How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

  • Published on: 16 September 2018
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    Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?

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    How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY
  • Runtime : 9:58
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  • Miles McClure
    Miles McClure   3 hours ago

    Most significant breakthrough of mankind: space sex

  • Sourabh Gupta
    Sourabh Gupta   6 hours ago

    Indians are first to discover ice and water on moon not Chinese 🙂.

  • Michaela Krams
    Michaela Krams   14 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt a think you should be our next president

  • Pedro Ivo G.S.
    Pedro Ivo G.S.   18 hours ago

    It would be sad to a lunar native never being able to be on Earth because of gravity diferences.

  • Andrew Weishan
    Andrew Weishan   1 days ago

    What is interesting is people know the answer to planetary colonization. The answer is why send human when we can send robots and AI instead.We are not designed for space travel. However you could MUCH more realistically create a robot colony on the moon and Mars. They would be the ones who pioneer the colonies. And maybe occasionally we can visit. But really our bodies are limited to this planet.

  • Hayley Hunter
    Hayley Hunter   1 days ago

    We should at all costs stand against the mining of our moon! Tiny amounts for analysis, okay. But, let's focus on fixing our social issues on Earth before we colonize the moon. And the idea of exporting resources back to Earth makes me sick. The moon is a precious global treasure. Why can't humans just leave things alone? Why do we feel like we are entitled to everything? A moon base to set off to Mars, sure. But why do we need to colonize it? So much of our money needs to be spent on improving conditions on Earth, and the idea that their won't be battles for territory on the moon between nations if we haven't learned how to stop fighting on Earth is silly.

  • Zadkiel Vazquez Castro

    Imagine nation military conflict on the moon, one explosion wave and off the moon you go lmao

  • #LOL_ memer
    #LOL_ memer   1 days ago

    Why does nobody see this??? Its the beginning of an modern empire in the galixy we should have more planets to live till we have an empire not from locony's but from planets!!!!

  • Dan Baxter
    Dan Baxter   1 days ago

    Me:hey you didn’t show the dark side of the moon

  • JimmyXP
    JimmyXP   1 days ago

    Would we still get mail? Like what I order something off Amazon?

  • DownloadMe
    DownloadMe   2 days ago

    The real question is if we want to go far beyond the solar system where do we get all the oxygen from, even when Apollo 11 to be able to get to the moon was a struggle and oxygen was one of the problems.for the sake of replies these comments am making does not mean i dislike kurzgesagt i really like there channel and might spend 2 hours watching videos i have already watched but the reason why i m asking these specific question's is because I would love to be an astronaut but If i do and get on a mission like this how am i supposed to come back?

  • Odst Inbound
    Odst Inbound   2 days ago

    USA with their 720 billion dollar army budget: space exploration? Nah.

  • vinek12
    vinek12   2 days ago

    just had to make the first moon baby interracial didn't you.

  • Roff
    Roff   2 days ago

    Every country's a gangsta, until Moonians declared independence because earth is taxing them too hard...

  • sylvarthewolf _
    sylvarthewolf _   2 days ago

    And you thought that getting your kid clothes was expensive.Try buying him a new spacesuit every 9 months.

  • HumourusLAV
    HumourusLAV   2 days ago

    If the moon is also going to get divided into territories then just let it be!!! We should not go to the moon if that's the case

  • Ben Stead
    Ben Stead   2 days ago

    Could they have 2 moon bases on opposite sides of the moon and a wire connecting them for power?

  • Is It Really?
    Is It Really?   2 days ago

    bruh why can't we just focus on inhabiting other planets i wanna live on mars so bad I don't wanna die on earth 😭 if i die here i at least want my corpse to be thrown in space

  • Is It Really?
    Is It Really?   2 days ago

    then there will be planetists who will look down on people who live on earth

  • AndyBot88
    AndyBot88   2 days ago

    their going to build a moon outpost in 2024. The astronauts are going to launch in Artemis III then. Artemis I is launching later this year.

  • Iwan Purnawan
    Iwan Purnawan   2 days ago

    At 6:06 that's exactly how you build mine in terragenesis, but more than one at the same time.

  • Bazooka Level
    Bazooka Level   3 days ago

    I don't understand why people wants to make a Mars base not a moon base.

  • Hugo Platek
    Hugo Platek   4 days ago

    It's so incredible seeing predict exactly what is now happening with Artemis mission (phase2)

  • Reeceeboy2410
    Reeceeboy2410   4 days ago

    Wait, so because the moon has virtually no atmosphere, we can't pollute it?

  • Reeceeboy2410
    Reeceeboy2410   4 days ago

    If someone destroyed the American flag on the moon, the US will have a mission planned in 5 seconds 🤣

  • Jakab Kovács
    Jakab Kovács   4 days ago

    People would grow taller, and more differently Than Earth humans.

  • Zethical YT
    Zethical YT   4 days ago

    US Goverment:$20b-$40b to do a thing that will advance humanity to a possibly II civilization? No!!!US Goverment:There is Peace! Spend $2T every year to the army!!!

  • Tin Shing Lee
    Tin Shing Lee   5 days ago

    Phase 4: planetcistemergence of MMM to capture and kill earthlings.. i feel offensive just writing this. sorry

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un   5 days ago

    I would like to move to the moon, but not grow up on it. If you grow up on the moon, you never get to see the ocean, the sky, the mountains, just the wilderness, to me that is probably my worst fear. We take earth for granted, clambering to get to other planets, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t but....I just couldn’t grow up on another planet.

  • M G
    M G   5 days ago

    playboys : play hard to get to girls for sex. girls : 2:40