Elusive: Bigfoot Abroad (FULL MOVIE)

  • Published on: 09 July 2021
  • The Bigfoot creature is well known in North America, but reports of 8 foot tall unknown primates abound in the forests of the UK and are reported weekly.

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  • Runtime : 1:41:46
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  • Tom McQueeney
    Tom McQueeney   6 hours ago

    Big foot in general I'm skeptical. But in Britain?

  • Tom McQueeney
    Tom McQueeney   6 hours ago

    Big foot? Maybe a hairy old Scottish highlander!!!

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis   2 days ago

    The real pressing question is how can they survive with all these viruses going around without the globalists vaccinating them against it tsk tsk tsk. Can they at least fabricate some rustic masks from fibers or deer pelts or something so they can protect themselves.I also wonder how the natives managed for tens of thousands of years and they were stronger and healthier than we are today...oh wait...what?

  • Insearchuvu
    Insearchuvu   3 days ago

    THIS IS NOT A MOVIE ... IT IS A DOCUMENTARY !!!Why not call it what it is ?!?!?!

  • Dale Slover
    Dale Slover   3 days ago

    June 6 1979 18:45.... just finished 4 years in the Army, went gold panning, sleeping in a tent, trying to get back to where I was in 1975... You couldn't pay me $100,000 to do that night over again... I fully understand that woman at the beginning of this documentary...

  • Terri Stanley
    Terri Stanley   4 days ago

    Debra’s pain is a result of decades of govt. lies. I’ve gotten past my experience. I was in my 20’s and I was terrified too. It still haunts me, but I’ve been able to keep going on with my life. The screaming vibrated my rib cage, the ground vibrated when it took off and started running towards me. I know “it” was simply trying to get me to leave the area. If it was an actual threat, I wouldn’t stand a chance. Poor Debra, she needs to reclaim her life. There is life after a Sasquatch sighting.

  • NRG Ltwrkr
    NRG Ltwrkr   6 days ago

    This was so well-done! Just amazing. Very respectful of all positions on the subject, and maintained an open-minded approach to each perspective. I cried at the end for the lovely woman who overcame her decades-long fear of the woods and got back out there, and said that now, she would reach out her hand. So beautiful!

  • TerminusHostilia
    TerminusHostilia   1 weeks ago

    They're so perceptive they can sense trail cams and somehow know to avoid them.And they definitely use the national power grid as highways. As a kid, I'd use the power line trails when hunting so I had my fair share of peaceful encounters.

  • Alien rob Being
    Alien rob Being   1 weeks ago

    Say I bleather, McPherson the law lord, I was on his land, this big foff hairy bear man in a gillies suit with red eyes and 7ft tall and yes I was on a ghost hunt so you will all believe me now, no Dunkeld Forrest where the rally driving was and the wild Cats, yes up there, would anyone join me in a treck without drugs or drink wee do have a big Fellas institute no Bigfoot in Scotland's back wilderness.

  • Analyticalli Astute
    Analyticalli Astute   1 weeks ago

    I think the people who go missing and never found again are eaten by these criptids, offered as a special treat by whoever already know they exist and keeping them hidden and at bay with people flesh which tastes like is said like pork. Our focus is always redirected yo every and all things to keep us ignorant of what is going on around us. Sorry, but your group is very devious and evil, although you are trying to find out what we are dealing with. I mean your group killed millions of people, to run the world and subjugate those thought to be imbeciles. People, animal species went extinct. Now we have people being trafficked. Never to see them again. Where are their bodies after they have been used up? Used as a special treat to satiate the hunger of these cryptids. I think logically! I pull no punches.

  • Vortex Spinner
    Vortex Spinner   1 weeks ago

    Concerning the cryptids movements. What did the narrator state during the Legend of boggy creek documentary? "The first thing we worked out, he always follows the creeks." Referring to the creature. They seem to follow energy channels, water, lay lines etc. Maybe they are supernatural. Earth,air, fire and water, being elements they use to manifest into our reality/dimension.

