Brain Man: The Boy With The Incredible Brain (Superhuman Documentary) | Real Stories

  • Published on: 22 August 2015
  • Brain Man: The Boy With The Incredible Brain (Superhuman Documentary) | Real Stories

    An extraordinary documentary on the brainpower of Daniel T, the young Englishman who could be the world’s greatest mental athlete. Daniel is not just a calculating wizard, but also a memory champion and super linguist.

    He speaks nine languages. Daniel, the oldest of seven children, has been able to do amazing calculations after an epileptic fit when he was 3 years old. He was even able to remember over 22,000 numbers in a public display of his ability. But how does he do it? Leading scientists explore the extraordinary world of this real-life Rainman. Daniel’s psychological make-up is explored by Cambridge University autism expert Professor Simon Baron Cohen who delves into his childhood experiences in an effort to explain his remarkable abilities. In America Daniel meets other extraordinary people like himself, known as “savants” --- including Kim Peek, whose story was the basis of the movie “Rainman”. Brain scientists at the Salk Institute in San Diego, including Professor V S Ramachandra, are astounded at his skills and discover the key to Daniel’s ability is his visual imagery which his brain “sees” when he hears a number, this condition is known as synaesthesia. To show it’s not just numbers Daniel can remember -- he also learns one of the world’s hardest languages, Icelandic, in just one week --- and gets interviewed on Icelandic TV after only 7 days of learning to speak it.

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  • Runtime : 47:25
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  • RumHam
    RumHam   1 days ago

    This is just incredible. His brain just does the work with no thought from him. It really shows the expanse of what our brains are capable of, things we aren't naturally able to put to conscious use. It's fascinating and a tad scary lol to be honest. Imagine if we could activate more parts of our brain

  • WalkthroughGeek
    WalkthroughGeek   1 days ago

    I'm very good at counting in my head but these numbers were way too difficult for me. Bravo, Daniel!

  • Jed Clampett
    Jed Clampett   1 days ago

    Question is.....has anyone ever thought of asking Daniel to explain Tesla's understanding of the 3...6...9...?

  • Daisy D'cruz
    Daisy D'cruz   1 days ago

    I am suffering from epilepsy. Planet Ayurveda cures it completely.😄😉

  • Burny Izland
    Burny Izland   1 days ago

    I experience math like this too. It's just like you sense them more than see/hear/feel them - it's a shortcut so you don't have to go through the translation of the other senses, it just pops up for you. Or doesn't - but when I draw a blank I know it's blank - I don't offer a guess, it either is or it isn't. I have synesthesia, a 142 I.Q., eidetic memory (but only for things that interest me or are emotionally charged), score relatively high on the AQ (38 but most of the things I answered like a normal person are learned behaviors) but I have not been formally assessed for autism, INTJ, perfect pitch, can play piano by ear once I've heard any song, I pick up languages easily, etc. Think of it like this - when you think up the words to make a sentence are you slowing down and noticing how you came to each one? No, you just know how you feel and you know what words to use because your language is such an integral, well practiced part of yourself that it almost more like a muscle second your mind is blank and the next you just know it. Our obsessions with math, numbers, and patterns exposes us to so much of it that it becomes ingrained - that's my hypothesis.

  • Marcus McLeod
    Marcus McLeod   1 days ago

    'Cites pie to 25'000 places' He's a phony!!!!

  • Lex
    Lex   3 days ago

    Only too bad that the closed captions are not autistic..

  • Paul Simmons
    Paul Simmons   3 days ago

    A glitch in the virtual reality program connection to the brain.

  • Ella Eadig
    Ella Eadig   3 days ago

    The psychiatrist, Simon, is Sacha Baron Cohen's cousin. You can see the family resemblance, hey!

  • Peggy Sue
    Peggy Sue   3 days ago

    why don't we have this kid figuring out how to resolve ills afflicting our world today? .. just spitting out figures isn't particularly useful all by itself. I hope he continues to study and develop other parts of his mind

  • Robbie8
    Robbie8   3 days ago

    I can't see any disability in Daniel. We all have DEFECTS of some description but Daniel seems to have far less than many people I know including myself. Is being really smart a DEFECT?

  • Neal
    Neal   3 days ago

    Bet he cant put a fruit pastel in his mouth without chewing it.

  • Living Art
    Living Art   4 days ago

    If we live in a simulation Daniel has used cheat codes. Amazing

  • Ian Sim
    Ian Sim   4 days ago

    It is said that the human brain can do so much more and store a massive amount more than it does. Savants are often classed as disabled in some way, maybe they are in some ways but ones with abilities are looked at as some kind of freak because they can do something basically virtually everyone else can’t. May be it’s everyone else’s brain that is switched off not being able to do what it is capable of really doing and these few people because of their condition or accident get random parts of their brain switched back on so that particular part works at 100%. If everyone could do what these people can do and more it would be classed as normal and nothing special, people doubt what they are doing simply because they or the vast majority of the population can’t.

