A Mysterious Creature Answers The Team's Calls | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 01 September 2020
  • On this expedition, imitating animal calls proves to be a very useful way of communicating with creatures.

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  • Runtime : 8:20
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  • Chewbacca Solo
    Chewbacca Solo   5 days ago

    Dang if y’all just ask I might give y’all a autograph but y’all yelling when me and my family is sleeping ain’t helping

  • Paniekzaaier
    Paniekzaaier   1 weeks ago

    Why are they out in the night trying to find a bigfoot when bigfoot sightings are always during the day?

  • N Luba
    N Luba   1 weeks ago

    Every time someone says they have seen a bigfoot. They say they went to take a video/picture but their gear malfunctioned But of course, the Bigfoot hunters spin that and say that it must have some Mythological power that it messes with electronics I’m not making that up lol that’s a legit convo they had

  • Lynxxie
    Lynxxie   1 weeks ago


  • Mateja Matejči
    Mateja Matejči   1 weeks ago

    Does anyone also hate all this soundeffects in the moments they "hear" something?

  • APIEngineering
    APIEngineering   2 weeks ago

    "If you're gonna make a noise... make a bigfoot noise."This is stupid wrapped in more stupid. They need to just make a new channel for this kind of shitshow, the Idiot Channel. Not the Learning Channel, the History Channel, Animal Planet, or some science channel... the Idiot Channel.

  • kim files
    kim files   2 weeks ago

    They could just be shooting a movie in the forest those Bigfoot

  • OnyxTh3Ripqer
    OnyxTh3Ripqer   2 weeks ago

    Fun fact: Bigfoot is a scam. Someone made a fake footprint, and people thought it was real. I don't remember if it was his kids that told the truth, or if it was him, but it's fake. The entire thing is fake. There's probably a mega primate out there, and we can't find it because Finding Bigfoot can't pull it's head out of it's ass.

    NEROS   2 weeks ago

    Humans: *screams and yells*Bigfoot: you're a fackin druggo mate

  • M Steve
    M Steve   2 weeks ago

    It was the Mountain Monster team that responded hehe

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel   3 weeks ago

    I don't know,if the sasquatch is very hostile towards humans, are they all ready with some heavy weapon ??? Or they just record this video at their backyards!!???? Just for some youtube content???

  • Salvador Gonzalez
    Salvador Gonzalez   3 weeks ago

    A bunch of dudes that lived in their grandmas house and were given an ultimatum to get a job or move out...so they did this...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Belen Cantu
    Belen Cantu   1 months ago

    Bambi burgers, frog protein packets😂🤣love his analogies 🤣

  • Kevin Gomez
    Kevin Gomez   1 months ago

    The fact that they had so many seasons and never found a thing is hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Ben Garcia
    Ben Garcia   1 months ago

    I guess all of them don't have any luck with finding anything, there is a sound that draws there attention if you care to know, pay me I will tell you what that sound is.

  • Phira
    Phira   1 months ago

    When Ranae is getting excited, you know they're onto something!

  • Mary Hutt
    Mary Hutt   1 months ago

    Your foolish doin all those sounds your lucky ya got something ,you need to learn how to hunt, ya don't get any of that in huntin

  • NeXTime
    NeXTime   2 months ago

    I be pissing myself tryna run up to a Sasquatch

  • Aurora Purvis
    Aurora Purvis   2 months ago

    Renae’s face when Matt said the Bigfoot was shepherding the deer 🤣

  • SEA'S Combat Division
    SEA'S Combat Division   2 months ago

    I am telling you, there is 100% a BIG MALE sasquatch protect its little baby sasquatch.

  • Joe M
    Joe M   2 months ago

    These guys yell out the sasquatch sound. The sasquatch is probably sitting in a tree rolling his eyes saying all these dumbass humans do this all the time.

  • Dan Ds
    Dan Ds   2 months ago

    I love this show to death but I gotta admit they make it seem like Sasquatches just casually walk around lmaoo and they say "usually Sasquatches like to chase the deer into a corner, and wait for the mother to come running out, catch her because she's a bigger meal for the squatch" lmao not that exactly but they say things like that a lot especially my man Cliff lolll love him

  • Dan Ds
    Dan Ds   2 months ago

    The people that comment "if it's real, why haven't we seen it or why don't we have a body?!!" Are the ones who have no idea about Sasquatch lmaoo

  • Ken Wirth
    Ken Wirth   2 months ago


  • Donnan Huggler
    Donnan Huggler   2 months ago

    I can’t imagine why anyone would hoax Bigfoot noises as a response to this team’s televisions show

  • Code name E9
    Code name E9   2 months ago

    “A tahoe scream has thought to come from a Sasquatch”“WAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

  • Daniel
    Daniel   3 months ago

    Lets go to a place, that has a swamp, we know Sasquatch likes swamps, high possibility they're in the swamp, but fck nah, we won't put on gear for if we need to go into the swamp, too much effort.

  • Darin Bartosch
    Darin Bartosch   3 months ago

    What's the game plan when they run into a sasquatch?

  • Jeromey Hinojosa
    Jeromey Hinojosa   3 months ago

    This is probably another series where they don’t find shit. Just bs for money

  • Gapou Inas
    Gapou Inas   3 months ago

    1 fou qui cri +1 fou qui cri = plus de fou qui cri xD

  • Telling Thetruth
    Telling Thetruth   3 months ago

    I saw Bigfoot once I was camping and was taking dump in woods and realized I had no loo roll, luckily Bigfoot appeared and shared his loo roll with me. After this we had a smores and told story's before he went back too his family

  • Crazie Sotos
    Crazie Sotos   3 months ago

    The fact that we have not been able to catch him already means that he doesn't exist and this videos are fake even tho I wanna believe he exists

  • NoName
    NoName   3 months ago

    When are we going to start talking about the other important cryptid of the Pacific Northwest? The Bigfoot Crablouse 200 percent larger then the human Crablouse with a 100 percent greater habitat distribution.