BFB 22 YTP - Who Stole My WiFi Connection?

  • Published on: 26 July 2020
  • The Newbie Alliance is the best thing to exist in the universe!
  • Runtime : 3:2


  • Four
    Four   1 days ago

    Four: x and I can just murder flower

  • Kelly DiBona
    Kelly DiBona   1 months ago

    Disney princess: status singingEvery living organisam in a 50 mile radius: 2:33

  • Jack Yang
    Jack Yang   1 months ago

    I will just take donuts diary, wait. where is it. Guys. Give it to me.

  • Fire45
    Fire45   1 months ago

    Me: I don’t like noseYounger Siblings: 2:33

  • Alexander Jessamy
    Alexander Jessamy   1 months ago

    1:28 introducing you all to the BRBRBRB! Captions: Introducing you all to the bible

  • joaomanozica
    joaomanozica   1 months ago


  • Creeperjo7
    Creeperjo7   1 months ago

    I wonder what page 1337 of donuts donut is

  • Scott Heaton
    Scott Heaton   1 months ago

    1:07 I thought four will sing big chungus

  • Justin Cordill
    Justin Cordill   1 months ago

    2:54 taco voice kinda goes to music a little bit

  • golden gamerxv
    golden gamerxv   1 months ago

    2:33 my friends without me trying to beat the game2:39 me coming back from getting the snack to help them

  • golden gamerxv
    golden gamerxv   1 months ago

    four: introducing you all to the BRBRBRBRBRBRBcaptaions: INTRODUCING YOU ALL TO THE BIBLE

  • Purrityky Famillia
    Purrityky Famillia   1 months ago

    0:43 since the diary is gone x and i can just murder Flower (Flower dies)

  • SuperPikminBros
    SuperPikminBros   1 months ago

    2:33 - 2:39 Gelatin is listening to Caramelldansen, Gelatin is a weeb confirmed

  • Dream!Sans
    Dream!Sans   2 months ago