Diablo 2 Baal Runz 101

  • Published on: 29 June 2020
  • !!!!!HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY DIABLO 2!!!!!
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  • Runtime : 2:27
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  • doliio volay
    doliio volay   51 minuts ago

    I died when Tyrael showed up at the toilet

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ   4 hours ago

    Holy shit this is so spot on. If you didn't have a pickit or a weren't running a bot, were you even playing? Lmfao

  • Saladfork
    Saladfork   7 hours ago

    Too good, just too good. So many memories this brought back to my mind.

  • Shadow IV
    Shadow IV   9 hours ago

    Oh the memories. I played this game online before bots. What glorious times it was.

  • asd asd
    asd asd   19 hours ago

    How the hell did he not get a realm down after all those quick join/exit

  • EcchiRevenge
    EcchiRevenge   23 hours ago

    "Do you guys not have an animation team?"

  • peacemaker
    peacemaker   1 days ago

    This is legendary 😂😂

  • Talaska
    Talaska   1 days ago

    Damn, this actually made me laugh and put a smile on my face. Makes me want to go level up a barb and sorc right now!

  • Phil S.
    Phil S.   1 days ago

    This is soooooo epic, i am still playing it and have laughed about 15 times while watching 😂Dont we all know the sacred armors we DIDNT grab! Must have been done by a big fan of the game ❤

  • Hail
    Hail   1 days ago

    It was exactly like that!

  • WebCamCartmell
    WebCamCartmell   1 days ago

    man i know that feeling of joining a run only for it to be empty haha

  • Pups Bert
    Pups Bert   1 days ago

    Even in 2020, I prefer Diablo 2 waaaaaaay over Diablo 3#ChangeMyMind

  • FYB
    FYB   1 days ago

    Diablo 2 in nutshell ahahahahahahah .....Way too accurate..... start to depress

  • bigchunk1
    bigchunk1   1 days ago

    It's not all bad. You didn't miss Tyreal saying how good you are, lol

  • William R
    William R   2 days ago

    I love Diablo 2 especially Median XL.

  • SuperMusicForever
    SuperMusicForever   2 days ago

    I play Diablo 2 for 13 years then found this video make my day. Awesome and I subscribed you.

  • vitorfray
    vitorfray   2 days ago

    Sponsored by blizzard?! Hot damn, this series has gained a lot of visibility!

  • DreamVikings
    DreamVikings   2 days ago

    This was almost flawless. Was missing the 30 min ban for joining games too often though xD

  • Dario Di Nunzio
    Dario Di Nunzio   2 days ago

    Makes me laugh for the entire day... anyway the best run is the nr.104!

  • 1Lomi
    1Lomi   2 days ago

    100% accurate

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour   2 days ago

    Oh my god, this soundtrack....! Brought me right back, i truely miss Blizzard North...

  • Scott Buster
    Scott Buster   2 days ago

    I've never felt more personally understood in my life.