How to Stay Bug Free When Cowboy Camping, Using a Bivvy, Under a Tarp, in a Tent, Etc

  • Published on: 09 November 2021
  • This is it, the Ultimate Guide on staying Bug Free when you are in the outdoors;

    Cowboy Camping, Using a Bivy, Under a Tarp, in a Tent, Etc;

    This How-To video is one of the most important videos that I have ever made.

    Stay Bug Free against Ticks, Mosquitoes, Spiders, and More!
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  • Runtime : 11:52
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  • Daniel Rosvold
    Daniel Rosvold   4 days ago

    U cant just flash a picture of a spider at me like that man

  • Farmer Wayne
    Farmer Wayne   6 days ago

    If ur tongue goes numb, you've used to much.... (wha dib u fay)?

  • Dave S
    Dave S   1 weeks ago

    Absolutely!! I use the same product! We've used both the Sawyer and Repel brands of Permethrin from the Walmart camping section. For a repellent I recommend ones with Picardin. It's synthetic black pepper extract, WAY more effective than DEET, safer than DEET, and no bad smell like DEET!!

  • Tim Knight
    Tim Knight   2 weeks ago

    I trust Permetherin with everything... Ive used it for years now every spring when hunting morels in Northeast Ohio, and haven't had a tick dug in me yet

  • Dale Richardson
    Dale Richardson   2 weeks ago

    University of Florida did a test to compare Catnip spray to DET and found it to be 10 times more affective. And safe enough to eat!! or put on babies. Worth checking out......

  • praetorxi
    praetorxi   2 weeks ago

    Live in PA. Permethrin with Picardin or Lemon Eucalyptus. Permethrin will straight ruin waterproofing like DWR as it's technically a dye and needs to bond to the fabric.

  • Scott Coe
    Scott Coe   2 weeks ago

    Great topic!My regime was covering all clothing in (R) Off aerosol spray, avoiding direct spraying of exposed skin and outdoors to avoid inhaling. Even then, having another pair of eyes to help find ticks is a blessing! The commercial insect spray does kill but not immediately and requires hours on larger arachnids, thus disabling them in your parameters. Scorpions and Trap Door spiders being examples here in California. Seems tarantulas are large enough to escape light exposure, but every geographic zone is unique! I’m mosquito candy… The “bait” others invite along. 🤷‍♂️

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G   3 weeks ago

    This combo for the WIN! Permethrin for gear/clothes and Picaridin lotion for exposed skin.

  • Jack Voss
    Jack Voss   3 weeks ago

    Yes, permethrin. I spray clothing, inside of sleeping bad,inside of tent. I’ve heard that dryer sheets repel bugs and other pests. I can’t verify that. They are certainly repelling to me.Courtesy of Half Vast Flying

    ANTO ANTO   3 weeks ago

    I have found not drinking sugar loaded fizzy drinks EVER helps me not get bitten outside, avoid sugar all together if you can!

  • Brian Jacob
    Brian Jacob   3 weeks ago

    Deet is toxic to humans over prolonged exposure. FYI.

  • Marcus Aetius
    Marcus Aetius   4 weeks ago

    I’ve heard about permethrin also but they actually restrict its use up here in Canada. You need a special agricultural certificate to buy it so campers are out of luck…

  • R E
    R E   1 months ago

    Strongest ive found in Norway is 50% deet: says it gives protection for up to 9 hours.. and to only apply once a day.. apparently a lot stronger deet can even burn a hole on your cloths... and you are using 100% ? :o Would love to get some more info on Deet.

  • G G
    G G   1 months ago

    how does treating clothing affect fire resistance?

  • Rosie Jl
    Rosie Jl   1 months ago

    If you sweat a lot how likely is it that the permetherin will end up on your skin from the wetness on the fabric? I live in Australia and go to a uni that was built on a swamp so the mosquitos are nasty here and will go through Jeans and other thick material. The max Deet you can get easily here is 40% so I generally use that or tropical repellant and spray it over my skin and clothing. Sadly deet will chew through anything plastic or synthetic so can't be used on anything that is made of that material.If I do more bush work I will proably treat my clothing with permetherin since I got a paralysis tick last year and it was so itchy I couldnt sleep that night. Leeches are also a issue in wetland or rainforest areas and you can get sydney funnel webs which are seriously venemous.

  • Christopher de Vidal
    Christopher de Vidal   1 months ago

    Surprised no one's talking about fire ants. Y'all must not be in the South. Fully-netted tents for me, and I've even had one of those invaded.

  • Tim W
    Tim W   1 months ago

    What’s the tan backpack name ?

  • maverick 44
    maverick 44   1 months ago

    If its really bad I just use diesel fuel an deal with the smell. Soak a bandanna an let it "dry" an keep it on neck off of skin. Keeps them away pretty good. An store in Ziploc bag. But honestly after being out a week or two they stop bothering me.

  • crazy edo
    crazy edo   1 months ago

    Forget about bug sprays. USE VAX!!!😁

  • Montana Ranger
    Montana Ranger   1 months ago

    Permethrin is a must in Montana, but oddly enough Vanilla (extract) does a great job of keeping mosquitos away. That's an old Grandma technique I learned when I was 14.

  • 2326TX
    2326TX   1 months ago

    In SE Texas we use shotguns to repel mosquitoes.

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown   1 months ago

    I apply picaridin lotion to my ankles and lower legs to keep ticks off while I mow the lawn.

  • jeff jag
    jeff jag   1 months ago

    As someone who is regularly in the Northwoods of Minnesota, base level bug spray is Deep Woods Off and going up from there.

  • Jim Steele
    Jim Steele   1 months ago

    How come you wear sunglasses? Show yourself!

  • NineTines
    NineTines   1 months ago

    Essential stuff in tick areas. Lyme disease is a nightmare if you don't catch it in the early stage.

  • John mony
    John mony   1 months ago

    I live in KY and 100% DEET is all I use. I try to buy it in a pump sprayer package rather than aerosol spray. The DEET never expires in the container, but the gas will escape from the can over time. I buy at the end of the summer when it is heavily discounted and it never goes bad, so when you buy makes no difference. I find that the best way to use it is to spray some on a handkerchief and then rub it on my skin and clothes. It seems less oily that way. Then I put the cloth into a freezer bag and reuse it next time. We have chiggers here, so I do spray a good dose on my shoes and socks to keep those guys from climbing my leg up to my nether regions. Treating my socks and shoes with the Permethrin may be a better solution for that if it does, indeed, kill chiggers. Does it?

  • vytautas beliauskas
    vytautas beliauskas   1 months ago

    I'm using that product about 2 years. I spraying on my tent, ground sheet, clothes, backpack. And its working perfectly.

  • James Granger
    James Granger   1 months ago

    Here in Maine when I am trail making for mountain biking I use Deep woods off I think it is roughly 30% deet not sure on exact % . mainly the ticks is what I am worried aboutbecause it is daylight. And mosquitos don’t get thick until dusk. I spray my waist and pants and socks. have good results with that

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson   1 months ago

    We have mosquitoes like that, we call them Catsquitoes.

  • J.P.S 💚
    J.P.S 💚   1 months ago

    Literally I keep my tent doors closed apart from airing it out and that stops this exact issue lool. When regarding a tent you really shouldn't have a gap for them to come in, I guess amarica might be different but I've never had a single big in my tent and I'm a fisherman constantly on river sides, camping by lakes or creeks so god knows

  • David Lee
    David Lee   1 months ago

    Very big help Luke. Thanks 😄