BTS (방탄소년단) 'EPILOGUE : Young Forever' Official MV

  • Published on: 19 April 2016
  • BTS Special Album '화양연화 Young Forever' will be released on 2nd May 2016.

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    BU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment
  • Runtime : 3:26
  • BIGHIT 빅히트 방탄소년단 BTS BANGTAN 방탄 영포레버


  • Barbiedoll7 ARMY
    Barbiedoll7 ARMY   2 minuts ago

    They wrote this cuz they feared they will lose us, but we increased in numbers and we are still growing

  • fanmad
    fanmad   3 hours ago

    ARMY vote for bts in my country, click on HLASUJ, Thankss

  • DJ Gaming
    DJ Gaming   5 hours ago

    Our minds will forever be young listening to this song even after 50years

  • Mansi Srivastava
    Mansi Srivastava   5 hours ago

    It's year 2039,BTS opens the purple box, the time capsule they closed 20 years ago on 19 September 2020.ARMY and BTS watch it getting opened.The younger generation, ARMY's kids watch it and ask- "Mom/Dad why are you crying?"ARMYs throughout the world remembering this time, this song Forever Young and crying with happy tears in our eyes. Being an ARMY still being the best decision and best thing of our lives."Forever....We are Young...."

  • Anika Binta Nazrul
    Anika Binta Nazrul   5 hours ago

    This is the family that I never intend to lose ever... This fandom and BTS... We are family.. Nothing less than that...

  • Lexi Petsi
    Lexi Petsi   6 hours ago

    This is a very touching song! A very nice song!

  • BTS ARMY ⟬⟭ ⟭⟬

    Imagine it's 2039, 19 SeptemberWe all are waiting for BTS to arrive and open the capsule and they arrive and start singing young Forever That day we are crying hard Pls Promise Me Ami y'all are gonna be healthy and safe, I wanna be with you all until 2039 and even until the time I Die :(

  • BTS ARMY ⟬⟭ ⟭⟬

    Imagine if they sang Young Forever after 19 yrs while opening that Capsule Ah That Moment I'm gonna cry hard

  • Beauty Jin
    Beauty Jin   7 hours ago

    They are something you'll never loose and always will feel them to support you.stand by you.and this isn't just your own's true!!!

  • Bangtan's Angel
    Bangtan's Angel   8 hours ago

    It's crazy how we never left... we are still here supporting our boys💜

  • Ashmita Ashmita
    Ashmita Ashmita   8 hours ago

    it’s 2020 ,i am listening to this song it will be 2030 ,bts disband ,i will be listening to this it will be 2040 ,bts will be with their wives and kids ,i will be listening to this it will be my last day on earth, i willbe listening to this ....I stan them late but i ‘ll stan them forever .. That’s my promiss ....BTS is more familiar than actual family they make us laugh they make us love ourselves and they make us to do hardwork for our dreams . forever young.... btsarmy i purple you

  • raven teataeger
    raven teataeger   9 hours ago

    Tae : FOREVER WE OUR YOUNGhis only line in this song😭 but still the power of his voice is there🤔

  • soham kadam
    soham kadam   10 hours ago

    I can't take this anymore they make me cry so much till this day after this song being 4 year old and will be till the End CAUSE THERE IS NO END FOR US AND BTS OUR BULLETPROOF BOYS ....... :'' )

  • 아미 HanNie
    아미 HanNie   10 hours ago

    It's been 4 years ... I still listen to your song.

  • Eva Alkalifi
    Eva Alkalifi   11 hours ago

    Listening again in sept 2020.Love you both... My Taekook 💜💚

  • Beyza Cinar
    Beyza Cinar   13 hours ago

    This song keeps me from doing wrong things

  • pumpkin pie
    pumpkin pie   14 hours ago

    This era is still understandable but wings era is something which goes 50 kilometres us from my mind 😭😭 can't understand a little also re-watching every album to understand the theory after the new comeback

  • NoemiPark92
    NoemiPark92   17 hours ago

    the anthem of youth; YOUNG FOREVER !!

  • Nhạc Thổ Hào
    Nhạc Thổ Hào   19 hours ago

    When I sing your first voices, what do you think will be 2039? 2039 if I can see you with my own eyes once in this life. Reality and dreams are really different too, bro ! I'm afraid that when I have the chance, the memory is still just a memory, no more pictures of you on stage, no longer listening to the songs I belong to in my youth, I'm afraid I'll delete them tomorrow ! So I will remember every moment in my heart and soul, so that when I turn my head back to look at the memory, it will be a beautiful memory of a glorious time of youth.

    ARMY BTS   21 hours ago

    I'm listening to her now, crying. I haven't been to Armes from the beginning, but I'll be with you until the end.BorahiLet's be together.

  • Sia Sy
    Sia Sy   22 hours ago

    🖤.. بوقوشيبدا

  • Fabiola Rue!
    Fabiola Rue!   1 days ago

    Even if life happens, if obstacles come, if people judge, we'll stay together, young forever 💜

    LIZI SIETE   1 days ago

    Young forever....Bts y Army son parte importane en mi vida, más adelante cuando recuerde mi pasado sin duda estaré feliz y llorando por todo lo que viví y sentí al ser parte de esta familia. Los amo puse sentimental