• Published on: 28 June 2020
  • You asked for it so here it is. Thank you all so much for watching!
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    Artist who made this possible:
    My God Tier Animator: Nathan Wheeler aka Fantishow

    Amazing Additional Animation: Sean Glaze

    My Amazing Background artist: Davecavedraws

    My Beautiful Sound Engineer: Justin Greger

    The Muse that help me with my music: Samuel Long

    The Outstanding Special Effects Artist: Molly Wright
  • Runtime : 3:22
  • Meatcanyon Jawbreaker Jawbreaker 2 Meatcanyon Jawbreaker perfection 25 cents


  • MeatCanyon
    MeatCanyon   1 weeks ago

    I hope you all enjoyed this being snuck into the million sub thank you video. I’m not to big on making sequels, but I thought this would be fun to make for such an occasion. Thank you all for the support and I look forward to making more videos for ya! Hugs and kisses. -papa meat

  • Maria McCombs
    Maria McCombs   1 hours ago

    I didn't get the titel at first until I watched the second jawbreaker and now I get it because he breaks the jaw

  • A2Z kJ
    A2Z kJ   1 hours ago

    I just hope you make more videos ➿

  • the g king
    the g king   1 hours ago

    Bro they been stealing jaws brugh dont tell me when you watch this you get chills i turned on the spooky scary skeleton song

  • DeanOfGameStudies
    DeanOfGameStudies   2 hours ago

    Well thanks for leading me here Appsro, I'm sure this won't come screaming to forefront from dark recesses of my subconcious next time stoned.

  • Aiden Rhoads
    Aiden Rhoads   2 hours ago

    "Existence is behind you now. Enjoy the silence" Has to be one of my favorite quotes of all time

  • Timothy Cason
    Timothy Cason   3 hours ago

    Considering how great the first one was, you did a really well job making a follow up to it. Awesome surrealistic, suspenseful horror for sure!

  • BeWise
    BeWise   3 hours ago

    Jawbreaker 3 please

  • Vexcels
    Vexcels   3 hours ago

    Mcdonald should add the jawbreaker to the menu

  • UltimaWeapon
    UltimaWeapon   4 hours ago

    I want Danny Antonucci to react to this so badly

  • Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

    Why hasn’t Meat Canyon done a Fairly Odd Parents episode where Timmy orders the fairies to tie up the baby sitter and do some shit to her 😂😂😂

  • oh it's you
    oh it's you   5 hours ago

    I wanna see them contact eldritch Garfield

  • Onij Jokuma
    Onij Jokuma   5 hours ago

    Thank you MeatCanyon... The cult has a new follower.

  • Jay T. Pax
    Jay T. Pax   6 hours ago

    Retribution is not only their Truth, but their "God," a glimpse at whom was their sincere promise. In their view, he appears to those who have wronged them in the form of the wrongdoer's own threefold atonement: First, the "vibrant" payment of fear. Second, the intensely brilliant pain of a gruesome death. And third in the peaceful but enforced silence of oblivion. These things are the spiritual form of their god, their "Retribution." But to his faithful, to the outcasts who take up his gospel of vengeance, he can become incarnate in a form made with the remains of the tormenters once the mission is complete: In this case, the giant, macabre Jawbreaker, their "God" made flesh in the form of something they have spent their lives craving, that they may take communion. In their eyes, this is also not a bad fate for those whose flesh is taken in payment, but is their very redemption: They get to "give" of themselves to form the very body of "God," and--after a moment of intense fear and pain--get to stare upon his disembodied form, the pure essence of Retribution, in the form of their being murdered for their wrongs and consigned to silent oblivion for all eternity.It's terrifying; it's twisted; but as a fictional cult from a parody, it's also oddly deep and fascinating in its insanity.I know, I know, this is a lot of thought for a cartoon parody, but "overthinking" stuff like this and treating it seriously is part of the fun for me. I had commented this before, but can't find it, so I must have deleted it. So if you recognize this but remember it having more likes already, you're not imagining it.

  • yrhe
    yrhe   6 hours ago

    I just want my cigarette

  • Francis Wyatt
    Francis Wyatt   6 hours ago

    Ed: truth belongs to those who seek itMe:*singing Lady Gaga 1 million reasons*

  • Nicholas Buhk
    Nicholas Buhk   7 hours ago

    I love the "Midsommar" cultist music at the end. It's perfect.

  • Pioxys
    Pioxys   7 hours ago

    I.... I've witness the truth....And I still don't even know what it is!

  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez   7 hours ago

    Can you show us what happened to Johnny

    SCTOP   8 hours ago

    meatcanyon is so messed up lol

  • paladineXD
    paladineXD   8 hours ago

    Man i miss cartoon network they had the best cartoons

  • fresh L
    fresh L   9 hours ago

    I know what to do i just don't know if i have the strength to do it.