F.R.I.E.N.D.S Bloopers Part Two

  • Published on: 17 July 2012
  • Runtime : 15:51
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  • Linda B
    Linda B   5 days ago

    Omg ,,,,,, still so funny ..... if only this would come back now ...... I love these guys....

  • josoverthehill
    josoverthehill   1 months ago

    Thank God for blooper reels; I LOVE Lisa Kudrow's laugh. One of the best.

  • neha dyas
    neha dyas   2 months ago

    9:29 . . Joey takes the excess food from Ross's plate . . Just being himself even off screen 👏😅

  • Gabriel Riveros
    Gabriel Riveros   2 months ago

    This video is the one with the most view on YouTube, Friends related.

  • Ella Beardmore-Gray
    Ella Beardmore-Gray   3 months ago

    anyone else here after Jennifer and Courteney said they watched the bloopers?

  • Latriece Williams
    Latriece Williams   3 months ago

    Thanks my own line that's true in my name see what I can do public and care to hee haw get it great they all was are

  • Melanie LOXTON
    Melanie LOXTON   3 months ago

    I love friends so much. I’m so jealous, the friends cast get paid to have fun, laugh and become famous🤣🤣

  • Viv C
    Viv C   3 months ago

    hey look ma i made it

  • Amir Khan
    Amir Khan   4 months ago

    Who thinks the bloopers are funnier than the actual show?

  • isabella G
    isabella G   5 months ago

    I need to know all the episodessss

  • welowenatylaa
    welowenatylaa   5 months ago

    Omg Joey Is So cute and verry funny😂😍💕

  • xintilim
    xintilim   5 months ago

    0:40 this is my fav,Matthew is so funny

  • Khan Saba
    Khan Saba   5 months ago

    I'm falling hard for Matt🥺

  • Frozen Chamom
    Frozen Chamom   5 months ago

    Am a fan of a show that started before i was born and ended 10 years later ,now that is art 💕

  • Danny Martinez
    Danny Martinez   5 months ago

    Bloopers aren't funny. They are funny only to those actors involved while they occurred.

  • colt1998
    colt1998   5 months ago

    Fun fact! 9:16 Ross spited food back on plate and they forgot to change plate, than Joey gets Rosses plate and he drops everything on his plate and while eating it in scene after cast started to laugh because Joey didnt know that Ross spit that back on plate and that rachel dessert was just bananas and whipped cream

  • VJ25
    VJ25   5 months ago

    This is so heart warming

  • ꧁ ʟ ࿐
    ꧁ ʟ ࿐   5 months ago

    I found 0:42 toooo funny. Oh, Matthew.

  • lkcon22
    lkcon22   5 months ago

    joey is such an iconic character 💪💪💪👍👍

  • legal nz
    legal nz   5 months ago

    #IF they used these bloopers in the episodes.... we wouldn’t know.... as these #FRIENDS do weird stuff in all the episodes anyway🤪🤣🤪🤣🤣 Bloopers or not! They #ROCKED #THE #EARTH

  • Juan
    Juan   5 months ago

    Uh ohoh no no oh

  • Serena Sohal
    Serena Sohal   5 months ago

    I love when Matt does an impression of Mathew when we messes up

    MD AJAZ   5 months ago

    Joy's laugh at 8:43What do you think??

  • filipa sousa
    filipa sousa   5 months ago

    como é que ninguém fala da risada da phoebe? melhor coisa que eu já ouvi