Diana: The Night She Died (Conspiracy Documentary) | Real Stories

  • Published on: 23 June 2018
  • After the death of Diana Princess of Wales, conspiracy theories filled the headlines. As so many of the conspiracy theories are absurd, many simple questions about the fatal night of August 31st have never been asked. By the end not only Princess Diana but also Dodi Al Fayed and the driver Henri Paul were dead.
    First, police blamed the paparazzi for causing the accident. They had been "buzzing round the car like flies." Then 48 hours later they blamed the driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul. He was said to be three times over the drink limit. This compelling program seeks to answer the many questions overlooked by the enquiry and to uncover what really happened the night Diana died.

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  • Runtime : 49:35
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  • Jossianne 19130
    Jossianne 19130   22 hours ago


  • christine burton
    christine burton   1 days ago

    I really hope the truth about Diana's death is revealed one day 🙏

  • Daneshwari Hammond
    Daneshwari Hammond   1 days ago

    WOW! What a miracle ! Princess of Wales was witchcraft by evil entity, but psychiatrist gave name ‘ bulmania ‘ and then no one in the UK knows how to counteract evil witchcraft done by power of spell. What more to comment on this Semite nation. Where evil entities evil practices are accounted sane. And victims are accounted in need of psychiatrist treatment? Wow! How could princess of Wales driver could be tipsy ? Such big personalities would have sane intelligent drivers also not alcoholic? But the route taken by driver was not regular route for some obvious reasons. That’s driver is responsible for the accident .

  • Soso Soso
    Soso Soso   1 days ago

    I Don't why her boys didn't take revenge from that big ears they father... royal family the killed her ...

  • Michael Hurrell
    Michael Hurrell   2 days ago

    I wonder if prince Harry has seen this and William If they have something is very wrong Instead of watching Opra why not really publicly put this out on national tv Then having said that most people know the Royals did this I wonder if there be as big of turn out when the Queen dies I hope not

  • Julie Sims
    Julie Sims   2 days ago

    She was right about her getting killed and she knew who was going to cause her death and now she haunts charles at his home and he sees her all the time and he will pay for that night

  • Lucia Fernandez
    Lucia Fernandez   2 days ago

    According to William, his mother was paranoic and with good reason, now we know most of her actions where driven by lies concocted by BBC journalists. If she only had been more discreet in her relationship with Doddi. What ws the point of posing kissing and hugging the man for the paparazzi? If she only had stayed in the hotel. If she only had gone down to the Ritz garage. If she only had order the driver to slow down. If she only had worn a sit belt. Who needs secret services when the woman is making one stupid decision after the other?

  • suzi crossley
    suzi crossley   3 days ago

    I don’t think I can face the Queen after what she did here with her wimpy son

  • Chic Chew
    Chic Chew   3 days ago

    The car was stolen prior and bugged obviously

  • Chic Chew
    Chic Chew   3 days ago

    Scotland Yard stopped all investigations into the world's biggest pedo ring even with 17,000 witnesses and victims because the people accused where so influential it might affect community safety

  • Dr. Sarcasm
    Dr. Sarcasm   4 days ago

    Who is here because of the recent movie Spencer?

  • Marilyn B
    Marilyn B   5 days ago

    I was born a year after this and I'm so angry..I can't imagine how people felt who actually loved and followed her. This was pure evil planned out by evil people.

  • Teruaewa Rangitaawa
    Teruaewa Rangitaawa   6 days ago

    On the death of our prince's Diana I would go for the French police the judge also have a autopsy of there body n the court blaming the paparazzi THE father of Diana's friend dodi alphaide (what ever) name should n do every thing about both death

  • debra mortazavi
    debra mortazavi   6 days ago

    Charles and the queen are the murderers. Princess Diana blood is in their hands. They will pay that's for sure they have to stand in front of God in judgement someday. Diana had a good heart and was loved dearly. The queen and Charles not so much. The royal family is evil. I'm so glad Harry has escaped. Looks like there's no hope for William who is as heartless like his father

  • James OConnor
    James OConnor   6 days ago

    Comment by Carmencita: Enough of Diana already; let her rest in peace.

  • Baylee Nicole
    Baylee Nicole   6 days ago

    If the dead could talk. Imagine the stories they'd tell.

  • Roni Marie
    Roni Marie   6 days ago

    Unfortunately the Royal family is literally above the law

  • Багира
    Багира   1 weeks ago

    I still can't imagine a crash in the one-way tunnel. Plus Diana and her boyfriend were sitting behind the driver. In this case, an accident is just impossible unless someone intentionally took the wrong way moving toward them. Then it looks like a planned murder.

  • Shilpa Shioulochun
    Shilpa Shioulochun   1 weeks ago

    Karma here ok what happen all we know but why killed them they are human beings and why why why let them ok with their life why kill them I'm not satisfied with your country attitudes n your rule n regulations

  • Julianna Ciano
    Julianna Ciano   1 weeks ago

    They murdered her in cold blood and everyone turns a blind eye and just accepts that it was an "accident". That's the real tragedy there. I dont doubt for a minute that this haunts Harry knowing full well that his family murdered her. I guarantee it haunts him. He is older now and knows how they operate and would be well aware of what happened.

  • Thomas Baye
    Thomas Baye   1 weeks ago

    they said she died in crash? but doctors at the hospital said they were treating her alive that she died at hospital .

  • Thomas Baye
    Thomas Baye   1 weeks ago

    they never will admit to killing her but they did because they could not control her ...

  • Matt Wyatt
    Matt Wyatt   1 weeks ago

    Eventually this will come out the reason it cannot be revealed is because the Royal family can take a royal injunction out which means nothing can be disclosed until after something like 75 years. One day the truth will come out that’s for sure!

  • mora1703
    mora1703   1 weeks ago

    Quisiera oírlo en español

  • JimL
    JimL   1 weeks ago

    Funny how Henri Paul’s blood tests have ALL disappeared. So no DNA test can be done. The person who took those tests is well known corn coverups.

  • Charlie chaplin
    Charlie chaplin   1 weeks ago

    The great powers always fearful of people of good thoughts good deeds ..., Princes Diana's good thoughts and right attitude towards existence would greatly shape and influence her Sons , 'with this in-mind, Princes Diana's Sons inevitably find their place in the circle of power..., 'Leadership, influence by good thoughts is dangers . Good thoughts attract danger in the great games of power .My good thought, 'Lady D (Princes)

  • Russell Pomery
    Russell Pomery   1 weeks ago

    Sick of hearing about royals, rich parasites. Proves money buys favours.

  • C Ryan Mac
    C Ryan Mac   1 weeks ago

    Unfortunately it was too much fame that led her to death. I am sad but thats the reason i guess