Film Theory: Willy Wonka RIGGED the Golden Tickets!

  • Published on: 30 July 2020
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    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a gem in the history of movies. It stands out not just for the acting and the main story, but all of the things you can find hiding beneath the surface. It is a surprisingly ominous movie and the character of Willy Wonka is at the center of the horror. We've talked about Wonka using the Golden Tickets to pass off his OSHA violations onto the winner, but what if that was not the only trick he's trying to pull? What else is Willy Wonka up to? Watch to find out!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy  
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
  • Runtime : 19:1
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  • Angel Elorza
    Angel Elorza   7 minuts ago

    Theory pitch what is a ghoul from Tokyo ghoul

  • Sprote R.
    Sprote R.   7 minuts ago

    Something to add: Wonka could have also tracked the tickets with some tracking device or something. It's not likely at all, but we see Wonka with super advanced technology in his factory so it might not be too farfetched.

  • Vithar 00
    Vithar 00   21 minuts ago

    What are the odds that he only made this cause he didn't want the effort put into that intro to go to wasteEither way I still love the vids

  • mincraft man
    mincraft man   24 minuts ago

    I want to know how did grem foxy get his Hart and who mead dread bear

  • ShinyKitty
    ShinyKitty   29 minuts ago

    theory pitch for film theory: what are the odds that the blip didn't effect any of the shows/series in the mcu but do effect the movies

  • Newdoge
    Newdoge   29 minuts ago

    Mat pat should be nicknamed the dream crusher

  • Toko_crazy 1234
    Toko_crazy 1234   30 minuts ago

    Theory pitch is it possible for James and the gaint peach and all of the bugs to survive the trip to New York on the peach

  • Sina Meyer
    Sina Meyer   34 minuts ago

    I know this is weired but have you made a theory about the scene at the end end of spiderman far from home, where nick fury and his assistant gets revealed to be scrolls

  • Jarek Wrzosek
    Jarek Wrzosek   35 minuts ago

    I have a Theory Idea for game lore question, the most infamous mystery surrounding The Elder Scrolls series: What Happened to Dwemers? Mat Pat, if you managed to tackle FNAF, I DARE you to touch this one!

  • jjs-x-art
    jjs-x-art   40 minuts ago

    You should do a danganronpa theory to get my mind of junko killing my favourite character

  • The final boss
    The final boss   48 minuts ago

    I cant tell if wily Wonka videos should be on film theory or food theory please tell me

  • Not Koala
    Not Koala   55 minuts ago

    I would like to see film theory do pulp fiction and find out what is in that briefcase 💼

  • EmCat
    EmCat   58 minuts ago

    Hold up, has anybody noticed that if Mat pat comes out with a fourth theory channel it will most likely be the last he creates?

  • James Cordaway
    James Cordaway   58 minuts ago

    Possible film theory, how does money work for the animals in Zootopia? Do smaller animals pay less or the same amount as bigger animals since there's less material needed, are rodents rich?

  • Bermiag Phroitrr
    Bermiag Phroitrr   1 hours ago

    Hey MatPat. "British for no reason" is because Dahl was English and in the Book, so was Charlie, and he only got one bar a year.

  • ThatPersonThere
    ThatPersonThere   1 hours ago

    May I ask why you didn't include Tasmania with Australia at 14:56

  • Itsyaboi Tavino
    Itsyaboi Tavino   1 hours ago

    The reason the Soviet’s didn’t get coke is because they preferred Pepsi, considering they gave them a navy in exchange for Pepsi

  • Helena Batista
    Helena Batista   1 hours ago

    Hey film Theory can you make your own channels train Theory

  • robert ayoub
    robert ayoub   1 hours ago

    stop reminding about food theory 😑😑😑😑🚫

  • Logan Csapos
    Logan Csapos   1 hours ago

    theory idea: who is faster? Dash from the incredibles, sonic, or the flash???

  • Landon Sumpter
    Landon Sumpter   1 hours ago

    Hey I got a theory mat pat,the force from starwars is a lie based on your theory on how the force works,if Luke uses the force on the Death Star based on how you think the force works then the force doesn’t exist in starwars

    GENERAL GRIEVOUS   1 hours ago

    Heres a theory idea: how many dinosaurs got of isla nublar in jw fallen kingdom

  • Oh look, a youtube account.

    Hello! So um, I know this isn't related but. Have you seen Mr.Beat's "Hardest to solve riddle" thing? I believe it was just posted yesterday, so it's pretty new. Here's the link if your interested, the winner gets 100,000 dollars ^^ ->

  • Myles Schutte
    Myles Schutte   1 hours ago

    Wasn't there only a limited amount of golden tickets made? If so it was all determined by where the company shipped those golden tickets.

  • Judith Warner
    Judith Warner   1 hours ago

    Movie was set between 1964 the book and the movie was made Munich Germany in 1970. So tech you were right about the Germany part and I don't think the story was base In us but in geremy but was promoted in us as well.

  • Idris Hayward
    Idris Hayward   1 hours ago

    This is bugging my OCD its pronounced NY-YA not Neeya

  • Mike Lewis
    Mike Lewis   2 hours ago

    Game, theory which newest console is the best

  • Ryan Mangum
    Ryan Mangum   2 hours ago

    For a bigger twist, the children were pre-selected thanks to their families and how they could put their own twist based upon Wonka's chocolates. Augustis - Germany, a prominent family named by his mother and near the chocolate capital of the world, Veruca- England heiress to a peanut empire that would have access to production value, Violet - America midwest that understands business and selling a product, Mike - America southwest understands tv; marketing/promotion and Charlie - America northeast, grows up poor and understands affordability and cost for production. All can bring child-like wonder to how they would produce Wonka's chocolate.

  • charlie bishop
    charlie bishop   2 hours ago

    Please do one on the ability of Granpa Joe to get out of that bed and actually move around...

  • Seedless Watermelon
    Seedless Watermelon   2 hours ago

    I’ve just been binging all your channels including odd1sout all day 🤣 I’m so bored

  • Amazing Games
    Amazing Games   2 hours ago

    Didn't he choose each person before hand and then hire the candy shop owners to give those kids the candy bars with the tickets in them? That's what I heard anyway

  • Rift Fish General
    Rift Fish General   2 hours ago

    Ok another wonka theory dont know if you have not done this but how are all golden ticket holders kids would there not be like a teen or young adult or higher?

  • Anthony Johnstone
    Anthony Johnstone   2 hours ago