Which Flap Disc is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 11 March 2019
  • Flap discs tested: Harbor Freight Warrior, DeWalt, Makita, Walter Flex Steel, Diablo, and Norton Red Heat. A rusty piece of sheet metal was cut into 6 pieces. Each flap disc was provided 2 opportunities for a total of 3 minutes to remove as much rust as possible. The sheet metal was weighed before and after each timed event to figure out how much rust and metal was removed. 100% of the video ideas are from viewers. I greatly appreciate all the support that viewers provide, allowing the channel to deliver unsponsored, unbiased, content!

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  • Runtime : 11:10
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  • Wildman 8964
    Wildman 8964   7 hours ago

    This guy gives some of the best test reviews if the BEST test reviews..!

  • Christopher McMichael

    Sometines. That's when it's good to have a variable speed grinder. Which are hard to come by. I've searched for them, you can get better results from flap discs by slowing the RPMS down. Lower RPM'S mean less heat and also by lowering the rpms you would allow the grit to actually pic at the rust scale or mill scale rather than burn it into the metal and strip off the grit prematurely.

  • Rick True
    Rick True   2 days ago

    Excellent test. You’re the best. Thanks.

  • Ben L-P
    Ben L-P   2 days ago

    Thanks again for the wealth of knowledge! There are not enough people who take the time to create tests to eliminate variables the way you do!

  • J Parsons
    J Parsons   2 days ago

    Great. Have you tested sanding discs for random orbital sanders? I used them to do body work.

  • Dahut
    Dahut   4 days ago

    Now I'm wondering how the very expensive Klingspor that we use at work stack up against these.

  • Brandon Cody
    Brandon Cody   5 days ago

    HELL YES thank you @Project Farm for this vid. I'm building a massive custom truck and struggle to find quality discs

  • William Glaser
    William Glaser   1 weeks ago

    Once again I am here to see which wheel is the best for what I am going to use. Since I am going to be sanding the edges of my hardwood floors and to clean up some other spots. I think pretty much any of them will work. Going to go to the local hardware store in the morning and get what ever they have in stock and see how long they last.

  • Dan Rozwood
    Dan Rozwood   1 weeks ago

    Would you consider adding Benchmark Abrasives to this list? I used CCI for years, got some Benchmarks on a sale and I feel even at full price they are worth it. Their 60 grit grinds better than my CCI 40 grit, which for comparison grinds much better than the 36 grit Warrior.

  • Mud Bug Mini Trucks . Com 832 951-5220

    I use many Diablo wheels in my shop. I too tested several brands to see which one was the best value. However, I test mine under a daily use real world scenario. I find the Diablo brand are the best value followed closely by the Norton brand. I always enjoy watching your videos.. Maybe you can test METAL cutting hole saws? I can't seem to find any worth buying. I recently discovered Drill Hog..life time warranty drill bits. So far so good, but I have not cut any holes with the hole saws I purchased... I would love to buy hole saws that I can use in my drill to cut through thin metals without burning them up each use. Is there a trick I'm unaware of when cutting metal holes? Thanks again

  • Ryan Gelhar
    Ryan Gelhar   1 weeks ago

    Have you noticed a decline in Dewalt after Black&Decker bought them?

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil   1 weeks ago

    Just gonna come out and say it. Dewalt’s tool accessories are just garbage wrapped with their logo to sell to the fanboys. Makita & Milwaukee make some ok accessories but again ... name brand tax. And Bosch with their new disc system 😂🙄 horrible discs

  • steven greb
    steven greb   1 weeks ago

    Okay. Here’s an idea that may or may not be lame. Test and compare techniques rather than products. Example: drilling into metal: light pressure v heavy pressure; high v slow speed; oil used v dry drilling; straight to the big diameter bit v stepping up from small to large. Thanks for the great work. Keep it up.

  • Matthew Coats
    Matthew Coats   1 weeks ago

    I am a ridgid user, I would like to see how ridgid stands up to these other brands, the cut off wheels saw blades etc.

  • Joshua Wiley
    Joshua Wiley   2 weeks ago

    I ran out of mapp gas the other day and wondered, what would happen if I put a propane bottle on this torch head? would it work? I wonder what a heads up comparison between propane and mapp gas would look like, and how the performance of the torch heads using different types of gas would look?

  • Connor Matthews
    Connor Matthews   2 weeks ago

    Good content as always mate. Very possible that the rust thickness/weight varies from plate to plate, or square inch to square inch, throwing off how useful the "material removed" stat is.