  • Justin Jahn
    Justin Jahn   1 weeks ago

    everything in Britain has this sort of tended look to it compared to the very wild North American wilderness.

  • Vortex Spinner
    Vortex Spinner   1 weeks ago

    Thank you for uploading this. Very well appreciated. 👍👍👍 I'm rather surprised that google/ YouTube are not telling me that I'm too young to watch it, or they need my credit card details to rectify the terrible problem. Evil opportunistic BA***RDS!

  • Michael Carron
    Michael Carron   1 weeks ago

    They will make a single tree sway , but you mite not see the cause of it. This was 30 feet away from me. An they will snap a stick close to your camp to say, we are watching you human. That is my reasoning of what that ment. "Mind Speak", you will question yourself, and think, I didn't think that."It said "Turn around", thats all. The next thing I noticed was a turtle in the middle of the railroad tracks? Was it a gift? I had just spent 21 days in the bush camping, enjoying that time, it seemed a spiritual feeling. By the way, I lost 20 lbs on this trip.

  • Shaun New Bedford
    Shaun New Bedford   1 weeks ago

    I thought this was great up till those BIGFOOT "foot prints" that were 9 inches and looked like the old crazy guy who camps took his boot off nd did those prints rel quick .......Id check the soles of his feet....... Bet there dirty.......😜😜🐒

  • patrick Pirelli
    patrick Pirelli   1 weeks ago

    Well we will still camo at the side brave heart car park in the woods with no fear of a cave man you nutters 🤪🤪🤪

  • patrick Pirelli
    patrick Pirelli   1 weeks ago

    I've just done 5 month around Scotland in my camper and spent a long time at the side of loch Ness in dores, Steve a chap who believes in the loch Ness monster as been there 30 year. Now look please grow up your not putting enough water with your whisky. Tut tut

  • Michael Schultz
    Michael Schultz   1 weeks ago

    Why is it, "evil what man can do..."? Yet when a lion or chimp eats another animal alive it's all crickets...chirp...chirp...chirp, or it's the way of the natural world? See the hypocrisy?

  • Myles Holyoak
    Myles Holyoak   2 weeks ago

    At the end, there is no way that was just wind swaying that tree. If it was a strong enough wind to make that tree move all the way down to the base, there would be more movement from other tree's. Absolutely no way that was wind. I don't know why these guys still try to convince themselves that was a natural movement. And especially with that figure there.

  • Jess Tumeke
    Jess Tumeke   2 weeks ago

    Excellent value thanks for putting this out there

  • SuperKasper333
    SuperKasper333   2 weeks ago

    I have had so many weird experiences- and sometimes other ppl were with me, so I am not a crazy person. I saw a bigfoot when I was younger- heard noises at night near my barn, the motion sensor light went on- and so I went out to check my animals- and there it was. Walked right by me, could not care less, barely acknowledged me, right under the spotlight, so no mistake... I never felt threatened. I am more threatened by humans.And yes, I had electromagnetic issues, so that makes sense. Never thought of it that way.

  • Ems LionHeart
    Ems LionHeart   2 weeks ago

    I watched doc about found hair samples being tested…it showed that when hairs were under low lights, they took on almost a greenish/gray hue. Was a remarkable thing to behold. And it makes a lot more sense as to how they can hide so well. They are chameleon like.

  • longi625
    longi625   2 weeks ago

    You won't find much in Cannock Chase or anywhere else in the UK. Every square inch of the UK has been explored. Up until recently I walked my dog out at all times of the day or night all over the UK. I've never seen or heard any sounds that would resemble a bigfoot sound. No tree knocks grunts or growls. I have seen a lot of deer though.

  • Nick Nolte
    Nick Nolte   2 weeks ago

    Ive been hunting in the woods for 32 years in Washington State, I have killed 15 bears lots of elk but I have never seen a cougar in the wild!! Never seen bear bones, hardly find deer and elk shed antlers or bones. Bones get eatin up and weathered real quick, even the mice chew the bones! I have had 2 experiences that could have been a Bigfoot! TONS of country out there for TONS of Bigfoots to live!

