#1: Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2020

  • Published on: 30 July 2020
  • The Top 100 Players of 2020 counts down the top players in the NFL as determined solely by the players themselves. This year, NFL Films collected 970 ballots and interviewed 132 players.

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  • Runtime : 7:13
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  • Matt Hanf
    Matt Hanf   51 minuts ago

    Pffftttt....Russell > Lamar

  • bestvideosever !
    bestvideosever !   1 hours ago

    I really think derrick henry should be number one this year because like a running back made that team go one game away from the superbowl like thats unheard of

  • Taylor Tummons
    Taylor Tummons   2 hours ago

    There is no one in this league better than Pat Mahomes, and it's not even close. Congrats Lamar, but I do remember Pat kicking your ass by 3 TDs in week 3

  • shush2000
    shush2000   3 hours ago

    So happy to see 2 excellent and humble players, 100% class acts, ranked as numbers 1&2 this year.

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas   4 hours ago

    Dunlap Didn't get a chance to touch him at all on that play🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Poofeee
    Poofeee   4 hours ago

    After our last Super Bowl win, it was tough seeing my Ravens without Ray doing the squirrel dance and then seeing Flacco go from one of the best playoff season QB performances to an upset. My love for my Ravens is never going anywhere and Lamar and the boys had me in tears, especially after that 49ers game. So proud man!

  • Retired Captain Luck
    Retired Captain Luck   7 hours ago

    I still think he deserved it over Mahomes because it's based on regular season and Lamar's was historic.

  • zezuriken
    zezuriken   9 hours ago

    4:41 dude hit the NFL with the euro step

  • Aaron Schmitz
    Aaron Schmitz   11 hours ago

    Lamar is really great but still a Lil worse than pat mahomes

  • Mark Abello
    Mark Abello   12 hours ago

    Is it just me, or did AP/AD look kinda sickly lookin'? I hope it's just simple weight loss and him trying to get fitter at his old age.

  • some dude
    some dude   18 hours ago

    I like Lamar but he needs to develop as a pocket passer or he will be the next Cam Newton. Remember when Cam was ranked #1 for 2016 rankings

  • Jeesae Kim
    Jeesae Kim   20 hours ago

    Whatever the rankings may be, I like these videos because it's nice to see the players praise one another.

  • zan zy
    zan zy   22 hours ago

    Baker mayfield disliked this video

  • Lady Mindkoff
    Lady Mindkoff   23 hours ago

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  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss   1 days ago

    Lamar was definitely MVP...but the best player in football is Patrick Mahomes.

  • Kuddy 233
    Kuddy 233   1 days ago

    Kenny galloday leads the league in receiving TDS I believe... But he's not on the list?

  • Mazing
    Mazing   1 days ago

    Had a good season but his 2 Ls in the playoffs don't look too good for him right now. He's the definition of a choker once the playoff starts.

  • Joon Park
    Joon Park   1 days ago

    It was miserable to see Lamar demolish every ACC teams back in his college years. Demolishing all NFL players now

  • Matt Keller
    Matt Keller   1 days ago

    Sorry but taking this from Mahomes again is absurd and we all know it.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G   1 days ago

    I hope NBA would have something like this

  • Border Hopper52
    Border Hopper52   1 days ago

    I only watched these to see the stat man 😔 day ruined

  • Jon C
    Jon C   1 days ago

    Y’all didn’t want a black quarterback

  • Bertin Tsmiba
    Bertin Tsmiba   1 days ago

    U disserve that trophy Lamer😉😉😃😃😃

  • David Roseman
    David Roseman   1 days ago

    Great young player but ranked ahead of Mahomes???

  • Jeff Harmse
    Jeff Harmse   1 days ago

    I think NFL messed up on the plauqe? It should say #1 runningback if im not mistaken?

  • Skippy McDingle
    Skippy McDingle   1 days ago

    I’m just confused how Russell Wilson was number 2 and Patrick Mahomes was number 4. LIKE HOW? PAT WON A SUPERBOWL