  • random internet bro
    random internet bro   5 days ago

    Looks like he's gonna send someone to the field by thinking bad thoughts (twilight zone)

  • Adrenaline Junkey
    Adrenaline Junkey   5 days ago

    A brain like this is overkill, you'd pretty much never have to write down anything except an official document or a check.

  • Ewell Faul
    Ewell Faul   5 days ago

    I enjoy watching videos which cover and explain exceptional intelligence, and It has occurred to me that every single mathematical genius uses the same pattern of associating shapes to categorize numbers in their minds. I have never done this, or even tried to. Mathematics have always been somewhat abstract to me. I'm more of a language and communication sort of person-areas at which I usually excel. The part of the video that REALLY blew me away, is the part about how these numeric abilities can actually be learned using training with an abacus! I really enjoyed watching this, because of how pleasant and unassuming Daniel is with regards to his extraordinary abilities. This guy is the real deal, and is an example to all of us who are in need of a lesson in humility.

  • Chaya Lael
    Chaya Lael   5 days ago

    🙏🏽🙏🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏻Today I send you lots of prayers For what’s about to beI really want to help youSo I’m sending this from meI’m sending what is neededThat’s The strength to get on byBut most of all I send my love To all that passes by 🙏🏽🙏🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏻

  • jmr1068204
    jmr1068204   6 days ago

    While he is better off and more mentally functional than most savants, he can do all of these complex mental tasks and yet can't figure out what gender nature has instilled in him by default. So he goes against the default of nature itself. That's essentially laughable. It reminds me of the movie Rain Man when his brother says to him, "You've read all of the pages in the book...but you don't know if you've read the book ?!?" You can do all of these things with your brain that the common human can't do, yet you can't figure out that men with men can't produce offspring and are therefore against nature? Brilliant. That's the most basic thing in life. Just like piano savants can play the most beautiful songs immediately after hearing them one time, with perfect pitch. However...usually they can't dress themselves or feed themselves properly. They need someone to help them with everything else to get to the piano.

  • Arthur Hunt
    Arthur Hunt   6 days ago

    I think it would be interesting to have him visit SETI and possibly see numbers from outer space that had been purposely sent or generated from an intelligent source. Perhaps a set or series of signals that the computers have missed.

  • Random
    Random   6 days ago

    ask him to divide 0 by 0

  • psycheisssdelic
    psycheisssdelic   1 weeks ago

    he seems like a top lad. this doc is quite old so maybe neurologists have different ideas nowadays, although his specific ability is uncommon i think maybe people fail to realize what their own brains are doing all the time by simply experiencing reality. the complex geometries, physics calculations that occur within our minds subconsciously all the time. our minds are doing things equally incredible, almost all understand mathematics/calculation at a level we dont even realize subconsciously, all our minds are interpreting reality differently. there are noise filters within our minds i think for most neuro typical people, this kind of savant genius mind i think is almost limited in us biologically even though our minds are capable of doing it. this process is happening all the time but it is excluded from the conscious mind perhaps because this type of logic is detrimental to typical survival conditions or (normal) life. i say this because i think under certain conditions or mental states us commoners can experience such things to some degree and it varies for each person. similarly to how we have dormant genes, there are aspects to our own minds at the subconscious level, intelligence we dont perceive like a veil hidden from ourselves but i think its there. human beings each of us have this potential but i feel our biology simply does not have a use for it, likely to maintain the natural order and balance in things. a dream is a good example of this, a world of which the mind has created, think about that complexity, the computational power involved in that. our minds can create an entire world without effort it just happens.

  • Jamalan Majuda
    Jamalan Majuda   1 weeks ago

    I wonder what he thinks about 1/0, infinity, quantum physics, etc

  • Alejandro Valdovinos
    Alejandro Valdovinos   1 weeks ago

    I wish him a great wife and may their children adquiere this gift for better living of humankind, ( like Tesla wanted to) . And not for power/wars.God bless you all.

  • Mister X
    Mister X   1 weeks ago

    He's half as powerful as a Commodore 64, woow!

  • Stephen James
    Stephen James   1 weeks ago

    It's interesting that as a child he was always screaming but as an adult he seems so calm.

  • Wendy S. King
    Wendy S. King   1 weeks ago

    This would be sucha wonderful video, but is unwatchable because of the nerve-wracking background music which serves no purpose at all but to make the soundtrack hard to hear. F+

  • Mar Borgart
    Mar Borgart   1 weeks ago

    Perhaps Daniel would be wlilling to see if hé can find a language in the Voynichmanuscript, and perhaps translate it. Till now nobody could. Would like to hear the results !

  • Myrna Hall
    Myrna Hall   1 weeks ago

    I am so glad I see who is the real Rain Man. He is sweet.