The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation (Full Episode S1|E8)

  • Published on: 30 June 2021
  • According to some skeptics, American astronauts never really landed on the moon; even worse, they claim that a handful of people in close contact with extraterrestrials have infiltrated our governments. This episode examines the foundation of this great cosmic conspiracy.

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    This investigative series takes a definitive, scientific look at the search for unidentified flying objects, documenting UFO stories that have been debunked and bringing viewers up-to-date on the state of the most famous UFO investigations, many of which still remain unresolved and unexplained to this day.

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  • Runtime : 46:33
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  • Khalifa Pyramids
    Khalifa Pyramids   19 hours ago


    DANTHETUBEMAN   2 days ago

    You have never forced the government to reveal anything they do not want you to know.

  • Emzy Willrich
    Emzy Willrich   2 days ago

    I think Bob Lazar has addressed these issues in his book, Dreamland. Did Socrates or Aristotle have any degrees? There are actually people smart enough to teach themselves. Are we what other people call us or what we call ourselves? in light of the recent but limited disclosures of the United States Government on Alien Spacecrafts, I think Bob Lazar has been vindicated.

  • Nix420stuntd
    Nix420stuntd   2 days ago

    GOD'S Angels CAN materialize into physical bodies to do GOD'S will. That being said, fallen angels can do the same. Hence ufos, sasquatch, etc. Obviously they can materialize spiritual beings also.(ghosts).The fallen ones do it to DECEIVE humanity.-If ufos are real, then HEAVEN and hell probably don't exist. Maybe they(aliens) created us.-If ghosts are real, then HEAVEN and hell can't exist, because people's spirits/ghosts are still here.-if sasquatch is real, maybe it is the "missing link" to prove EVOLUTION.Paranormal/supernatural beings almost always try to DISPROVE GOD AND THE BIBLE one way or another.This is by design. To deceive people and get them into HELL for eternity.GOD BLESS

  • tiedye hobo
    tiedye hobo   3 days ago

    Tesla gave us wi-fi 80 years before they gave it to us. Tesla also had other patterned technologies they have and are not giving it to us. Like anti gravity and , time travel, etc. Tesla got informational just like Einstein. These visitors in the sky might be us or something we made.There is two energy sources in the universe. Good and evil.God is good, He created everything. And sent Jesus His son to die for us and rose from the dead on the third day. Did you know these so called aliens fear Jesus?

  • Jeff Welch
    Jeff Welch   5 days ago

    The government has everyone thinking lazar is lying, but it he???

  • James Parker
    James Parker   6 days ago

    “By the White House already purchasing 65 million pediatric doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and the CDC putting out guidelines ahead of FDA authorization — let alone, a recommendation by its own Advisory Committee on Immunization and Practices — these actors are revealing the whole vaccine regulatory process to be a complete sham,” said Mary Holland, president of Children’s Health Defense in an email to The Defender. “There could be no better way to undermine public confidence than to make it clear that this is politics, not science.”

  • Marian Keller
    Marian Keller   6 days ago

    I have witnessed two sightings when I was a teenager in the 1960's..I lived north of Malstrom Airforce base in a missle silos 1964 my brothers and I were returning home about 11:30 pm on a clear moonlight night ..halfway home the car engine shut we coasted to a stop..a shadow came over the car blotting out the moonlight and it became really dark..I looked up through the windshield but couldn't make out what was above us..we watched about 30-40 minutes before it moved off across a field to the north...minutes later a low flying jet under radar went over us chasing after the object...suddenly the car came back on and we pulled back on the road and drove was a frightening experience... about one year later my friend and I were on the way home on the same was about midnight and I was we came to a long hill a car sped past at high speed in the opposite direction. I began to go up the hill and a huge white light came down hill straight at us..I asked my friend if she saw it and that's the last thing I remember until 5 hours later when we woke up in her driveway facing east as the sun came up..neither of us knew how we got there...had I driven there we'd have been facing west and we'd have gone inside..

  • Julian Pulido
    Julian Pulido   6 days ago

    This whole show seems like disinformation watching it in 2021 with all the ufo news out 😂😂😂😂😂 feds In the comment section wya?

  • Robyn Macedo
    Robyn Macedo   1 weeks ago

    This is govt disinformation. It is trying to discredit the knowledge that UFOs exist and that they are regularly witnessed. This film tries to tell us that the information and evidence and the whistleblowers who come forward are fake. This film is a disgrace.

