Killing Wither - Minecraft Bedrock (hard difficulty)

  • Published on: 15 September 2019
  • I don't really play on bedrock, but decided to do the achievement rush save file after watching series. Im like 90% done as of now.

    The wither fight differs a lot on bedrock from the one on java edition, wither has different patterns, more attacks and the "wither" status effect lasts a lot longer which makes the battle way harder.
  • Runtime : 6:2
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  • AdamCarminGamer093
    AdamCarminGamer093   3 hours ago

    Wither on Java edition:Help I’m fallen and I can’t get up!!Wither in Bedrock Edition: oh you’re approaching me

  • oscar cool12345
    oscar cool12345   1 days ago

    if the wither was like that in java edition almost all of the dream smp would gotten blown up instead of only l'manberg

  • Mattia Cisternino
    Mattia Cisternino   2 days ago

    Man the first time i fought a wither i died a lot because i forgot the buckets of milk and the totem of undying. I did a new world and, this time, I'll be more careful and i will enchant all the things without going in a hurry

  • Ana Luiza
    Ana Luiza   3 days ago

    Damn i just beat the ender dragon so i was sure i was ready to take on the whiterThankfully i looked up a bit before spawning it...Time to grind a bit and look for somewhere further away to spawn it, i wonder if on the mushroom island would be good...? I have one 1,5k blocks away from home

  • james the famous
    james the famous   3 days ago

    last week me and my friend went on to tackle the wither. We summoned him at the end of a strip mine we mined deep inside a ravine located next to our house. What we brought extra was A SINGLE milk bucket and tons of potions for each one of us... we killed the wither after i respawned about 20 times and my friend 15 times and the avrage fps dropped to 5 at thend of the fight plus the wither literally made a DIY cave out of the rear end of the ravine

  • Derpy Dino
    Derpy Dino   3 days ago

    DO NOT DO THIS UNDERGROUND!If your on hard modeI almost died with max everything and 10 milk buckets

  • Hardik Sharma
    Hardik Sharma   5 days ago

    I thought thaat it will help me but it's not !! Because it's mobile is so powerful that his game is not lagging but my mobile has 2 gb ram so it makes it difficult to kill it.

  • Elijah Lee
    Elijah Lee   5 days ago

    I fought this wither in the end and didn't use any milk, plus with netherite prot 4 and thorns, sharp 5 sword, power 4 bow and some regeration potionsTo all those who havent beat the wither, for tip: its a straight pain to him

  • OG Waffle Face
    OG Waffle Face   5 days ago

    Whenever I summon the wither it just flys super high so I can’t hit it even underground and spams skulls on me. When I finally get close to it then it dashes away and rinse and repeat.

  • human
    human   6 days ago

    virgin java wither vs chad bedrock wither

    ALILABURGER BURGER   6 days ago

    Wither on bedrock edition: I destroyed a whole biome, killed 7 players, and ate 17 of my children today.Wither on java edition: Help i cant aim how do you get out of this caveeeeeee

    ZAID MADRANGI   1 weeks ago

    You are playing i think pocket edition or java edition because the wither crase and that mean you are playing Pocket edition or java edition

  • Aski
    Aski   1 weeks ago

    I think that bedrock's wither is the worst (IM NOT TELLING IT IS THE WEAKEST) cuz it trasforms a normal boss fight in a running simulator ruining the conbat experience... Fortunately, there is Java where the wither is way more balanced. Remember, he also has a good sword, and is clearely showed how in this fight he needs to run near him every single hit! (Also the bow is a good bow, look at the enchants!)Edit: Sorry if I missed some word but im italian and I dont know english very well...

  • UEG Sarge
    UEG Sarge   1 weeks ago

    It is such a shame, I fought the wither with fully enchanted Netherite Gear; sword and an incredible bow too may I add (With some of the best enchantments in the game by the way) and died nearly one minute into the fight. I then respawned at my bed to then be pulverized within a matter of a few seconds of me spawning. I then spawn several hundred blocks away from where I spawned The Wither. In a state of rage, I deleted my world as I was not willing to go through yet another 6-8 hours gathering more diamonds, getting emeralds for mending books and other enchantments, wasting lapis and leather and paper to get more overpowered books, all for me to even attempt to fight the damn thing again. It needs to be nerfed. Immediately.

  • kurtis vollert
    kurtis vollert   1 weeks ago

    it hits like a truck lol every hit you have no hearts left

  • Pegghy Magno
    Pegghy Magno   2 weeks ago

    me, from ps4, not being able to kill it because when he starts breaking blocks it drops to like 2 fps and you can’t even touch him :(

  • Dawid Kosiek
    Dawid Kosiek   2 weeks ago

    bro that fight would be so much easier if you didnt have knockback on your sword

  • Vin Danielle
    Vin Danielle   2 weeks ago

    Great job. I love it. I wish I could do that in mobile

  • Vincent Kind
    Vincent Kind   2 weeks ago

    Who less going their butt kick fighting this thing

    ROCKYHOOKS33   2 weeks ago

    I went from Ps4 to bedrock so I tried to fight the wither remembering it wasn’t that hard and then I got slapped and lost all my netherite armor and tools lol

  • Korhu Draak
    Korhu Draak   2 weeks ago

    Someone mentioned how much worse the Lmanburg war would’ve been if it was Bedrock withers and I had to look it up...just damn

  • Gavin Poillucci
    Gavin Poillucci   2 weeks ago

    You could’ve just did the underground at bedrock trick

  • Vincent Naranjo
    Vincent Naranjo   2 weeks ago

    My best way to cheese the wither is fly with your elytra and and time your hits to the wither and a easy way to dodge the skulls in hard difficulty

  • BioedwinMX
    BioedwinMX   2 weeks ago

    This video si really helpful, thanks!!

  • AuraReader
    AuraReader   2 weeks ago

    You came in really well equipped and it was STILL this hard. I love Java but this is a huge improvement.

  • Mac Guy3135
    Mac Guy3135   2 weeks ago

    Java wither: explodes once, spawns no mobs, takes forever to break blocks, makes the sky slightly darker, can be defeated by getting it stuck in a hole. Bedrock wither: has double the health, explodes 3 times, spawns skeletons, breaks blocks extremely fast with no cool down, makes it practically night.