Like Churchill, Mahomes will never surrender & rule new QB era — Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on: 13 January 2020
  • Jason Whitlock, Marcellus Wiley, Mark Schlereth and Tony Gonzalez talk Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and discuss if Mahomes proved he's the best player in the NFL. Chiefs beat the Houston Texans 51-31 on Sunday.

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    Like Churchill, Mahomes will never surrender & rule new QB era — Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

    Speak For Yourself
  • Runtime : 12:26
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  • Don Hay
    Don Hay   1 weeks ago

    Coming from a man that called Mahomes a utube star ( Jason Whitlock) when he came into the league.

  • quinton wright
    quinton wright   2 weeks ago

    He’s a straight hater mahomes got hurt came back and straight clutched his way to a super bowl and they gonna say Jackson is the best

  • Leigh Ketcher
    Leigh Ketcher   1 months ago

    Flip breath it's breath I'm taking the Chiefs...u r a joke

  • Leigh Ketcher
    Leigh Ketcher   1 months ago

    MW..wake up..Lamar J is a good QB..#15 is an NFL MVP..SB MVP...& SB CHAMP..get real with your analysis

  • David Flores
    David Flores   2 months ago

    2 idiots sitting on the left, 2 that have some brain on the right, sometimes Whitlock us questionable. A true mvp doesnt choke when things get tough. A true mvp can arry a team if needed.

  • Terry McBride
    Terry McBride   2 months ago

    Nobody ever believed Lamar is better than Mahomes!

  • Lonewolf 1970
    Lonewolf 1970   4 months ago

    Who was holding the Lombardi Trophy this year?? That should tell you everything you need to know. Patrick Mahomes made the plays when the Chiefs needed them and they won the game end of the story. Yes Lamar had the better year and deserved the MVP, but he wasn't playing for the Lombardi trophy or getting Super Bowl MVP.

  • Kent Grady
    Kent Grady   4 months ago

    Stats alone do not make the greatest great. Nor is it exclusively about the number of games lost versus those won. What makes the greatest great is simple: who gives your team the best chance to win when it absolutely matters most... For decades, Joe Montana was the gold standard of clutch... Then, Tom Brady rose to (many say exceeded) that level. Right now, of my team needs a QB to deliver at the most critical moment, in the most spectacular fashion, the only choice is Patrick Mahomes, period. Lamar Jackson? Please. Aaron Rodgers? Past his peak. Brady? Father Time caught up. Brees? Nope. Barring catastrophic injury or front office stupidity, Patrick Mahomes will rewrite the record books....

  • Terry McBride
    Terry McBride   4 months ago

    No MVP'S Season has been minimized the way Lamar Jackson's has been minimized bye Patrick Mahomes!

  • Wave Length
    Wave Length   4 months ago

    Mahomes is so much better than lamar

  • Gail Whiting
    Gail Whiting   5 months ago

    Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL. Jackson is good, but nowhere close to Mahomes.

  • Rick Western
    Rick Western   5 months ago

    Wiley has gone crazy. Mahomes beat Lamar Jackson both times they have played the ravens. Beat both Houston with Watson and ravens with Henry. So this guy Wiley needs to recant. Or repent. Mahomes Super Bowl championship beating a fabulous forty niners defense. So case closed. Later Wiley.

  • Will Hurney
    Will Hurney   5 months ago

    What? Jackson is not better than Mahomes

  • Clayrock
    Clayrock   5 months ago

    Wow takes two years for people to crown someone that's the issue now days a rookie QB has great rookie season and people start calling him the next best thing and I've even heard goat already but mahomes is good just give him time to see how he does with out all his pro bowl recievers eventually

  • Robert Longwill
    Robert Longwill   5 months ago

    I hope Mark Schlereth is Playing devil's advocate because if he's not he sounds like an idiot. SMH

  • Francis Dasta
    Francis Dasta   6 months ago

    Hmmm.....MVP for 2018, AFC Championship Game in his first year and Super Bowl MVP in his second year? Down double digits three games in a row in the playoffs? Fastest QB to throw 50 touchdowns. Fastest QB to throw for 5,000 yards, fastest QB to throw 75 touchdowns, fastest QB to throw for 9,000 yards. Mahomes had a game at Texas Tech when he had over 800 yards (700 through the air) and he scored a lot more than 12 points. Is there really even a question about this?

  • Bryan Yasuhara
    Bryan Yasuhara   6 months ago

    Wow, this went sideways fast. Are they reading off a script?

  • chris siler
    chris siler   6 months ago

    Marcellus, pay attention . Even the 9'ers failed, you look like a fool now

  • Kal Chal
    Kal Chal   6 months ago

    Lamar lost to the titans gtfoh!

  • John Koenigs
    John Koenigs   6 months ago

    Did Lamar Jackson make it to the Super Bowl no he didn't !

  • Huy aok Vo
    Huy aok Vo   7 months ago

    lamar Jackson best player in the league......😳....hahahahaaaa😂😂😂please stop talking...😂

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M   7 months ago

    Lamar has a 1st round WR, RB, and TE; scored 12 points against the Titans... and ya'll STILL want to put Lamar over Mahomes? Because "Mahomes has weapons" (UDFA RB, 3rd round TE, and a 5th round WR) and had one of the most dominant post seasons runs in NFL history.

    ANTHONY81   7 months ago

    Lets be honest here, ESPN gets their football analysts from the dumpster.

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza   7 months ago

    Hahaha he extends plays nd makes great throws. Throws slot of qbs cant make.

  • Wesley Register
    Wesley Register   7 months ago

    Marcellus was saying "we" when talking about the Ravens. I think he might be a little biased...

  • Sanchez Sanchez
    Sanchez Sanchez   7 months ago

    Who in the f*** is that first fat f*** commentator listen yes Lamar Jackson date some great things but if Patrick Mahomes wins the Super Bowl I will say it like Tom Brady said it he doesn't care about games he cares about championships at the end of the day that's all people remember. Just like the Oscars nobody remembers what you got it for only that you got one. Go Chiefs Kingdom and furthermore last year my home's and then Tire Chiefs organization got robbed by deflategate Spygate happy ending cheating motherfuking Patriots

  • Mark nelson
    Mark nelson   8 months ago

    Wow an ex Bronco and an ex Charger players and they are dissing on Mahomes, who woulda thought. Funny you didn't hear Wiley say who he thought was the best "football" player, because he knows he's wrong.

  • Bryan Thompson
    Bryan Thompson   8 months ago

    Love Witlock. Hes always on point. KC misses him

  • Zane Murphy
    Zane Murphy   8 months ago

    George kittle is the best player In the league. Not only is the best TE. If he really wanted he could play Defense. Or o line.