• Published on: 12 January 2020
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    idk why i did this


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  • Runtime : 10:4
  • emma chamberlain emma chambie vlog dying my hair colored hair fail


  • Declan W Murphy
    Declan W Murphy   7 hours ago

    Who's here from 2020 just looking back before corona?

  • patty ahmed-dal
    patty ahmed-dal   3 days ago

    Not a lot of people even knew the meaning of bored until now..... 2020 anyone

  • Josh Moxey
    Josh Moxey   3 days ago

    what did I just watch LMFAOthat anti climax though

  • zeno 999
    zeno 999   1 weeks ago

    dude i was looking through all of her medias just to see her doing this but i did not found anything about it but after letting my mind to understand that she did not film a video but after 2 months i found the video so mad but so happy 😂😂😭😭😭❌

  • Brooke Ada
    Brooke Ada   1 weeks ago

    if youre a real fan then you would want to watch "emma" not "emma dyeing her hair"

  • Leslie Gonzalez
    Leslie Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    i learned a lesson about adulting, know when to stop, so thanks 🥳

  • Lola Garcia
    Lola Garcia   2 weeks ago

    Emma tried she’s such a good human stop getting pissed the title said “FAIL” god

  • Dima Rafik
    Dima Rafik   2 weeks ago

    Hol up so I watched all of this for u to bac out?

  • ندى محمود
    ندى محمود   2 weeks ago

    Everyone: stop hating Me: where are the hate comment👁👄👁

  • Olivia Peters
    Olivia Peters   2 weeks ago

    pov: you're here from her other video trying to find the hate comments

  • Gabi Guimaraes
    Gabi Guimaraes   3 weeks ago

    "don't smile because it's over cry because it happened" THAT MADE ME DIEEEEEEE

  • Kalylah Warren
    Kalylah Warren   3 weeks ago

    when i saw the end like omggggggggggomgomgmggmoooooooom

  • Aluard Ghirmai
    Aluard Ghirmai   3 weeks ago

    Your here for Emma not for something else God so glad I found her during quarantine

  • ell watkins
    ell watkins   1 months ago

    Emma deserves the love and fame she gets.

  • Tejas Singh
    Tejas Singh   1 months ago

    I wonder why this vid got so many dislikes. It was literally funny that she changed her mind the last moment and didn't end up dyeing.

  • Teresa Dunn
    Teresa Dunn   1 months ago

    life lessons, you can always withdraw consent

  • Kathr!ne700
    Kathr!ne700   1 months ago

    why is everyone hating on this video? Personally I thought it was a really fun video and even though she didn't die her hair I still enjoyed it. And I feel really bad for Emma because with all the hate from last year when she got more hate from this video she probably was feeling really down and not in a good state kudos to Emma for coping with it.

  • Ember Reeves
    Ember Reeves   1 months ago

    I love you Emma, you are my favorite youtuber and every video you make has me peeing my Pants of laughter. I have watched every single one. Your a big inspiration. Ily😊

  • Angeliki Kyriacou
    Angeliki Kyriacou   1 months ago

    im watching this 4 months later and its not even that bad so why yall mad lol

  • Casey Williamson
    Casey Williamson   1 months ago

    Emma I’m so sorry people are so cruel you are so entertaining no matter what you are doing keep doing you hunny you are great. Please keep being you! Xxx

  • Shreya Sakpal
    Shreya Sakpal   1 months ago

    I subscribed from every fuckin phone in my house that’s how serious I am about you !

  • Sophia Bishop
    Sophia Bishop   1 months ago

    omg why is no one talking about her top, remember when in the beginning of her channel she would wear it all the time! so proud of how far she has come! ily emma! ( the tie dye one)

  • Nil Deniz Coban
    Nil Deniz Coban   1 months ago

    To everyone saying that there are no hate comments, when I first watched the video everyone was saying how this video was trash and that the video (someone actually commented this) “wasted 10 minutes off of everyone’s lives”. I found it absurd especially considering a) it was a genuine video, b) it said fail in the title and c) if you are that time-conscious, then you should get off youtube. Thank you for listening to my rant.

  • Nil Deniz Coban
    Nil Deniz Coban   1 months ago

    The only reason that this was her “worst video ever” was because 2020 wanted a little fOreShAdOwInG

  • Emily Rae
    Emily Rae   1 months ago

    I still see no issue with this video. I love it!

  • Matty Deisley
    Matty Deisley   1 months ago

    I can’t tell if she has depression or if she just says this shit

  • life with hannah
    life with hannah   1 months ago

    I hate when people say no going back now like you can literally rinse it out right then and you can GO BACK.

  • randomzfk
    randomzfk   1 months ago

    Emma Chaimberlains new favorite word:Fucking🥰