Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

  • Published on: 21 April 2017
  • Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, shows Jimmy some animals including a Binturong named Orville that smells like popcorn, legless lizards and a pair of baby black bears.

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    Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears
  • Runtime : 11:37
  • The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Robert Irwin Jimmy Play Baby Black Bears NBC NBC TV Television Funny Talk Show comedic humor snl Fallon Stand-up Fallon monologue tonight show jokes funny video interview variety comedy sketches talent celebrities video clip highlight steve irwin son child kid animals lizard animal fun australia aussie scorpion binturong smell head bird toucan the roots


  • Aditya Gaikwad
    Aditya Gaikwad   3 hours ago

    After all the ‘animals in talkshows segment’ binge watching ,I know what a prehensile tail is...

  • Ben G
    Ben G   10 hours ago

    Jimmy holding a snake and being told by a child that he is holding a lizard. LMAO!

  • Ben G
    Ben G   11 hours ago

    This dude is every bit his father.

  • Achachach321
    Achachach321   12 hours ago

    D9 sounds like Elon Musk’s child’s next name

  • steve zisk
    steve zisk   13 hours ago

    My birthday is September 6. Went for Dinner and drinks on September 3 with some people who couldn't be there on the 6th. Awakened bye a phone call the next morning that Steve had Passed. My 1st thought was of His best mate Wes. And His family of course. But Wes was His Best Friend. I really didn't know what losing a best friend was like but I did 2 years ago when mine passed 3 months before his 50th. While I was at The Incredibles 2 on June 15 My Best Friend Had Passed. I Loved John and I Loved Steve Irwin.

  • steve zisk
    steve zisk   13 hours ago

    Him and Bindi are Steve Reincarnated. Such Good Manners. Good job Steve and Teri

  • noxoc
    noxoc   14 hours ago

    unlike mr kimmel he allows the guests to talk :D

  • Sofie Kalmberg
    Sofie Kalmberg   22 hours ago

    Jimmy: “last time we had you on, it spread like a wildfire “well that didn’t age well now did it

  • reo era
    reo era   23 hours ago

    For god sake Jimmy let the kid speak.

    AWESOMENISH   1 days ago

    Jimmy’s Hand: * Exists *Baby Bear: “It’s free real estate”

  • H U
    H U   1 days ago

    how is he 13teen and so confident!!!

    MR. YEETMAGEET   2 days ago

    robert . u can pet italso robert . THEY HAVE VENOM AND KILL THEY PREY GO ON PET IT

  • Alien
    Alien   2 days ago

    It's all fun and games until Mama bear shows up.

  • Danni
    Danni   2 days ago

    This overbearing child needs to know bears and other animals are not toys...this is animal exploitation!!! And he should know that 'baby bears' are called cubs

  • Dorythefish
    Dorythefish   2 days ago

    Australians always seem so happy and enthusiastic

  • Sibel Savas
    Sibel Savas   2 days ago

    Spitting image of his dad great man he was,😔 good luck to him lovely lad just like his dad.

  • Jess Hart
    Jess Hart   2 days ago

    He was so sweet, so polite and so professional.

  • Viktor E
    Viktor E   3 days ago

    Damn he really talk and look like his father. Steve would be so proud of him. Like father like son right here

  • Bryson Reins
    Bryson Reins   3 days ago

    I’ll address the elephant in the room- kid comes off as completely insincere and a hollow copy

  • Lily Iglesias ツ
    Lily Iglesias ツ   3 days ago

    As an animal lover, I think I would pass out of feels 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Listopad
    Listopad   3 days ago

    Steve is looking down & is bursting of proud.

  • Khloi Otaku
    Khloi Otaku   4 days ago

    This is so precious and adorable!And the animals are pretty cute to...