Aliens under the Ice – Life on Rogue Planets

  • Published on: 27 December 2018
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    Out in the vast coldness of outer space, there are planets that travel alone through darkness without the boundaries of a system. Here’s how this can happen – and why these frozen deserts might secretly harbor alien life.


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  • Runtime : 8:25
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  • Krishnaa V
    Krishnaa V   15 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt forgot to mention that these creatures will not only be able to come outside, they would die if they did so. A lifeform close to the ocean floor would be thriving under so much pressure. They would explode and die if they leave their habitat not unlike deep sea creatures we see in Earth.

  • Krishnaa V
    Krishnaa V   16 hours ago

    Given planets are named after planetae which means wanderer, rogue planets would be true planets.

  • yutle gutle
    yutle gutle   1 days ago

    Really cool. Maybe there is life (under ice) in Enceladus or Europa satelites of Saturn and Jupiter ?

  • Dragon Gali
    Dragon Gali   2 days ago

    i dont get you want us to find life or not

  • hjkl loi asdf jklñ
    hjkl loi asdf jklñ   3 days ago

    Transcripción(Los planetas errantes, son planetas que viajan"tvl" solos a través"tou" del espacio)00:02Rogue planets are planets that travel through the universe alone.(En* ellos"they" habitan el vasto y obscuro"dark" espacio entre las estrellas)00:06They inhabit the dark and vast space between the stars.(Flotando"Dft" solitarios por una oscuridad eterna, no hay* luz"lg" que* caliente"war" sus superficies,)00:11Drifting alone through eternal darkness, no light warms their surfaces,(y están expuestos al frío"cld" congelante del espacio exterior"otr".)00:16and they're exposed to the freezing cold of outer space.(No conocen las estaciones, los días ni las noches, que podrían dar"gve" manifestó del paso del tiempo.)00:19They know no seasons, no days, and no nights, which could give away the passing of time.(Y aún-así"yet", los planetas errantes podrían cargar"cry" con vida extraterrestre)00:24And yet, rogue planets might carry alien life00:27. (por todos los rincones de la galaxia.)to all corners of the galaxy.00:29 (¿Cómo sería esa labor"wrk" ?)How would that work?00:31. (¿Y cómo un planeta se vuelve"bce" errante?)And how does a planet become a rogue anyway"de-todos-modos"?00:37[Music]00:44. (Hay varias"svl" cosas distintas que reciben"get" el nombre"cld" de planetas errantes.)There are several very different things that get called rogue planets.00:48. (Por ejemplo las sub -enanas"dwarfs" marrones: gigantes de gas que se forman"form" del colapso de nubes de gas,)For example, sub-brown dwarfs -- gas giants that form from collapsing gas clouds00:53. (y son las aburridas hermanas menores de las enanas marrones.)and are the boring little brothers of brown dwarfs.00:55They're a sort"algo-asi-como" of failed star,00:57. (Y, bueno, dejemos de hablar de ellas...)and we'll now stop talking about them.01:00. (Un tipo más interesante de errante, son planetas terrestres similares a la Tierra,)A far more interesting sort of rogue, are terrestrial planets, similar to Earth,01:05that got kicked out of their planetary system.01:07Young star systems are dangerous places,01:10where protoplanets are battling for the available mass,01:13

  • Meow Milev
    Meow Milev   5 days ago

    Really like the chicken animation

  • Lightning
    Lightning   6 days ago

    Um I think there is a night but is like a never ending night

    TUMORS   1 weeks ago

    I just want to see protoss

  • Cotramo is here
    Cotramo is here   1 weeks ago

    Yknow... technically speaking, we could be in the same scenario. Like the edge of the universe seems impassable for us, but some other intelligent life form got lucky and avoided having whatever restriction we have, and they contemplate the possibility of life held back not knowing how much bigger the universe truly is.

  • Daniel Fortín
    Daniel Fortín   1 weeks ago

    Someone elses see the adventure time snail? XD 4:57

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox   1 weeks ago

    This became oddly sad at the end

  • bm thel
    bm thel   1 weeks ago

    There other moons like ill tell you all of them enceladese and titan and Ganymede and europa and triton thats all of them!

  • The Intrepid
    The Intrepid   1 weeks ago

    This is an art form. Carl Sagan would have loved this channel.

  • [does my mother still love me?]

    "Most rogues will share the same depressing fate, their surface will quickly cool down to -270 degrees celsius. If they have oceans they will freeze and become as hard as bedrock, their atmospheres will sink down to the surface and eventually freeze too"My brother in the background : Well damn.

  • Adt_10 Terrarian
    Adt_10 Terrarian   1 weeks ago

    No one:Rouge planets: "I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known..."

  • Arpit Anand
    Arpit Anand   1 weeks ago

    Isn't it possible that life doesn't exist in the universe as we know it to be... ?

  • Grace Elliot
    Grace Elliot   1 weeks ago

    ...what if we’re like those Aliens and they’re so much more to the universe than we could ever imagine?

  • Wyatt Nooodles
    Wyatt Nooodles   1 weeks ago

    What if our universe has much more to it and we just don't know, like how the beings on the rogue planet don't know of the wonders outside their small world.

  • Fariz Hadi
    Fariz Hadi   2 weeks ago

    Freezing surface? Lol, luckily our planet is warming..

  • Manuel Popp
    Manuel Popp   2 weeks ago

    Wanna see those sulfide-eating aliens (or at least their symbiotic bacteria eat that stuff)? They are called Riftia pachyptila :D