First Hand Sightings Of Bigfoot - Boogeymen - Bigfoot

  • Published on: 26 June 2021
  • In the town of Willow Creek in northern California, the legend of Bigfoot, an ape-like monster believed to be a missing link between man’s evolutionary leap from monkeys, is taken more seriously than anywhere else in the world, with organized hunting expeditions, statues and even a museum – but is there any substance to the mythology?

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  • Runtime : 45:27
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  • Perbalter
    Perbalter   1 days ago

    "No other images"?? Thats a lie...

  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg   4 days ago

    What are y'all doing in my waters?

  • Dennis Harold
    Dennis Harold   4 days ago

    I think these people are seeing Michelle Obama

  • Karl Stemmler
    Karl Stemmler   5 days ago

    to Rebelray: who do you think made/build all those hiking trails? Must have been Humans, no? Bigfoot?

    MAX CARTER   6 days ago

    I hope Big Foot does exist, but given that modern phones have excellent cameras, why do we not have great shots of bigot ?????

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover   6 days ago

    This biologist can barely keep a straight face when he talks. A Total putz...

  • True Culture
    True Culture   1 weeks ago

    Until Y'all have pictures or videos of Big Foot... STOP LYING 🤥🤥🤥

  • Justin Belcher
    Justin Belcher   1 weeks ago

    Even if it is a Sasquatch or Bigfoot or whatever the hell you want to call it obviously they want to be left alone. So why don't people just leave them alone. Before somebody gets seriously hurt or killed and sounds like it already has been enough people hurt because they went somewhere they had no business. So this Dr Johnson so to speak spent five years with with them and doesn't have one photo to show any proof. I think he's full of s***.

  • Shannon DePerry
    Shannon DePerry   1 weeks ago

    They will never find big foot bc they are not from our plant, when ppl say they'll see it to believe.Believe this, their aliens!!!

  • Mike Myers
    Mike Myers   1 weeks ago

    I'm a logger an haul logs out of the deep woods day an night an there's all kinds of spooky things in the woods . I've seen footprints tree structures bent trees I've had sticks an rocks thrown at me heard vocals an had one sighting . I'm in northeast texas southeast Oklahoma area along the redriver

  • jonny the boy
    jonny the boy   1 weeks ago

    ... people keep using the term skeptic when mostly these documentaries use "debunkers"... Being skeptical is good, in general a skeptic is still open minded. Like an agnostic, they'll accept it if they feel they've seen enough evidence. Being a "debunker" is almost a religion in itself, debunkers are as close-minded as you get

  • libertine40
    libertine40   1 weeks ago

    The whole thing is bogus - I could stomach it up until the fourth segment when the European/Western arrogance and ignorance (=Savagery) went off the chart. Only these fools would have the audacity to state that human beings have been throughout the vast wilderness areas of N/S America, etc. In addition to their flippant disregard to thousands of years of Aboriginal Turtle Islander's experience and Knowledge. They should take their own advice and cease creating their own myths. -------------

  • MyFloridaHomeGuy
    MyFloridaHomeGuy   1 weeks ago

    The Man @10:42 look like he can’t beat up the big foot 🦶

  • Neil Beauregard
    Neil Beauregard   1 weeks ago

    Alright peeps for all non beleivers..i know they are real..i seen 1 when i was 10 years old..didnt know about bigfoot yet..real as real can be.

  • Eliza Star
    Eliza Star   1 weeks ago

    Background music totally annoying.

  • Joe Dirté
    Joe Dirté   1 weeks ago

    They have over 100 DNA samples. The guy that says they gave no DNA works for the government and doesn't want people to know the truth. They will tell you it's bear and switch put your sample. Scott Carpenter has proof. Ontario Sasquatch has proof . The facts on how to hunt has all the sightings anyone needs. They aren't apathy out smart humans and detection and Are on the ha paranormal side things or just in tune with their sense and the earth . They have been here since the beginning of time. To doubt it nowadays don't even make sense. The truth is out. Look for it.

  • yarg snurb
    yarg snurb   2 weeks ago

    37,000 acres of forest in NoCal? Wow! Whoever wrote that copy is clueless.

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis   2 weeks ago

    Being able to find a small animal of few numbers is no logical argument to use to counter the existence of a large one of another species. I say that the fact that no Bigfoot body--live or dead--has been found is a PERFECT argument to use to support the liklihood of it's existence. That smaller animal is of merely sufficient cognizance to eat, sleep, and procreate---all the while being unaware that it is only one of a hundred. However, Bigfoot has significantly higher thought processes going on as is evidenced by his avoidance of members of our "great civilization". Even so, he is proceedingly less-well hidden as we continue our increasing numbers. Thus we have ongoing new reports of sightings with our ever-increasing intrusion into woodland habitats--the Bigfoot sees what we did to the hillsides & the populations of the other (small)animals so they know to fear us. This would indicate "sentience"--Bigfoot AINT STOOPID!!!!

