Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Dodge Charger Police Car Part 13

  • Published on: 07 November 2019
  • She Rips!!!! The 2018 Dodge Charger Police car is finally tuned and full of power and fun. This thing is such a blast to drive and we can't wait to tear it up at the track. We have always wanted to rebuild a police car and now it happened, plus it has boost. What more could you ask for? Be sure to stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!




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  • Runtime : 22:40
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  • Derek C
    Derek C   3 days ago

    Keep spending money on your dreams so we can spectat on your content, and fund your life lol

  • Johnny Ray
    Johnny Ray   4 days ago

    I looked on your website and didn't see the camo hoodie. Are they available?

  • Mr P.S
    Mr P.S   1 weeks ago

    why you gonna drop dislike on ma men like that, if u don't like it just don't watch it, simple....

  • 2tone Ajax
    2tone Ajax   2 weeks ago

    Do police auction sell their own patrol cars?

  • Jojo Gassin
    Jojo Gassin   2 weeks ago

    Not a seam car 😂😂😂😂 it looked better as is

  • Grady Clay
    Grady Clay   2 weeks ago

    Now you need a loud ass tial-Q BOV

  • jud lang
    jud lang   3 weeks ago

    “ I don’t know if the hellcat has 8 spark plugs”

  • Tzolkin Man
    Tzolkin Man   3 weeks ago

    Well this whole serios was awesome I really enjoyed this and I'm not even that into cars, but you guys made it a joy, for all the somewhat negative comments, please consider something, think a bit different, these boys are building a nice way of life doing what they clearly love to do, do they hav lots to learn, ys of course, we all do, its called a journey, while constructive criticism is good, the downright hateful comments are out of pure evil or jealousy, life is a journey, in fact some of you should read "The hero's Journey" by Joseph Campbell to get a clue.Fantastic Job Goodsquad and thanks for sharing your passion and journeyAnd one last thing, they have mentioned like 100 time about them building a garage so there is really no need to keep saying and complaining about their dirty cars, the grass, the leaves, they are aware of the issue hence the garage/shop build, either your not paying attention or you don't believe their actually going to build the garage/shop or you just like to bitch but i'm not sure how many times they have to mention it LOL js.

  • Dr.Coomer
    Dr.Coomer   3 weeks ago

    Hey be careful about how much boost you’re putting in that 5.7 they can’t handle to much especially one with that many miles

  • young11984
    young11984   3 weeks ago

    That Mustang is just screaming for an On3 twin turbo kit

  • Travis
    Travis   3 weeks ago

    Just binged the whole build😳

  • Rajashree Sahoo
    Rajashree Sahoo   4 weeks ago

    I love you from India country. I want to buy the cop car.Plz plz plz plz plz sell it to me.

  • Rooney Tunes
    Rooney Tunes   4 weeks ago

    My favourite thing has to be their faces whenever they test their vehicles 🤣😎

  • Joshini
    Joshini   1 months ago

    g o o s h z q u a d

  • Ruele Ramaoka
    Ruele Ramaoka   1 months ago

    You should sell this to the Police Force for a lot of money as an undercover vehicle for them

  • Jay Beckett
    Jay Beckett   1 months ago

    The "simply built" decal needs to go on the bottom of the doors!

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson   1 months ago

    The hellcat challenger was the first rebuild I watched and subbed. Then started from beginning and binged ever thing lol. Man I hoped you guys would never sell the kitty at least till I win the lotto. Lol thx for the great content.

  • Oscar Crespo
    Oscar Crespo   1 months ago

    Hi, maybe bigger brakes, and a bar over the engine to give it more stiffness.

  • 2tone Ajax
    2tone Ajax   2 months ago

    They should of added a front lip

  • Aaron-khan Nadduha
    Aaron-khan Nadduha   2 months ago

    I literally salute you both for these kind of stuff, do you guys have a TESLA? -Philippines

  • LifesAnAdventure
    LifesAnAdventure   2 months ago

    Could someone explain what a tune is? I'm trying to learn lol

  • Shaun Valencia
    Shaun Valencia   2 months ago

    I can’t believe how surprised they are considering all the work put into that car

  • AndrewDak15
    AndrewDak15   3 months ago

    You should let Flying Ryan Performance tune that charger. Will run 100x better than the tune you have rn

  • Justin Wilens
    Justin Wilens   3 months ago

    I think you all should put like Youtube, Instagram, etc. logos on it so it gives it a channel look.

  • Top Secret
    Top Secret   3 months ago

    Привет парни. Вам надо навес для машин строить.Негоже тачки под небом стоят! Из России с любовью.Hi guys. You need to build a carport.It's not good to have cars under the sky!From Russia with love.

  • DEV celm Alexander
    DEV celm Alexander   3 months ago

    when you will finnish your charger purcuit. or you finnished it.

  • jay bandong
    jay bandong   3 months ago

    dude nice video! love it...also nice shirt black dodge printed,,you can send me here in Philippines?hehe

  • Jalen Johnson
    Jalen Johnson   3 months ago

    how much to fix my 2002 Malibu and to get it a tune?