A Journey to our Closest Galaxies

  • Published on: 27 June 2021
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    Today I invite you on a tour around our closest galaxies. But before reaching those, we will stop at the dwarf planet Makemake and the trans-Neptunian object Sedna, talk about the weirdest objects ever to have approached our Earth, venture to the most horrifying exoplanets and fly by the star known as WR 102.

    0:00 Intro
    01:13 MAKEMAKE
    11:44 SEDNA
    21:24 COMETS
    42:57 WR102

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  • Runtime : 1:7:43
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  • Kosmo
    Kosmo   2 months ago

    Dear friends! Enjoy the viewing!

  • Nic Berry
    Nic Berry   1 days ago

    How can the Milky Way's black hole only be 4 million odd times the mass of the sun but holds 100 - 400 billion stars in its orbit?

  • Full Finnoy
    Full Finnoy   1 weeks ago

    Never. Ever. Skip. an add on Kosmo. Just don't!

  • Chad Cuckproducer
    Chad Cuckproducer   1 weeks ago

    Sedna isn't the goddess of sea animals. She is the goddess of the dephs of the oceans.

  • Justin Caplin
    Justin Caplin   1 weeks ago

    I love this channel and the production values are excellent

  • Travis Fowler
    Travis Fowler   2 weeks ago

    Ahh great channel but..You said the diameter of Andromeda is "slightly more than that of the milky way". The milky way is about 100k LY diameter. Andromeda is about 200k LY.

  • Dr.DownVote
    Dr.DownVote   2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who quickly starts to think of all this knowledge and information and the enlightenment and then all of a sudden, remember the flat earthers, people who believe that NASA is spending millions every year to save a secret and they're protecting the ice walls at the poles!

  • Rob Billeaud
    Rob Billeaud   2 weeks ago

    Faster than light travel is considered impossible given our current understanding of physics, but I can't help but wonder if in the distant, or perhaps not so distant, future, we'll learn something that flips our understanding of physics completely on its head and we figure out that maybe it's not only possible, but relatively easy.

  • Aussie Ozborn
    Aussie Ozborn   3 weeks ago

    Dude. C'mon. Something is "half as large", not "twice as little".....

  • davidwarner63
    davidwarner63   3 weeks ago

    I had no idea that we had this much information about these items outside of our solar system. Certainly looking forward to what the James Web telescope can tell us.

  • Elijah Aitaok
    Elijah Aitaok   3 weeks ago

    Ok, build a dyson sphere around a magnetar and have it completely sealed save for an outlet or outlets like the nozzle of a spaceship, fly to the nearest galaxy, ???, profit.

  • Elred Lenny
    Elred Lenny   3 weeks ago

    Thank you very much I Enjoy this program, Mind Boggling it is for the average Joe like me, but I just Sieance and the Universe. Keep it coming. It occurred to me while watching This Program, that once all the Water on EARTH is Evaporated, Our Host 🌟 Will Swallow Mercury, Venus, Earth and MARS, it's simple thinking, Life in the Universe, Something Feeds Off Something Else, The same Way Humans Needs Nutrition to lived and we find it in the Foods we Eat, So is the Planets and it's Host, Somehow the Waters on EARTH Feeds Our Host 🌟 and the Once in A While Comet's that Reaches Near our Host 🌟 Helps keeps it Cooled. So Messing Around The Artic and Antarctica, Deforestation of the Amazon and Africa and other parts of the World is Speeding Evaporation on the PLANET and in Do So is Shorting the Life Span on PLANET Earth. Our HOST Will Swallow the PLANET Much Sooner Than it's Expected Life Span.. Let's Learn To Lived Together, For the Sake Of The Extension of the Continuations of the Human Race. And also Take it Easy on The Expansion of Population Growth. ☮️.

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens   3 weeks ago

    This channel is one of the few I enjoy watching all of its content,well done and informative.

  • rhyan lumilay
    rhyan lumilay   3 weeks ago

    Isn't it more plausible for us to sent a permanent artificial satellites to Pluto or Eris that was equipped with high powered telescopes and many kinds of equipments for research purposes?

  • Norm Baker
    Norm Baker   3 weeks ago

    The only problem with these non visual exterior planetary is false occurrences. They Looked for a supposed known planetary's on another star system and it wasn't there. People think that all these planets are seen visually. They are not. They just look for dimming or at a shifting spectrogram.

  • AlteringRealitystudios

    That Omuamuo it reminds me of the marker from dead space. Glad it kept on moving on. Lol

  • 재원
    재원   1 months ago

    43:03 is that Frostpunk I hear

  • Self Savior
    Self Savior   1 months ago

    I love this documentary. I am fascinated by the universe and the stars out beyond our planet. The documentary is very intricate in its explanation and animations and information presented. It is kinda wild but the documentaries narration sounded like one big word problem and I enjoyed keeping up with all that was being said.

  • Rodger Murphy
    Rodger Murphy   1 months ago

    We take for granted as a species the amazing knowledge we have gained about our universe and creation

  • Gloria Reynolds
    Gloria Reynolds   1 months ago

    Makemake ,dongdong..okay I can see North Korea being retarded and name one Kim Jung un

  • Roby Dee
    Roby Dee   1 months ago

    Makemake is not exoplanet like what is said at 02:30,it's part of our solar system,exo means out of our solar system i.e. around other stars.

  • Purnell Davis
    Purnell Davis   1 months ago

    He wants to put the rings around Saturn and Uranus

  • Chris Handsome
    Chris Handsome   1 months ago

    Hey, just to let you know, 2 hydrogen atoms do not make helium… it makes an atom of deuterium. 2 deuterium makes 1 helium.Just thought you might like to know!

  • Tbjbu2
    Tbjbu2   1 months ago

    bro this is great. I think if you also reupload this video as parts you'll get more views (for people that are looking for more specific things)

  • Lawrence Ladd
    Lawrence Ladd   1 months ago

    Wait you called Makemake a exoplanet buddy... uh it's trans-neptunian.

  • Yoda Goat
    Yoda Goat   1 months ago

    The womanly grape generically pray because vein anteriorly seal save a venomous hemp. nonchalant, thinkable carbon

  • Equine Emergency Rescue transport

    Evolution of the universe? This cartoon of yours explaining theory as fact is wonderful I have many stories about life and how universes and all things are magic and fun

  • Partially Engineered Humanoid

    Really should have been split up into multiple videos. I don't care what anyone else says, they can butt-lick all they want. The content isn't bad but the way it's put together is sub-optimal. If someone made a video about World War II and half of it was about the Korean War, there would be complaints. If someone made a video about dogs and the first half was about cats, there would be complaints. If you wrote a college paper and half of it wasn't about trying to prove the hypothesis, you would get 50% or a zero depending on the instructor.

  • Vesko Dimitrov
    Vesko Dimitrov   1 months ago

    MakeMake, GongGong if they find another object in outer belt they have to name it DingDong

  • David Jones
    David Jones   1 months ago

    I saw a sad fact the other day the speed at which galaxies are moving away we're never going to be able to reach them

  • kebabstik
    kebabstik   1 months ago

    Did you say 'hypothetical' in regards to the oort cloud ?So the oort cloud isn't even real ??