Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart, IKEA, Building, Riddles)

  • Published on: 12 February 2020
  • This is the Drunk vs. Stoned Challenge. Watch to see who wins!
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    Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart, IKEA, Building, Riddles)
  • Runtime : 16:59
  • laugh challenge try not to laugh guess that in one you're doing it wrong can people guess do they know it people vs food react reaction fbe react channel Mario Kart Tongue Twister Sobriety Test Mario Yoshi Toad Batman Flip Cup Try not to try not to challenge try not to funny Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart IKEA


    REACT   5 months ago

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  • emily warr
    emily warr   1 days ago

    bruh i cant even speak drunk omg lmao congrats to them

  • Peter Sartorius
    Peter Sartorius   1 weeks ago

    I didn't go to college so I'm not good at drinking liquids. 😂

  • kevs vids
    kevs vids   1 weeks ago

    me:YAaaaa a drunk man was stoner vs!Reality: Reality is often dissapointing

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye   2 weeks ago

    Michelle clutched holy crap lol

  • mankin 888
    mankin 888   1 months ago

    "I didn't go to college it didn't count"😭😭😭😭😭

  • Adrian Chazz
    Adrian Chazz   1 months ago

    "We are going into the final round and it's 2-2"Stoners: I'm starting to come down, can I take another hit, please?

  • TheSimonliton
    TheSimonliton   1 months ago

    The guy whith the red hat is the cop in the video if they can spot the stoner

  • Playa 23
    Playa 23   1 months ago

    I think FBE needed cabinets and made them do it as a goof lmao

  • LakseR.
    LakseR.   1 months ago

    That is the lady version of will ferrel

  • AkiraGaming2K
    AkiraGaming2K   1 months ago

    dont even know how they do this when high or drunk.... when high or drunk i just lay on bed.... 🤣😴

  • Mihai Colceriu-Nicola
    Mihai Colceriu-Nicola   1 months ago

    damn! i couldnt figure out those riddles being sober even. well...im dumb :))))))

  • Rodolfo Lara Valdés
    Rodolfo Lara Valdés   1 months ago

    If they are heavy drinkers and heavy smokers, you can't really see the difference between intoxicated and sober.And also, weed effects are not predictable at all. You can smoke a joint and just space out for an hour or two, or you can smoke a joint and get shit done. Mindset it's a more important factor than even the sativa/indica dichotomy; That's why they are focused instead of falling asleep in the bathroom, just like you the other day after two puffs.

  • Elber Galarga
    Elber Galarga   2 months ago

    Some challanges were not fair because it was 3 guys vs a guy and 2 girls.. ohh wait. Lol jk

  • Oliver Maliu
    Oliver Maliu   2 months ago

    THE LAST SECONDS LMAO!‘Because of the drunkenness and .. the people!‘Ok that’s a bit rude’ — cut

  • Oliver Maliu
    Oliver Maliu   2 months ago


  • Oliver Maliu
    Oliver Maliu   2 months ago

    High five! 5sec no response high fives 😂😂😂😂

  • Samarjeet Mokashi
    Samarjeet Mokashi   2 months ago

    12:55 that look was just like I'm gonna destroy this womens whole career😂 and she did 14:30

  • Aliza Cruz
    Aliza Cruz   2 months ago

    “Say riddle me this please” LMAO 😂

  • KC Stoned
    KC Stoned   2 months ago

    Aye if had a chance to be on here I'd be stoned every episode for the challenges I be smiling and munchin sum wings

  • upset
    upset   2 months ago

    That asian is so bad omg

  • AnneLien1987
    AnneLien1987   2 months ago

    I prefer being stoned over being drunk 🙏

  • Christine Alice
    Christine Alice   3 months ago

    man im so stoned right now and this video gave me so much anxiety

  • Emharsh
    Emharsh   3 months ago

    I love that stoned girl💖💖

  • Paddie
    Paddie   3 months ago

    I kept thinking there should be an off camera break to keep them f’d up.

  • MM 07
    MM 07   3 months ago

    Remember when this used to be a family friendly channel

  • Ruby Castaneda
    Ruby Castaneda   3 months ago

    “ l didn’t go to college so I can’t drink water “

  • 64imma
    64imma   3 months ago

    7:00 that's more of a tongue twister