Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World πŸ”

  • Published on: 30 September 2018
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    Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.


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    Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World
  • Runtime : 8:49
  • meat eat animals vegetarian vegan chicken steak sausage bacon burger cows calf cattle animals pigs sheep pork beef poultry farmland water dairy milk protein calories food health greenhouse gas CO2 animal rights animal liberation antibiotics ecological organic sustainable unsustainable lab meat satire funny


  • TheWorldWrecker
    TheWorldWrecker   17 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt: Chickens are treated most terribly!Also Kurzgesagt: Go for chicken instead of beef and lamb!

  • Joseph Justice
    Joseph Justice   21 hours ago

    Animal: exists People: hippity hoppity your meat is my property

  • pamela lagos
    pamela lagos   23 hours ago

    I would never understand why people like chicken wings, it taste horrible. And in my opinion they are the worst part of the chicken.

  • Shamyn B M H
    Shamyn B M H   1 days ago

    if I don't like and subscribe your channel, then there is no point in me existing. Awesome video. We humans are cruel and we just choose to ignore it. That's fucked up.

  • ahmad aoude
    ahmad aoude   1 days ago

    Why did they kill the male because they are useless they can breed to

  • Planean4191
    Planean4191   1 days ago

    That is how veganism should be introduced so someone actually consider being one

  • Abdelrahman Quraish
    Abdelrahman Quraish   1 days ago

    by the way not eating or being vegetarian is wrong for your health if you would say but we can eat fruits and veggies instead of killing an animal. well think why are there cows or chicken or any kind of animal we eat in the nature the answer to keep us alive it is like you are saying why there are flies the answer is to keep the frogs alive you might then say we can eat only plants wrong this is bad for your health. and the thing is if killing the animals may let you feel sad so dob't feel sad because they are gonna die soon or later.

  • NovaAge
    NovaAge   1 days ago

    because there is a burger emojithis comment was made by Reddit gang

  • Ben B123
    Ben B123   1 days ago

    Not gonna lie I kinda want steak now

  • lexal888
    lexal888   1 days ago

    Why does this video not want to admit that going Vegan is a good Thing!!!!??????? EaTing Meet is BaD !!!

  • Phillip M
    Phillip M   1 days ago

    Well at least he was fair & balanced when it came to eating meat. I still love my chicken its soo delicious

  • Islem Omri
    Islem Omri   2 days ago


  • Γ–mer Kenan UΓ§maklΔ±oğlu

    For Turkey most of things are wrong. Big farms are nothing like that. I am not working or getting benefits from this endustry but I have to say truth. Maybe meat production is not that profitable but acting animals is not like that. Maybe for American endustry... If you dont believe me you can come and see :) Btw thanks for all of these contents.

  • Sā LΔ«m
    Sā LΔ«m   2 days ago

    am i the only one who start to think to be a vegan?

  • Bhavika Sicka
    Bhavika Sicka   2 days ago

    Speciesism is the past. Veganism is the future. Our future generations will look upon animal oppression and slavery with horror, shame, and revulsion. :)🌱

  • ifan
    ifan   3 days ago

    Answer: cannibalism + Can solver world hungers+ can Solve over population

  • Michael Stockdall
    Michael Stockdall   3 days ago

    I can't say about the beef but that is not how chickens are treated in the farms at all. You can't tell if a chicken is male or female without cutting it open until they're about 6 weeks old, so at 6 weeks old that's when we butcher them for meat. Most of them aren't even checked though and male and female both are slaughtered.

  • 101 101
    101 101   4 days ago

    You now plants have lifes so there's no point of being vegan

  • Ramazan Haliloğlu

    Everybody is not buying meat from markets. Only market meats are coming from facture.

  • zorohibiki
    zorohibiki   4 days ago

    as much as i hate chickens thanks to zeldathis was really an overkill

  • Asiltan Altunsuyu
    Asiltan Altunsuyu   4 days ago

    Biz mΓΌslΓΌmanΔ±z MΓΌslΓΌman domuz eti yenmez ama senin etin yenir

    THE ULTIMATE JEFFRY   4 days ago

    I mean this is one hell of a good kill to death ratio. Go Humanity! Keep stabing your foot!

  • victor duarte
    victor duarte   5 days ago

    People react to cruelty in different ways. I get completely shocked when he said in the video they cut the chicken's beaks and claws, but it appears most people get shocked at the infants getting killed within minutes thing.

  • trooll baba
    trooll baba   5 days ago

    NasΔ± kurban kescez Problem dana???

  • BlueLeaf
    BlueLeaf   6 days ago

    Guys, lets play Spot The Vegan

  • Joaquin Perpetua
    Joaquin Perpetua   1 weeks ago

    If peta thought that the tiger king was bad I eat meat every single day

  • Mr Meseeks
    Mr Meseeks   1 weeks ago

    Ok wtf the end: for now enjoy your steak and respect it! NO it’s so fucked up that we eat animals. It inhumain , it’s environmentally fucked and crazy unhealthy. Don’t be weak America. Salads are satiating

  • Roku Rankin
    Roku Rankin   1 weeks ago

    I can't believe how much male baby chickens are killed every year

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon   1 weeks ago

    I got a veggie meat b4 this started :0