Which Chain Lube is Best? Let's find out! Ultimate chain lubricant showdown!

  • Published on: 17 September 2018
  • Chain lubricants tested: CRC, Purple Extreme, Schaeffer's, Used Motor Oil, Lucas, Dupont, Liquid Wrench.

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  • Runtime : 11:57
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  • Silver Strings
    Silver Strings   1 days ago

    The chainsaw test is the only one I have any sort of contention with, as it seems some of these were not at all designed for chains moving at such speeds. That said, It is a pretty informative test overall. As an alternative, a slow-ish speed test, an electric motor set at a certain speed with a sprocket at the end, tied to an idler on a bar a set distance away might have been a more controlled manner to test the sling of the oils for lower-speed applications. This could also let you dial up/down the speed by adjusting the drive motor. Just my opinion, and hopefully it can be helpful for a future test down the road. Like perhaps testing what type of replacement (or emergency) belt/ belt material is best...

  • Boots Langley
    Boots Langley   2 days ago

    Hi Project Farm,I'm really enjoying your product comparisons. Including this one, despite my favorite Chain Lube (Dupont Chain Saver) not showing all that well. I use it on my eBike/eScooters, the the chains seem to hold up well, but they aren't run in high speed conditions like a motorcycle. Instead, they are run at 15-35mph, for 6-10 mi at a time, and lubed frequently.I agree with the poster below, that I'd like to see the motorcycle chemical manufacturers. Maxima, Bel ray, Pj1, Motul etc also tested. And, against the winner CRC of this test.Thanks in advance for entertaining and informative, Real World information we all can use.BTW, I've only learned of your channel in the last few months, and I subscribed immediately. Now, I give a thumbs up before I even watch the video, knowing it's going to teach me something and I appreciate your hard work to be fair in your evaluations.Stay safe and healthy.cheersBoots LangleyLa Mesa, ca

  • Marty
    Marty   3 days ago

    Interesting test, but unfortunately it really doesn't generalize to much in the real world! The conditions under which heavy equipment, chainsaw, bicycle and motorcycle chains operate dictate different products for each specific application. None of the products in your test are good bike chain lubes... and even within bike chain lubes, different riding conditions require different lubes. Pro cyclists mechanics use petroleum based products because they are slipperier and thus cause less friction= faster. Since their chains are cleaned after every ride, the fact that petroleum based products attract dirt becomes irrelevant. I always use wax based chain lubes on my bikes do to the self cleaning nature of those products. Just my 2 cents worth..... keep up the good work!!

  • Isaak Welch
    Isaak Welch   3 days ago

    I've always used Purple Extreme on my bikes. It's good stuff, but not cheap.

  • Matthew Thain
    Matthew Thain   4 days ago

    Interested in motorcycle chain lubes. Not sure how to test but seeing these dry out and heat up had me thinking how important motorcycle chain lube is

  • K McC
    K McC   5 days ago

    Great video, as usual. My Motorcycles owner manual recommends "Shell Advance Chain" which seems to be very hard to find. Would love to see how that stacks up to these different options. It's also worth noting the difference between a dry lube like DuPont, and the others. Could the environment you are using the chain in change the type of lube that you'd recommend?

  • Mr. D.
    Mr. D.   5 days ago

    Please test chainsaw bar oils. I've read a lot of posts about some of the Stihl oil not flowing in cold weather and wrecking bars. Plase also test Husqvarna and Echo and TSC oils. Thanks!

  • ktm42080
    ktm42080   5 days ago

    Hi! If you do another showdown you could try Bel-Ray Super Clean. Available at some motorcycle shops, mostly ones involved with off road, I've had fair luck with it. Thanks.

  • fattymcgee123
    fattymcgee123   6 days ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnPYdcbcAe0Worth a watch. His chain cleaner video is also good.

  • Keith Berwanger
    Keith Berwanger   2 weeks ago

    Coming from motorcycle land, sticky gear lube. The nastiest, stinkiest, stickiest gear oil is the best stuff you can buy for chains, even Honda and BMW admit to it in the owners manual.