  • Duffshokk
    Duffshokk   2 weeks ago

    Just passing thru this place ..I'm on way to eternity

  • Hopituh Shinumu
    Hopituh Shinumu   2 weeks ago

    28:11 The Carl Sagan analogy was pretty weak. So 10s of thousands of first hand eye witness account isn’t evidence? Plus, indigenous elders know what they are. You’re just the typical European descendant using western logic to explain something that doesn’t fit that mold.

  • Shelly Swedberg
    Shelly Swedberg   2 weeks ago

    These beings are foretold to guard entrances to shambala shambala is where the fallen angel children live they are located in the Himalaya mountains at the bottom of Annapurna 111 mountain is the cave entrance 28° 33' 58"N83° 57' 08EThats where they come from

  • michelle reed
    michelle reed   2 weeks ago

    Here is a question for you. I have been friends at a church of over 500 hundred people. They all have cell phones. I have been attending there for over 12 years. I have attended many social functions and regular services, yet NOT one of my friends has a single picture of me or a head shot of me on record! Many others have had their pictures taken and they are in albums yearly that the church puts together at the end of the year. However, strangely enough, there are zero pictures of me in ANY of these albums. Which begs the question: Do I exist? Have I really been a member of the church for 12 years?Answer: of course I have--I am not the only person in 500 people who happens to not be in the photo albums either, but it happens. Yeah, I can easily see that YOU can miss a wild animal that wants to be elusive. I think there are fewer then a 10 to 20 in some of these vast forested areas. IF some humans can live to be 120--some parrots live to be 75-100 years old--why not some of these cryptids then live to be 100 or more years old? The longer they live, then, the less of them there probably are, stands to reason.Plus, my brothers and sister and I saw a family of three of them when were were kids over 50 years ago! We played in an area where another one or two lived when we went camping . This went on for about 10 years. So YOU cannot convince me they do not exist. sorry the biologist cannot photograph one, but that does not mean they do not exist. Sorry for you.

  • Shaun New Bedford
    Shaun New Bedford   3 weeks ago

    This video should of been called bioligsts and people who deff. dont beleive in biggfoot / Sasquatch........ they are all such closed minded people

  • Cher
    Cher   3 weeks ago

    OK.But the background music is well........just awful.

  • Nicholas Foti
    Nicholas Foti   3 weeks ago

    Imagination??? If you haven't seen one.. don't be on these videos laughing and calling it a myth.sheep

  • Nicholas Foti
    Nicholas Foti   3 weeks ago

    I hate these idiots that try to sound smart and talk like their psychologists and say it's a fun legend that we tend to is tend to try to convince ourselves is real. yeah say that when you see one 30'ft away from you stupid

  • Nicholas Foti
    Nicholas Foti   3 weeks ago

    We did not evolve naturally.. we were a genetic creation by ET

  • Scott Strong
    Scott Strong   3 weeks ago

    Bigfoot is real had lunch with him last week right before he jumped in to his spaceship and flew off to go see Elvis

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart   3 weeks ago

    Dam it the evidence is their,what the hell are these skeptics still doughting our Bigfoot,and he is our Bigfoot,lovely furry creature.

  • Nik
    Nik   3 weeks ago

    Music is unbelievably distracting

  • Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson   3 weeks ago


  • Janet Stonerook
    Janet Stonerook   3 weeks ago

    I'm not a "believer". I'm a knower. Minding my own business living alone on the old family homestead in the mountains of WVa. Bigfoot wasn't on my radar! A family of these creatures started coming around to help themselves to my fruit and berries. They seem easy going and often leave me little presents on the porch after they share my produce. The adults keep their distance but the younger ones romp around in my yard.

  • Pat Bassman
    Pat Bassman   4 weeks ago

    Another documentary with no footage , no has the money shot , its getter harder to believe.

  • Malcolm Stanford
    Malcolm Stanford   4 weeks ago

    Did not no bigfoot was a garder he sounds very clever he we could find him and put him in charge of our govermant i reckon he would stop a lot of selfish people bying up toilet rolls and banic bying petrol in the uk we need a bigfoot to replace boris

    OKAT OKAT   4 weeks ago

    Now i know where they get the name of my childhood snack boogeyman