Some are starting to speak out. They can see the unthinkable danger in keeping silent. 🙏. Some of those alien races are manipulating humans through telepathy. That's mind rape. What kind of Higher Ups Classified Persons, okays that to happen to your own kind, and have the audacity to believe they are free from it happening to themselves, if it hadn't already.. And who''d know it hasn't, since nowadays, a wiped out mind, is simply labelled Dementia. Telepathy is a 2 way street. Not just one way. (The invaders way) . allowing free way to potential hostile invsdsrs is surely a Planetary disaster waiting to happen. I mean, what must it take before reconsideration to declassify the UFO /Alien reality threat. We can't all be wrong. I mean, seriously, think about it. While you n we the Wider Public still can. 🤔🙏

  • scott rushinsky
    scott rushinsky   1 weeks ago

    If and when? You are an explained of what? Lies. So sad you just gave away your integrity.

  • ian reed
    ian reed   1 weeks ago

    So basically these people are calling every ex-military whistleblower , that has come forward in the last 20 years liars . I'm positive that each and every one of these people know about these whistleblowers testimony . I guess if the people of this world aren't hearing this information from the "Media" it must not be real . Yet the media now has reported and it has been reported through these highly controlled media companies , and still people are having trouble . If you want to see some testimony of these whistleblowers watch the press club event of 2001. Certain elements of the government have been lying to us for years , especially the intelligence agencies , rogue intelligence agencies ! Look up a man called Donald Keyhoe also . These people will waste our money until the end of time , because as long as they are looking , they are employed .

  • O Cohen
    O Cohen   1 weeks ago

    Contact if not before will be made after the advent of quantum transceivers

  • tim phillips
    tim phillips   1 weeks ago

    Some very strange comments by the guy in the scarf. Parrots certainly understand many human languages, building simple phrases and using conjunctions.

  • Rickey Harris
    Rickey Harris   1 weeks ago

    alien lives matter wont appreciate your racisms

  • Konrad Żuk
    Konrad Żuk   2 weeks ago

    I wonder why it's so hard for them (Aagenda) to imagine that the aliens are similar to us.. We are the creation of inteligence and consciousness and our physical body is most optimal for survival... We cant handle the fact that they look very similar to us, maybe they are more beautiful then we are... As a woman is most beautiful creature known by man :) maybe aliens are most beautiful women like creatures... It can be a fact... Or we meet the same people from other planets that look the same as we.

  • El Kike
    El Kike   2 weeks ago

    US Government already accepted that they are flying around us. So catch one with their pilots and let’s find out. Or they are probably by now buddy buddy of some Gov officials. Just saying…

  • John Osborne
    John Osborne   2 weeks ago

    Why can't these damn fools do something productive like selling everything they have and care for the poor and starving people in desolate areas. Heads stuck up in the clouds while their earthly siblings suffer in sewage.

  • Don Carmichael
    Don Carmichael   2 weeks ago

    They are hear already they watch us all the time I think they had a nuke

  • Scott Wood
    Scott Wood   2 weeks ago

    Isn't Math the universal language?And math will translate to music.The emotional language.

  • Mimi AVENIA
    Mimi AVENIA   2 weeks ago

    Oh shut up!!! Stiop wasting precious time. It's all there!

  • rob bronson
    rob bronson   3 weeks ago

    People are being conditioned to think that these sightings are aliens but in reality are being propagated by unholy entities. At the time of the Rapture -The people left on earth will think the missing people were abducted by aliens when in reality they were raptured by God "Jesus. You need to be ready people ❤️ . John , chapter 3, verse 16

  • Pack Play
    Pack Play   3 weeks ago

    Haven't any of these people ever heard of the Babel fish?

  • Here now
    Here now   3 weeks ago

    Teach us how to grasp "Woke' that language is so backward.

  • Kelly Johnson
    Kelly Johnson   3 weeks ago

    Ask Joe Biden he know all about aliens he's flying them all over the USA and paying them mine and your money and we have already made contact with them !!??

  • drew by
    drew by   3 weeks ago

    Stop talking shit !!!

  • Lumberjack
    Lumberjack   3 weeks ago

    You are really searching there here man and have been lmao

  • Michael Melling
    Michael Melling   3 weeks ago

    I was beamed aboard a UFO craft many years ago and the "alien" standing behind me told me something in CLEAR AND PERFECT ENGLISH, FWIW.

  • John Dyer
    John Dyer   3 weeks ago

    The lady in green is so annoying she refused to give her opinion when they specifically asked for it. Constantly stating “I don’t speculate. Also doesn’t seem to know much more then your average person. Oof bad scientist

  • paul byrnes
    paul byrnes   3 weeks ago

    To the linguist figure this one out GUCCI GANG.

  • randy baumery
    randy baumery   3 weeks ago

    They say something offensive and antifa will riot.

  • MediaSock
    MediaSock   3 weeks ago

    Aliens building a super structure large enough for us to detect is just illogical and fanciful, why would they build superstructures out in space?, if they were that advanced they would use their resources much more efficiently and less wasteful, it be easier to just build on existing moons and planets instead of space?, once you have figured out interstellar space travel you don't need to build mega structures in space, you could just move to another planet on another star system and explore the galaxy, what you would build is large motherships capable of ferrying thousands of people from planet to planet, and if you are familiar with the ufo phenomenon you would have come across ufo cases of large motherships spotted by pilots, military personnel like the huge mothership during the Vietnam war and the Japanese pilots that witnessed another huge mothership, they are already here, they've been here for a long time.

  • Lukasz Rower
    Lukasz Rower   3 weeks ago

    As for me, there are four possibilities why there was no contact yet. One: They are far away. Two: We are under protection. Three: We are very backward for them. Four: We are alone. Personally, I believe the second option

  • tom perrigo
    tom perrigo   3 weeks ago

    Do aliens use toilets?Shitzoids flying all over the universe is not good.The great Space Patch...Disturbing 🚽

  • Makala Beckerleg
    Makala Beckerleg   3 weeks ago

    See contact to me is them actually getting out of their crafts and communicating with us,,,not flying over....