  • Jenny Callaghan
    Jenny Callaghan   2 weeks ago

    Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Sabe, Yeti are all over the world.

  • Aran McGinnis
    Aran McGinnis   3 weeks ago

    Northwest Ohio...late eighties (88/89). A friend and I were returning back to my parents home (having walked for over an hour to a small city...) traveling down a remote stretch of railroad. This was at the time a very wooded area. To our left the tops of the trees began to violently shake (large trees...not saplings or underbrush) while the right was silent. We both noticed a rank oder which was like rotting vegetation. I was accustomed to being in the woods alone at night...my friend wasn't. I explained that it was just the wind being "funneled" down the tracks. I half heartedly believed that. As we continued we realized that this was not happening behind us nor ahead of us...it was moving with us. Once again; I was not a stranger of being in the woods at night and more often than not alone, not easily shaken...my friend became obviously shaken to the point of panic. And yet once again I attempted to rationalize; along our walk we passed a local point of legend, an old abandoned railroad stockyard so I reasoned that some homeless individuals were following us in an attempt to keep us from ever again traversing this stretch of railroad. This unexplainable occurrence continued for sometime until pinecones and large rocks began to rain down. We quickened our pace but it continued alongside. Oddly enough, these rocks and pinecones did not seem to be directed at us but rather all around us. My friend broke ranks and ran. I didn't. I had a small caliber pistol on me (no bullets though) and stood my ground. At the time I was still trying to rationalize so I became aggressive and yelled into the woods. I waited...in return the woods were deathly silent. Nothing. I continued to walk and would occasionally hear noises on my left but without incident. I eventually met my friend who was standing at a crossroad waiting for me. We then agreed to walk the road rather than return to the tracks. I swear to you every word is true. I look back and still am confounded. I continue to frequent the woods of Northwest Ohio...often alone and in the dark. I do not claim to understand what I and my friend experienced that night but it is an experience and memory that will not be forgotten. I have thought about what this could have been. I still as of yet have not experienced anything like it and continue to wonder. Please don't think that I'm looking for attention but simply wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar. If you happen to live in the area (or not) and have any idea as to what my friend and I experienced that night I would greatly appreciate your input. I can absolutely provide the locations of this occurrence. I apologize for the edit but if you've taken the time to read this thank you.

  • Daniel Heffernan
    Daniel Heffernan   3 weeks ago

    I wouldn't call the English Channel 'a great expanse of ocean water'

  • Darin Meehan
    Darin Meehan   3 weeks ago

    are you sure one or more hasn't been captured. No not conspiracy blah, blah, if your sure just remember for how many years ufo's were denied. doesn't matter if you think they are out there or not, one thing that can't be denied is that you can't trust governments that have been caught in lies for decades.

  • Tony Padilla-yeti zone your not alone

    From the Hoodlums in the Hood to the Bigfoots in the Woods,Obsessed and Possessed by Manitou Champ of the Yetis, through his eye's I can see that he has left his Mark on me, Hooked like no other, it's like Manitous my Brother, Yeti Zone your not alone, like a camera I use negatives for my Quest of Bigfoot, all you Bigfoot Whisper Wannabes ain't got nothing on me, I have no doubt I can call the Russian Killer out, Qualified Certified Yetified, 100Percent, Challenge anyone and Yeti, I'm a Bigfoot Rebel because they took me to the next level, the Best not like the Rest, I can find any Bigfoots nest, Tested and Accepted when others run I stay for fun, not out for the Kill in it for the Thrill, can't be Frightened because I've been Enlightened, Absorbed, Tagged, Checked, Read till the day I'm Dead

  • Niamh Ryan
    Niamh Ryan   4 weeks ago

    Brilliant. I love this topic. These beings are highly intelligent. They are masters of their own environment. When they want to be seen they will let you know and if they dont want you to see them they will do that too. The lady is on the ball about us eating the right food and drinking clean water. If you encounter anything with red eyes you would faír well to get away as fast as possible. Anything with red eyes you may