Ranae & Matt Have Trouble Believing This Bigfoot Witness' Story | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 18 February 2021
  • While investigating in New Jersey, Matt and Ranae meet with a school teacher that claims to have seen a huge creature crossing the road.

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  • Runtime : 8:59
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  • Chance Lambert
    Chance Lambert   3 weeks ago

    Imagine a common housecat at full Sprint and takes a straight leap. That housecat could cover maybe three or even four times it's legnth including it's tail. Look at her height. If she would just lay down to width of the road, she may take up a little more than half of it. If a full grown squatch were to do the same, the width of the road would possibly be covered. If you subscribe to the idea that squatches are indeed real, then what the lady explained could very well be possible. I have a picture of a deer literally leaping over a road that size with feet to spare. A somewhat rare photo to actually get, but I did get it.

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts   1 months ago

    Regina looks like Renee but older

  • Idon'tcare
    Idon'tcare   1 months ago

    Cleary hearing a coyote hurling.. This guy "Sounds like a bunch of jungle birds!" lmao Real hunters

  • Mohan Ramnath
    Mohan Ramnath   1 months ago

    i'd believed if the show was trying to convince me bobo wasn't a hair less bigfoot

  • J.P. Holiday
    J.P. Holiday   2 months ago

    Could you guys maybe put more than 43¢ into your CGI effects budget?

  • Josh Dewitt
    Josh Dewitt   2 months ago

    Titles wrong. Ranae is skeptical but Matt isn’t.

  • Josh Dewitt
    Josh Dewitt   2 months ago

    The Bigfoot animations always look like drunk ppl

  • Margarita Varas
    Margarita Varas   3 months ago

    Q bueno hogala puedan resolver y darle una respuesta a esas personas 👍

  • jehovahuponyou
    jehovahuponyou   3 months ago


  • Jason Vasquez
    Jason Vasquez   3 months ago

    I believe in bigfoot but not in new jersey . Definitely not jersey

  • Lisa Bloom
    Lisa Bloom   4 months ago

    They find activity mostly in the swampy area.

  • Redonthehead
    Redonthehead   4 months ago

    Where's all the black folks? Black people don't hunt squatches?

  • Ally Wilke
    Ally Wilke   5 months ago

    Pretty sure you just sit around a campfire cooking food and let Bigfoot find you.

  • Javi
    Javi   6 months ago

    Kyle found the track and casted it with a monster energy drink

  • Manuel Avalos Jr
    Manuel Avalos Jr   6 months ago

    Bobo we would believe you if u weren't so high bro please do us a favor when your out with your bigfoot hunting friends please please leave your weed at home bro you guys hear wolf's and coyotes and your that dumbass that just hears them and you think right away its bigfoot dude you are really high 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣👍

  • Eghost
    Eghost   6 months ago

    these guys should go deeeeeeep in the woods no trails no civilization around for miilless and stay there for a couple nights

  • Heinrich Heine
    Heinrich Heine   6 months ago

    I love it when she says deer and the a herd of pronghorns goes across the screen.

  • Joe Dirté
    Joe Dirté   6 months ago

    Yeah... a human print... I be damned. Yeah buddy criticizing them. They Sabe are real... best wake the Heck up.... stop staging so uh ends for fake tv.. there is enough FAKES out there.. debunk urine-selfs.

  • Joe Dirté
    Joe Dirté   6 months ago

    Stage a knock and a whoooop and then criticize people and make fun of them... if they ever run into you all..... guys are in big trouble.

  • Alyssa Stanek
    Alyssa Stanek   6 months ago

    "She's going to twist it to try and de-bunk it, but we're not going to let her." You're just going to ignore a biologist? I trust Ranae over everyone else. She's the only one who seems to have any common sense.

  • Zapo
    Zapo   7 months ago

    Expedition Bigfoot team makes the Finding Bigfoot team look like amateurs. After 9 seasons of doing the same thing and expecting something different, the Finding Bigfoot team hasn't learned that their method of tromping thru the woods making a bunch of noise doesn't work. The FB team completely ignores valuable info that people gives them. The FB team like to think they know bigfoot better. The FB team are no way any kind of a bigfoot expert.

  • appa32472
    appa32472   7 months ago

    I still say that ranae with white hair..

  • italia gorino
    italia gorino   7 months ago

    We think renae is just there to make these people feel uncomfortable.

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C   7 months ago

    0:29 “listen” cricket noises 😂😂

  • KlariK420
    KlariK420   7 months ago

    When did Matt become to teams token lesbian? Thought that role was filled? 😉🤣

  • Blue eyed Bandit
    Blue eyed Bandit   7 months ago

    These people are so loud they will never find bigfoot, bigfoot finds you.

  • Main man
    Main man   7 months ago

    Why does the old lady with the glasses and white hair look exactly like Renee !! Hahahah

  • John Klindt
    John Klindt   8 months ago

    " HOW TO HUNT ", For real information, honesty, integrity and transparency.