Taylor Swift - ME! (Lyrics) Ft. Brendon Urie

  • Published on: 26 April 2019
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  • SyrebralVibes
    SyrebralVibes   9 months ago

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  • Your Wolf
    Your Wolf   18 hours ago

    Im sry you swifties but like brendon urie is like the only good thing about this song

  • Stxrry-Moon
    Stxrry-Moon   1 days ago

    99% of you guys won't read this but to the 1% that do, stay safe and have a happy life Also Taylor ROCKS! 🤘

  • Emma D
    Emma D   3 days ago

    oh gosh... i never realized it said "SPELLING IS FUN"idk how to feel about that...

  • mike
    mike   6 days ago

    Only hear this for brendon's part

  • ishita
    ishita   1 weeks ago

    lmao why tf do this fandom hate this song so much???especially the line "hey kids spelling is fun!"acting childish and happy wouldnt like hurt you, would it???people just like to find flaws in every positive thing

  • Ken Kim
    Ken Kim   1 weeks ago

    Gender or Sex like me means Gay in Arabic.

  • NanaS Imaginati0n
    NanaS Imaginati0n   2 weeks ago

    T-Swift: ♪Me-e-e!♪Me: ♪Me-e-exicans! Come and sing spanish with me!♪

  • Exploding YouTube
    Exploding YouTube   2 weeks ago

    PLAY IN 1.25x WOOHOOOOOO (rlly its fun listening in that speed)

  • z0oin N0m
    z0oin N0m   2 weeks ago

    did you make and like edit this cuz im pretty sure she said baby thats the fun not apart

  • Gabby Anderson
    Gabby Anderson   2 weeks ago

    And it's nearly my birthday!!!!!! So I am gonna have this song on my birthday because it's my favourite.. But.. I wish that I had Taylor at mybirthday butttt my mum said I might and I hope so!!

  • Gabby Anderson
    Gabby Anderson   2 weeks ago

    I really want !y mum to listen to it because my mum will love it

  • JustAdmiring
    JustAdmiring   2 weeks ago

    Your the only one of you! You are coolYou are smartYou are beautiful You are my friendYou are my best friend :)

  • Tiya Pansuriya
    Tiya Pansuriya   3 weeks ago

    Taylor for me is literally addictive I can’t believe I stopped listening to her for sometime!

    RUBÉN IGLESIA   3 weeks ago

    I went so much psycho a little bit psycho ... continue the song xd

  • Cathwolf
    Cathwolf   3 weeks ago

    And there’s a lot of lame guys out there-

  • Sarah
    Sarah   1 months ago

    This is one of the best Taylor swift songs going

  • Raymond S.
    Raymond S.   1 months ago

    As a lame guy, I feel personally attacked

  • Mystic Angel
    Mystic Angel   1 months ago

    I came her because someone mentioned Taylor Swift copyed the song Next To Me by Emeli Sande . I can kinda see the similarities with the singing "Me" part but Idk. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

  • Mehdi Kamali
    Mehdi Kamali   1 months ago

    Guys if you like this song say yes in the comments or like