The Oregon Sasquatch | Paranormal Witness | Real Fear

  • Published on: 18 September 2019
  • While out on a hike in the Cascade Mountains, Deputy Sheriff Jess Boiler had an unforgettable encounter with a human-like creature.

    From Paranormal Witness Season 1 Episode 3: A former deputy sheriff is pursued by a strange beast.

    Whether you’re looking for a quick jump scare, for a collection of the most gruesome murders or just a re-watch of the most iconic scenes from the history of horror, Fear will be your final (channel) destination. Subscribe here:
  • Runtime : 5:10
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  • Steve G
    Steve G   1 days ago

    They are smart enough to know that it may have been another trap

  • dorch82
    dorch82   3 days ago

    I'm here because of Mrballin 👍

  • Chase Griffin
    Chase Griffin   1 weeks ago

    😳I live in Oregon and I didn't even now this was a thing!?

  • William Chao
    William Chao   1 weeks ago

    This dude was high on mushrooms during his exploration in the woods.

  • Blue Horseshoe
    Blue Horseshoe   1 weeks ago

    It might of been a unicorn sometimes I see them in the woods. People have been and will always be full of 💩 until the end of time.

  • elvin jonas
    elvin jonas   1 weeks ago

    The actor in the video does a good job.

  • J C
    J C   2 weeks ago

    So scare and big mistake by this sheriff, not to aim with your revolver this kind of créature. Because mi-animal and mi-HUMAN.

  • Mark Wolo
    Mark Wolo   2 weeks ago

    This is very interesting topic , but sadly just stories like a fishing story , with no way to confirm .

  • Santi Gardipee
    Santi Gardipee   2 weeks ago

    I live in Eugene, been in OR since 2004. Perhaps some are good and a few run afoul?

  • Gohkiat Beng
    Gohkiat Beng   2 weeks ago

    Pray for the God before go into jungle pray for the God for protection🤲🤲🤲

  • H A Ritchie
    H A Ritchie   2 weeks ago

    Fear. Little weird..Do understand the word..Not every one understand thatexperience.

  • Julio Rosenberg
    Julio Rosenberg   2 weeks ago

    Imagine being in his shoes 👟 ALL ALONE?? Good thing he had a PISTOL for protection JUST in CASE

  • Lurch Logan
    Lurch Logan   3 weeks ago

    "Excuse me, Mr. Bigfoot, What's the quickest route out of here" ?... Bigfoot(cocks gun): "Back the way you came"!!

  • Blondy
    Blondy   3 weeks ago

    Animal Planet should go back to that same spot.

  • black tree carver vids.🎥🪓

    Yes don't be to aggressive with .them n yes carry a go pro to help out in any way . If u contact a b.f. or its family cus there's like any animal it will have family .n good story I liked it GD luck next one N God 🙏 bless u if u experience them again. no offense in here just saying to keep u safe in mind of.

  • binky tube
    binky tube   3 weeks ago

    It's annoying when shows like this add sounds like the bigfoot growling when the witness says nothing about the sort.

  • Wes Razz
    Wes Razz   3 weeks ago

    He could of did the same thing to the creature. Used concealment and ambush it. I wonder what caliber he was carrying? Probably a .38

  • Fariz Rafshanjani09
    Fariz Rafshanjani09   3 weeks ago

    Bigfoot tarosan imogi ale uttoro jubotohi konokeroke masamoo aiyoyo vidusan valioo wogwog

  • ethanrom22
    ethanrom22   3 weeks ago

    About four years ago I was hiking near Juneau Alaska, we started the hike at 5am. About eight hours into the hike we heard what we thought was either a bear or a moose. It sounded like a very big animal, we couldn’t see it, we kept hiking and we then realized it was following us from the far left of us, maybe 25 yards away. We decided it was a bear and we stopped and my cousin took out his pistol thinking we might have to unfortunately kill this bear. We then saw what both made us freeze for about a minute in terror. About 12 feet up from a particular good size tree we saw a very large humanoid head covered with thick black hair and had gorilla like facial features. After about a minute we shook off our freeze fright and whatever it was then moved back behind the tree. We immediately turned around and sped walked back. It didn’t knock over trees but whatever it was it stalked us for another 30 minutes or so because we could hear this thing moving through the forest due to its sheer size. People say “why didn’t you take a pic with your guys’s phones?”. The thing is that was seriously the very last thing that was on our minds when our lives were in-danger of being killed by this thing.

  • Baby Lewis
    Baby Lewis   3 weeks ago

    Mr.Ballen kinda exaggerated. instead of trees falling it was snaps.

  • Dustin Palmer
    Dustin Palmer   3 weeks ago

    I was Black Berrie picking at my partners side on our knees when the silence was broken by a large bipeadel being walking on 2 legs making only 4 very large steps from out of the snake river and on to the bank and stopped about 15 feet directly behind us so fast we stayed on our knees and prayed for about 10 seconds before the being turned and walked back into the river.

  • Célio Delgado
    Célio Delgado   4 weeks ago

    In Brasil " Mapinguari " in Amazonia from brasil.

  • Mark McCauley
    Mark McCauley   1 months ago

    Maybe an opportunity to communicate with the cocking of the head,but then again what could have been said? Maybe the comparison between what old crap smells like ( sasquatch) and the newly acquired smell the ranger had?

  • Mike Woodson
    Mike Woodson   1 months ago

    When he said it circled him, maybe it did, but maybe there were 2 or 3. Real beings like that out there. REAL!

  • John James
    John James   1 months ago

    What a lying sobMost retired pigs like to write bullshit books

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther   1 months ago

    Where's the rest of the show, stopped short, thumbs down.

  • Jimmy Wilhelmssohn
    Jimmy Wilhelmssohn   1 months ago

    Amateurish clip. tThe "deer" is a caribou. The CGI is goofy. This is grade f stuff, like the blair witch project.

  • Rick Pratt
    Rick Pratt   1 months ago

    I had a similar thing happen to me while hunting out behind my house, big trees snapping circling me but couldn’t see or hear any movement.My parents called them the rag man and told us kids to come out of the woods before dark. I now know they where not kidding .

  • Standing Bear
    Standing Bear   1 months ago

    Just keep this in mind if you ever encounter one of these beings; A successful predator will not warn you of its presence if it has any intent of making a meal out of you. Also, if anything with that kind of speed, strength, agility, and stealth ability wanted to harm or kill you, it could do it before you were even aware of its presence. I think it's safe to assume that being just wanted the guy out of the area and wanted to scare him just enough to make him not want to go back. Based on its reaction when he pointed his gun at it, it clearly has some idea as to what a firearm can do to a living creature.

  • My FNAF TV
    My FNAF TV   1 months ago

    This is proof that Sasquatches exist and by the way this is the one I was looking for

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man   1 months ago

    I call b.s if he was that scared he would of let some shots go

  • Todd Simone
    Todd Simone   1 months ago

    If you enjoy the strange dark and mysterious delivered in story format you've come to the right place

  • Cory Wagner
    Cory Wagner   1 months ago

    I was eight years old when me and my uncle seen Bigfoot in the middle of the night Wayback in the powerlines on a really cold December night but the moon was really bright at night it was the scariest thing it was only about 20 yards away and just like today I am now 28 years old I just took a walk in the woods today and I still get eerie vibes being in the words especially alone

  • Dondragmer
    Dondragmer   1 months ago

    Why so much terror at encountering Sasquatch? He/she is just a big animal or ape-like humanoid. Shouldn't be any scarier than a gorilla which sixty and more years of behavior research has proven to be a gentle, peaceful giant.