  • Bruce Overman
    Bruce Overman   2 weeks ago

    Would love to see sandpaper tested. Brands and aluminum oxide vs silicon carbide. Thanks as always.

  • Jason Norman
    Jason Norman   2 weeks ago

    Test gasoline cleanliness from different brands. Where should we buy fuel?

  • Allan smith
    Allan smith   2 weeks ago

    Great video as always . Thank you for putting in the time and effort . Idea for a video, Oscillating tool ( multitool)blades

  • Canadian_Wolf 83
    Canadian_Wolf 83   2 weeks ago

    I bet you spent more time changing disks in this video than you did doing all the tests and editing this video

  • Arthur Samoylovich
    Arthur Samoylovich   2 weeks ago

    Graduate Engineering School level testing! One slight recommendation, abrasives are rated by the G ratio(vol. removed from test pieces / vol. Removed from wheel). Though this was in weight, please provide PowerPoint slide with the following: delta test piece weight / delta abrasive weight and then noalize everything by dividing by total square inch area of abrasives. This gives performance per sq. Inch. Normalized.

  • Bryan Langston
    Bryan Langston   2 weeks ago

    What about channel lock wrenches? I have a set where the lock is slipping to larger channels and I'd like to buy a wrench that will not slip off the bolt

  • tzuohann
    tzuohann   2 weeks ago

    would you find summarizing the figures somewhere? when i go shopping, i think about your tests and sometimes refer to them. its sort of fun watching while at homedepot and some rando goes... "you watch project farm too huh, good stuff" but would be useful to have a quick to access summary

  • DriveAndMaintain
    DriveAndMaintain   2 weeks ago

    I worked with an engineering shop to find the best value brand of discs so that they could buy in bulk and reduce costs. The 3M Cubitron II was a more expensive flap disc but it was hands-down the most effective and durable product. We were actually saving money compared to the cheap brands because the durability meant less time wasted by the workshop guys when they were changing discs less often. It's less frustrating and more efficient when they work with an effective product. The cutting discs were also safer to use because they were less likely to disintegrate at high speed as the cheap brands often did.

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell   2 weeks ago

    One place I see you never get products from to test is Fastenal. I have used a few products from them and have noticed that their products (not sure who actually makes their brands) last a long time and can sometimes last longer than the "better" brands. I would love it if you would include them in some of your showdowns. I love all of your videos. I have watched most of them to date.

  • Joe Gray
    Joe Gray   2 weeks ago

    thank you for your thorough testing! I buy specific items based on your reviews. There are times if I am indecisive about what to buy ill see if you have a video of it. Keep it up please!

  • Andrew Golabek
    Andrew Golabek   3 weeks ago

    If you have a belt grinder (4x36) is love to see you test various brands as well! Wood and metal grinding

  • CHEVI789
    CHEVI789   3 weeks ago

    We in Australia have a brand which is one of the best, it's called flexovit. Thanks for all your hard work mate, you save me a lot of money, regards from Oz.

  • Dan C
    Dan C   3 weeks ago

    I love your reviews, I'd love to see you do a review on wood chisels 👍🏻

  • incorrect
    incorrect   4 weeks ago

    Next video please antibacterial spray does it kill anything? :)

  • o0Kifa0o
    o0Kifa0o   4 weeks ago

    so i get one minute of sanding power

  • Work Hard Live Free
    Work Hard Live Free   4 weeks ago

    Walters always been my choice. Also like diablo... not a fan of the rest whether its their adhesive, which I found on the cheaper brands seems to emit a foul odor... plus as you said with dewalts price for the quality... great testing!!

  • hobomnky
    hobomnky   1 months ago

    was expecting to see some 3M option in this test

  • Jessi Louis
    Jessi Louis   1 months ago

    my vote for the most valuable channel on youtube. I don't purchase stuff anymore until I check your tests.

  • Lou Cifer
    Lou Cifer   1 months ago

    Dewalt makes great tools and circular saw blades but their flap disc not so good but that said even the best flap disc isn't that good

  • Paul
    Paul   1 months ago

    I always buy the Warrior wheels at Harbor Freight for .99 cents when there is a coupon. They might not be the winner in quality, but really, you just can't beat that price if you are on a budget! Also, now there are Bauer and Hercules wheels too, which use Zirconia abrasives instead of Aluminum Oxide. Maybe at some point you would be interested in doing a Part II? :-)