BFB memes #15

  • Published on: 19 December 2020
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  • Esmeralda Santos
    Esmeralda Santos   6 days ago

    1:34 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚funny type of screeching four

  • Firey BFB
    Firey BFB   1 weeks ago

    Me on the thumbnail be like: Lets do this. FIREEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Red Target
    Red Target   1 weeks ago

    Why are so many of these taken from papermarioparty?

  • Sarvente
    Sarvente   2 weeks ago

    1:51πšƒ πš‘ 𝚎 𝚠 πš’ πš— πš— 𝚎 πš›πšœ πš– πš’ πš• 𝚎

  • JJ Miles
    JJ Miles   3 weeks ago

    Warning: ear rape rip headphone users

  • Samii .-.
    Samii .-.   3 weeks ago

    2:58 anyone please tell me the music name

  • Sonia Nevermind
    Sonia Nevermind   4 weeks ago

    The amount of times ive seen leafy kill gelatin is uncountable

  • Dante Dan
    Dante Dan   4 weeks ago

    Thumnails : Four : TWOSome sort of evil professorEmpty TacoFIREY LIKES TO PLAY GUNS WITH YOU

  • Dante Dan
    Dante Dan   1 months ago

    5:44 hasnobodtalkingaboutthis?Show less

  • Ramon
    Ramon   1 months ago

    ;( how could you do that to blocky

  • Ramon
    Ramon   1 months ago

    Again texas

  • Ramon
    Ramon   1 months ago

    Im sick of david abuse

  • Ramon
    Ramon   1 months ago

    Just go over Canada to Alaska over to soviet russia over to china to Vietnam to India over to Pakistan then to Afghanistan and Iran over to Iraq turkey and Greece over to serbia to hungary over to Austria and then your in Bavaria an then over Stuttgart an then you find a little town called Karlsruhe

  • Shiny Porygon
    Shiny Porygon   1 months ago

    people immediately after a video is posted: 13:28

  • DoggoVision
    DoggoVision   1 months ago

    Actually, the gravitational pull of the earth gets stronger the closer the moon is to earth if the moon was so close it would probably collide with the earth,

  • charlie the gamer711
    charlie the gamer711   1 months ago

    If i see another rocket league meme im gonna start a religion to destroy rocket league