  • Mimi Soto
    Mimi Soto   1 weeks ago

    Wow they must really want us to think this was and is mass historia how funny is that? Well , I think that it must be really something to hide. To make everyone think there is no truth to any of this. The sad part is that most are what you called complacent, and are the majority, so officials still have a hands up! Ignorance is bliss 😂😅😂😅Wait!whats in the dark will come to light. Go sho! Most leaders don't even have a clue! There concerned with money. There ignorant too.

  • Sir Pimp
    Sir Pimp   1 weeks ago

    This video is 🗑 filled with wild speculations and assumptions.

  • matabeleman
    matabeleman   1 weeks ago

    a ufologist means a person who believes in ufo' do not have any other qualifications other then that.hahahahahahahahah

  • Aaron Fisher
    Aaron Fisher   1 weeks ago

    Something that big couldn't be covered up that long....Plausible deniability discredits this perspective, its not that its covered up, its not, but its denied.

  • Aaron Fisher
    Aaron Fisher   1 weeks ago

    You should rename this interview with a shit flicker

  • Aaron Fisher
    Aaron Fisher   1 weeks ago

    If you compare what this guy says about when he talked to people in the ufo community, qnd testimonies of witnesses. He's a complete fraud.

  • Times Face in Energy
    Times Face in Energy   1 weeks ago

    Tesla information hidden. death is the illusion rest is real.Anti-gravity Free energy coronavirus cure climate change fix Pest Control Waste Control clean air clean water and much much more the name of our God and how the universe is made all found compilation style in the search for that elusive incredible number 3

  • Carla George
    Carla George   1 weeks ago

    I do not like this because it does make Bob Lazar look like a lier and it was found he is not. He was found credible and the evidence is element 115.

  • Claus Bohm
    Claus Bohm   1 weeks ago

    This show made an error in regards to Bob Lazar, do better research guys, you blew it on that one. One example of BS is Phil Schneider. I do not trust in anything he said. In his case I knew him and have tried to tell people including Mufon that he was a fraud.

  • rahul sharma
    rahul sharma   2 weeks ago

    There wouldnt ever b enough evidenc for people who just ask questions nd dont belive in anythng,if camera quality will b low thy will ask,y in this age nd time qualty of video is so low?? And if its good quality hd video,,thn thy will say,how come u were present there exactly on tht time,nd tht too with hd camera,,its too good to b true...these types people only ask questions nd dont want to belive in anythng,,thy will ask there parents also,am i ur child ?? evn aftr seeing dna report.

  • Mike Solomon
    Mike Solomon   2 weeks ago

    The only thing I know for sure is that UFO,s are real! I had my first sighting in 2014 and day light to boot! With a witness too.

  • Daniel Priest
    Daniel Priest   2 weeks ago

    The way this program tried to dismiss Bob Lazar as a fraud is just disgusting. It was proved that Lazar had the qualifications he claimed and that the government were basically attempting to erase him from existence. Fuck this show.

  • Jim brady
    Jim brady   2 weeks ago

    Bet the french dude is kicking himself now the US military has released footage and declared they have an organisation looking at UFO's. McDonalds are hiring lol

  • richard colton
    richard colton   2 weeks ago

    arthur c clarke said it's terrifying if we are either alone or not alone--rubbish, if we're alone it's cool, if we're not alone it's even cooler, certainly not terrifying

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy   2 weeks ago

    25:00 what the hell are they talking about most ufologists don't believe in MJ-12? The majority absolutely do. There is an absurd amount of corroborating documentation. Come to think of it, why do we have people from a foreign country who apparently don't even speak English discussing documents they can't even read, first hand?And why is all the video of Dolan and every other recognizable figure from over 20 years ago?This whole series is a joke.

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy   2 weeks ago

    23:10 yes, cleaners go through highly classified areas of a military base all the time... oh wait, no they don't... that's ridiculous.

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy   2 weeks ago

    It really is annoying how much stuff this show gets wrong... and not of opinion, of documented fact. I have no vested interest in one opinion or another, my only allegiance is to the truth.

  • k4vud
    k4vud   2 weeks ago

    US govt hired pro assassins to do away with UFO lecturers. Now, with UFOs on TV, those guys gotta get other employment.

  • k4vud
    k4vud   2 weeks ago

    Oppi hired Lazar due to he experimented with a home made jet Toyoto.

  • k4vud
    k4vud   2 weeks ago

    if Neil saw aliens on Moon, i gotta believe

  • D3vils_lair
    D3vils_lair   3 weeks ago

    Hmm,FBI CIA MIB about a new government group. LIE

  • Joe Wills
    Joe Wills   3 weeks ago

    Lazar seems more credible than J Biden.....And he's President!