  • Gil Perez
    Gil Perez   2 weeks ago

    Hello, Project Farm!! Amazing vids. No one else tests with the piece of mind you do. Would like to know if you've done a motorcycle chain lube test. Couldn't find one in your channel.

  • Homefront
    Homefront   2 weeks ago

    "self cleaning" = easily flung off

  • Fish R.
    Fish R.   2 weeks ago

    Id like to see a thermal on the bar.... and more common bike shop lubes, like white lightning, ATB, r&r, triflizzle, etc..... and then, just plain old wax.... dip it in hot wax and hang to cool and dry. Install and run it! Thanx for another great vid. I use purple extreme and ATB btw...

  • Chris hotrod
    Chris hotrod   3 weeks ago

    Have you done a video on best chainsaw bar oil?

  • Joshua Gilmer
    Joshua Gilmer   3 weeks ago

    I don't know why , but I'm thinking those chains were pretty dry.

  • King Murphy
    King Murphy   4 weeks ago

    We need to see more maximal chain wax, wd-40, motul chain paste, chain gear oil, champion chain lube, Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube,PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube. I think that's it....

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones   1 months ago

    chain wax is made to dry out i use chain wax on my motorbike in UK never had one rust or have issues with them

  • RocketMagnetUK
    RocketMagnetUK   1 months ago

    I'm a mountain biker and Purple Extreme is one of the best IME for this application. You don't use it like shown in this video.. you apply to the rollers only and not the the plates (watching you apply it to the outer plates made me feel ill :) ).. wipe off any excess with a rag and allow to cure for a few hours and your good to go.The chain should be pretty dry to the touch and certainly nothing on the outer plates and you can't over wipe down your chain post application as the only place it should be is inside the rollers for a bike. For really serious conditions you can use wet lube.. but i find PE and just a good chain clean and reapply after a ride is still best.Avoid any oil that contains ceramics for bike use as they leave behind a nasty film that hardens and is a nightmare to get off and causes significant chain and cassette wear.. considering new cassettes are anywhere from £75-400+ nowadays any excess oil gets on your cassette and captures dirt which = wear so wipe of the excess :).

  • Max Power
    Max Power   1 months ago

    I use Toyota's GL5 75/85 LT differential gear oil. Nothing better.

  • Mark Hatcher
    Mark Hatcher   1 months ago

    PJ-1 on my dirt bike. Chains and go carts back in the day 👍🏁🏁👍

  • trevor wray
    trevor wray   1 months ago

    If you do another showdown please grab some “Mac’s chain and cable lube” from Napa. That’s what we use at my work on our chain binders and whatever else that needs a deeper lube than penetrating oil

  • Brandon Waller
    Brandon Waller   1 months ago

    If you want the best chain lube, use what professional motorcycle racing teams use. That product would most likely be Motul chain lube.

  • Barret Harms
    Barret Harms   1 months ago

    Purple extreme seems to be worth it what's the price

  • Nanu N
    Nanu N   1 months ago

    As a kid I would just use the left over oil in auto oil containers at gas station garbages.Also: I wonder how floor wax would do. It is in a paste.

  • Jesse Parkhurst
    Jesse Parkhurst   1 months ago

    There was little wear on the bearing with the crc. How would it preform in an engine?

  • Anthony Polsinelli
    Anthony Polsinelli   1 months ago

    Bel ray, wd40(both the traditional and the chain lube) 3in1 dry lube, maxima, and pj1.

  • steadyforge
    steadyforge   1 months ago

    Saw the thumbnail and just wanted to say "that's what she said" thankyou.

  • Nicholas Downs
    Nicholas Downs   1 months ago

    We personally run a bead of lubricating grease on all of our chains and they seem to be in almost perfect condition still, haven’t broken on in years (we run a 180 cow dairy farm with 300 acres of fields)