If Horror Movies Weren't Scary!

  • Published on: 26 October 2014
  • These are the versions of Horror Movies that go on in my head while I'm watching them..

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  • Runtime : 9:13
  • if horror movies weren't scary horror movies nigahiga ryan higa higatv


  • R. MAPS
    R. MAPS   6 hours ago

    dear ryan how is sean these days?

  • Evan Fishman
    Evan Fishman   12 hours ago

    There, corona now you really have 7 days.

  • Kenn Roger V
    Kenn Roger V   1 days ago

    It's better than all the parody movies I've watched. 😂

  • bomb guy
    bomb guy   2 days ago

    Remember the part now u really have Ebola it's in the the easily butthurt people that I watched before this video

  • Zenaxia
    Zenaxia   2 days ago

    he watches and overanalyzes horror movies like i do with his videos and his amazing edits lol.

  • So what I was saying

    It's been 4 years since I had last seen this video and till now I can't watch horror movies seriously .

  • BruhSean
    BruhSean   4 days ago

    Ngl like all of the Horror movies only the sound was scary

  • I like things
    I like things   4 days ago

    6:49 “I couldn’t take my eyes off her because they were never on her”😂

  • Mantas Stočkūnas
    Mantas Stočkūnas   5 days ago

    Wait wha i just noticed that your name says ni**a higa. And i've been subbed to you for 2 years

  • Obaid Al Heloo
    Obaid Al Heloo   5 days ago

    3:46 after all these years, nobody is gonna ask why he carries a syringe in his pocket that has ebola in it. 😂😂

  • Elias Gutierrez
    Elias Gutierrez   6 days ago

    Is just me or rayan looks like dk from fast and furious 3

  • owl gamer
    owl gamer   1 weeks ago

    Stay safe and read a bible everyday god is coming

    BLAZE LEGEND   1 weeks ago

    Can anyone tell me all the movie name from this video

  • Nithika S.K
    Nithika S.K   1 weeks ago

    Why has this masterpiece been recommended by YouTube after 6 years 😂

  • Kolateral Ninja X Gaming

    8:58 best part ever i laughed so hard the Gasping Watch this clip and see if you agree if the beat was cool

  • Mary Zingkhai
    Mary Zingkhai   1 weeks ago

    If I could make a horror story it would be A dog chased me

    MAXIMUM EFFORT   1 weeks ago


  • demon fox kit
    demon fox kit   2 weeks ago

    What the fuck!?!! Why is this so funny?!!!!!!!! XD