Why are you subscribed to me? (YIAY #460)

  • Published on: 01 February 2019
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  • Runtime : 4:40
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  • Sam. Unus
    Sam. Unus   4 days ago

    It’s April first. I’m waiting

  • stiky
    stiky   5 days ago

    Just so I can unsub *click* there

  • JT
    JT   6 days ago

    cries in furry shamed

  • SwirlX Gaming
    SwirlX Gaming   6 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I actually misclicked and subscribed to you.

  • Superb
    Superb   1 weeks ago

    It took him 13 years to reach 4 millionThat hurts

  • James Irby
    James Irby   1 weeks ago

    "Erin's the Funny One" would be all about Animal Crossing

  • Shy Guy Gamer
    Shy Guy Gamer   2 weeks ago

    I’m over a year late, but I subbed coz of daily YIAYs

  • Nirmiti
    Nirmiti   2 weeks ago

    I'm subbed to you because all the good YouTubers are taken.

  • Paul Stephens
    Paul Stephens   3 weeks ago

    "And YGS VERY single friday!"I hope that was intentional.

  • BigBoySlips
    BigBoySlips   3 weeks ago

    Just realized that Jack promised dick pics at 5 MIL subs and he’s currently at 4.75 MIL subs

  • Colossal Squib
    Colossal Squib   3 weeks ago

    So where's my jacksfilms giveaway that I deserve according to him

  • Narrow Ben
    Narrow Ben   3 weeks ago

    U know how youtubers ask u to subscribe well this asking u to unsubscribe

  • Finneas Peeters
    Finneas Peeters   3 weeks ago


  • Colin Miller
    Colin Miller   3 weeks ago

    Do I still have time for that NordVPN deal?

  • banana 101
    banana 101   4 weeks ago

    I subscribed beca---Wait.....No I didnt!

  • PuppetYeti
    PuppetYeti   4 weeks ago

    Finally, I found the one where he rubs the mike on his face

    PEPPER SPRAY   1 months ago

    Just gonna point out that 5 mill is coming close

  • Alex Parsa
    Alex Parsa   1 months ago

    Lol it's been a year and he's into got like 20k more subs

  • Your Grandma
    Your Grandma   1 months ago

    My cat clicked it and It scratches me,Everytime I try to unsubscribe

    IABI TV   1 months ago

    4,73mil and counting, JackJust awaiting 260,000+ more...

  • Amara Hope Sublett
    Amara Hope Sublett   1 months ago

    I'm subscribed bc YGS and story time w Kermit are the best things on this platform for cheering me up. 💟

  • Goosey
    Goosey   1 months ago

    jojo references

  • Kee Chow
    Kee Chow   1 months ago

    "dude, 5 mil. thats the deal" me: cackles in 4.73M