Famous Kids Who Ruined Their Careers

  • Published on: 08 September 2019
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    Every parent wants the best for their child. For example, they want their kids to become famous all over the world! After all, when you are famous, you are rich and you live an easy life... Who will say no to this? Unfortunately, things can be different in real life. Many stars, who appeared in every magazine and TV show when they were kids, have been completely forgotten. But what happened to them? That's exactly what we're going to find out today!
  • Runtime : 11:17
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  • Eddison Thomas
    Eddison Thomas   6 hours ago

    The first kid didn't ruin his career. He moved on.

  • The Joker
    The Joker   2 days ago

    The backpack kid didnt deserve his fame, HE DIDN'T CREATE THE FLOSS

  • ダリエンDarynt
    ダリエンDarynt   3 days ago

    Title is terrible for this video, as if the kids ruined it themselves when it was their parents steering something they didn't want to do instead of being themselves.

  • romit kumar
    romit kumar   3 days ago

    Haley played mesmer in the Amazon prime's The boys

  • Gil T
    Gil T   5 days ago

    Why no recent picture of honey boo boo

  • Aurora The Trap
    Aurora The Trap   5 days ago

    Correction *10 times fame f&$ked up a kid because full grown adults can’t handle fame without going off the deep end.

  • Eri Chan
    Eri Chan   6 days ago

    Famous youtubers that ruined my childhood.

  • John Reyes
    John Reyes   6 days ago

    The Problem Child kid wasn't really responsible for the end of his career. His mother was since she got greedy and decided to blackmail the company for more money.

  • B B
    B B   6 days ago

    Spread positivity and give gifts...

  • Denveys b
    Denveys b   1 weeks ago

    Just because they're not famous anymore doesn't mean they ruined their career....

  • RAVEN Promotionz
    RAVEN Promotionz   1 weeks ago


  • Gosu Zodiac
    Gosu Zodiac   1 weeks ago

    Backpack kid be looking like a whole sloth

  • Sierra Harper
    Sierra Harper   1 weeks ago

    Yes all this kid does is floss congrats you do so much for society

  • Megalovania Monster
    Megalovania Monster   1 weeks ago

    Whoever knows what movie was showed in a clip at 0:17 is instantly my friend

    SHAWNA TM   1 weeks ago

    The little boy with a man body is gross, he was sexualized I think it's so disgusting to look at

  • Godman1102
    Godman1102   1 weeks ago

    Tabloid articles are fake, tabloid means that it’s made up pretty much, I’ve seen some crazy shit under the title “tabloid article”

  • Morbid Phoenix
    Morbid Phoenix   1 weeks ago

    i feel like hes missing some extra bit on the title "NUMBER 7 WILL SURPRISE YOU!."

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep   1 weeks ago

    Why are we acting like the backpack kid had a decade long or even a month long career or even a career?

  • William Fuchs
    William Fuchs   2 weeks ago

    3:50 all because his parents became too greedy

  • Mocuh Tj
    Mocuh Tj   2 weeks ago

    8:13 ok but why toby maguire look like hes crying?? lol

  • benkenobisgirl
    benkenobisgirl   2 weeks ago

    Haley Joel Osmet has worked steadily. Voice work, series and movies. Nothing ruined there.

  • John Adams
    John Adams   2 weeks ago

    This channels name should be mind control because that's what it's trying to do. Most kids who have careers are under tremendous amounts of pressure. Not to mention the directors/writers/other adults are always trying to get in the kids pants / touch them .. Why never mention all the adults who molest kids and get them addicted to hard drugs. Pizzagate and Hollywood are tied together. It's real. Celebrity Kids get raped for $$$

  • Tristan Ndianga
    Tristan Ndianga   2 weeks ago

    To me some didn't ruin it, they just decided to quit...Music please...

  • Samoa Monroe
    Samoa Monroe   2 weeks ago

    Can we pay a dollar to throw a hammer at backpack brat?

  • pax r fam
    pax r fam   2 weeks ago

    i was in a pizza hut comrshal

  • Anderson Andy
    Anderson Andy   2 weeks ago

    Kids don’t ruin their lives, we ruin their lives by making them carry our dreams which ultimately weighs them down and burn out

  • Big Gatesy
    Big Gatesy   2 weeks ago

    When people say parents push there kids to become everything there not. They do. If you failed at your dream don't make your children live it. Can't say your child is your world if your taking away there's