• Published on: 19 January 2016
  • We tweeted you guys asking for 'Would You Rather' questions that you'd like to see us answer/do. Hope yours got answered:)... things got gross af.

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  • Runtime : 7:38
  • extreme would you rather Dolan Twins Twins Brothers WYR Ethan Dolan Grayson Dolan


  • Timothees
    Timothees   2 days ago

    Who else is having a Dolan twin marathon (it’s 2020)

  • Zoe Mok
    Zoe Mok   4 days ago


  • Isis Black
    Isis Black   5 days ago

    its 2020. im having a marathon. i am crying. 💕

  • ItsWisdom
    ItsWisdom   5 days ago

    ethan is such a drama queen AAAH

  • Crystal Rollins
    Crystal Rollins   6 days ago

    Grayson always goes through and eats everything but Ethan always Spits it out 😂

  • Dace productions2
    Dace productions2   1 weeks ago

    Who else is watching this during quarantine I literally lay in bed all day watching their videos and listen to music I'm 14 btw

  • Mimi Rivard
    Mimi Rivard   1 weeks ago

    eth and gray eats stick of butter: gray: i LiKe tHiS

  • Aubrey Tillison
    Aubrey Tillison   1 weeks ago

    Grayson eating butter: mmm this is actually good10 seconds later Grayson puking because of butter Me: yeah uh huh it’s good😂😂 in sarcasm

  • Sitora Sattorova
    Sitora Sattorova   2 weeks ago

    They are literally choosing the worse once 8-), well not all but most.....

  • Brooklyn Kidd
    Brooklyn Kidd   2 weeks ago

    Bro that nose picking part had me laughing so hard but I was next to a sleeping baby...

  • Psychotic Straw
    Psychotic Straw   3 weeks ago

    Am I really the only one who noticed the grape was a cherry tomato...

  • Lucy Marie
    Lucy Marie   3 weeks ago

    No one’s talking about Graysons shirt 💀💀 Btw it’s 2020... THEY WERE 16 IN THISSS

  • Reese Thomas
    Reese Thomas   3 weeks ago

    3:01 OMG THE CUTEST ETHAN LAUGH EVRRRRR!🥺🥺🥺 made me curl in a ball!!😂

  • Vanessa Matsyk
    Vanessa Matsyk   4 weeks ago

    Grayson looks like a psychopath with that face while eating the butter 😂

  • Silas Fulford
    Silas Fulford   1 months ago

    Talking about Twitter with a instagram shirt

  • Jody Faure
    Jody Faure   1 months ago

    3:14 the way Ethan is holding the phone 😹😹😭😭💔

  • MusicGirl5
    MusicGirl5   1 months ago

    Why is gray so funny in this???!

  • MusicGirl5
    MusicGirl5   1 months ago

    0:26-0:30Thank me later 😂😂

  • Poppy Graham
    Poppy Graham   1 months ago

    their white blood cells were QUAKING in this video

  • Zymaria Hill
    Zymaria Hill   1 months ago

    Its 2020 and I'm having a Dolan Twins marathon❤😂

  • Eva Kelly
    Eva Kelly   1 months ago

    Who else is having a Dolan twins marathon in 2020 during quarantine??👇

  • Magdalene Viers
    Magdalene Viers   1 months ago

    Anyone gonna mention how at the end ethen says well that was extreme truth or dare when there playing would you rather😂

  • Ramona Sweetie
    Ramona Sweetie   1 months ago

    7:00 did anyone else hear Ethan say extreme truth or dare?

  • Juliana Linker
    Juliana Linker   1 months ago

    how did gray literally just eat the egg in one gulp HAHA

  • Alyssa Waltz
    Alyssa Waltz   1 months ago

    I love that they can’t live without each other its so cute🥺🥰❣️

  • Cordelia Harsh
    Cordelia Harsh   1 months ago

    Grayson: "can u actually scratch my back"Ethan: (pokez him)Me: "OH GRAYSON YES I WILL SCRATCH YIUR BACK"