Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone® - Shadow Company Trailer

  • Published on: 30 July 2020
  • A new faction enters the fray.

    Join the Shadow Company when Season Five arrives on August 5 for #ModernWarfare and #Warzone.

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  • Runtime : 51
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  • erymmp
    erymmp   5 hours ago

    Next seasons new character: Shepherd

  • Derek Jerez
    Derek Jerez   6 hours ago

    How do you get unbanned from the ps4 I want to play monden warfare so bad

  • CurtF94
    CurtF94   6 hours ago

    Game needs fixing,it lags when I play and my internets at 68mbps. Never used to at all until the update

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola   9 hours ago

    when I play as Shadow Company: "trust nobody, not even yourself!"

  • Dawow
    Dawow   19 hours ago

    Dou con gusto

  • Wesley Edwards
    Wesley Edwards   20 hours ago

    CoD: "New Update 😁"*AC Origins, AC Odyssey, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor, Ghost Recon, Resident Evil 3*... 😭

  • Datbigboi 300
    Datbigboi 300   22 hours ago

    Should have just added multiplayer the update took hella space and they only added like 3 things

  • Edward Mcnair
    Edward Mcnair   1 days ago

    Shadow company: Hey guys! We're here too!Price: Gets a rope Keep your Muppets on a short rope.Shadow company: Or what...?Makarov: Trust me, you don't want this fight....U.S./Allied Armed Forces: Time to watch our former comrades die i guess.....

  • A n d y S
    A n d y S   1 days ago

    General Shepard boutta be in COD

  • Petru-Daniel Pintilie

    It's funny that they keep showing that nuke, but everytime just a little, so much hype, wow, we've seen that nuke since season 2 or 3, they keep making hype for more publicity and youtube videos everywhere with the title: A new nuke easter egg on warzone WOW.

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm   1 days ago

    Shadow Company: arrives Ghost: “My time has come”

  • Generic Internetter
    Generic Internetter   1 days ago

    what a confused, shity mess this trailer was. trying very hard to be edgy, but it basically just jumped around saying not much at all.

  • Joel
    Joel   2 days ago

    Do not trust Shepherd

  • Tocoolforschool
    Tocoolforschool   2 days ago

    Shadow company comes to MWClassic ghost skin: My time has come

  • Twix.Riegel
    Twix.Riegel   2 days ago

    Instagram: xder_chirurg thanks🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl   2 days ago

    Since when did Shepherd cared about “danger close?”

  • Veman Jadhav
    Veman Jadhav   2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the guy in the first few seconds was Echo Charlie Hotel 2-0. The guy who has a radio chat with Nikolai and Laswell in the Season 4 teaser.

  • michael
    michael   2 days ago

    I want a Vietnam for where I play as Mac v sog that would be nuts just getting dropped in the jungle at dark setting up parimiters and being part of a squad and just blind firing from wherever we get contacted

  • JLGames
    JLGames   2 days ago

    Wait doesn't that voice sound like shepered?!

  • Edgar Molina
    Edgar Molina   2 days ago

    For a split second I thought it was suppose to he the new coixe actor for Sheppard. Their speech pattern is too much for me 😂👌

  • Axell Morren
    Axell Morren   2 days ago

    This trailer: *exists*Me after release: So anyway, I started blasting shepherd.

  • Void Locke
    Void Locke   2 days ago

    Guess we aren't getting a new map...

  • sith empire
    sith empire   2 days ago

    70% positive shadow company leader is Rorke from Ghosts

  • Leo _14
    Leo _14   2 days ago

    Will the left operator be a new operator or a new skin in minute 0:44?

  • Trevon Lang
    Trevon Lang   2 days ago

    As soon as they expand call of duty to more of a open world storyline... Best Cod ever 🤣💯