Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordons AWESOME 2016 Slam Dunk Duel

  • Published on: 14 February 2016
  • Take a look back at one of the best dunk contests in the history of All-Star Weekend between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon!

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  • Runtime : 4:49
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  • Tyler Papy
    Tyler Papy   9 hours ago


  • Rigit
    Rigit   15 hours ago

    I like Zach LaVine and all but i have to give it to Gordon like if you agree,

  • Rambi Te
    Rambi Te   1 days ago

    The Injustice on Aaron Gordon..Got robbed twice and the last one was so obvious yet the NBA did absolutely nothing about it..i've lost interest in the whole all star event entirely..

  • Guillermo Ulises Corimayo

    Las volcadas de Aaron Gordon estuvieron mejores, él debió ser el ganador. De todos modos fue un espectáculo increíble.

  • Tarık Karabağ
    Tarık Karabağ   1 weeks ago

    İt’s bull shit man.. exally aaron! Plase Justice...

    It's MBBS LONDA   1 weeks ago

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  • Invictus
    Invictus   1 weeks ago

    Battle of the lightskins

  • Space Pope
    Space Pope   1 weeks ago

    Damn they both had really fresh ass dunks. LaVine had the sharpest and smoothest dunks. Gordon had the most heart stomping dunks.

  • Armando Quiros
    Armando Quiros   1 weeks ago


  • josue Van perzy
    josue Van perzy   1 weeks ago

    Al final se le terminó el combustible a Aarón y zach metió el turbo al final

  • Kevin Watson
    Kevin Watson   1 weeks ago

    I need search warrants for 5 corrupt judges. Need to see when the last time y'all had your vision checked.

  • Chuchón
    Chuchón   1 weeks ago

    1:53 - If this is 50, 2:06 this couldn't be 50. Because Zach's one is less original and he is copying the dunk. 2:47 - And this should be more than 50.

  • emp4th
    emp4th   2 weeks ago

    too much showboating with the intros this new generation is corny

  • Scheva
    Scheva   2 weeks ago

    Gordon didn't get robbed. Zach's were pure works of art w/o using anything like Gordon's mascot.

  • Ben Heiberg
    Ben Heiberg   2 weeks ago

    Can anyone actually dunk before the free throw line?

  • The Goblin
    The Goblin   2 weeks ago

    And with thus, we witnessed the biggest NBA dunk contest rob of all time

    AG VIDZ   2 weeks ago

    He has 2 dunk championships in my eyes

  • Tim Account
    Tim Account   3 weeks ago

    Oh G! Can I axe you som'n? You know, dat's it! Dat's it! Come on, man. Hey man. You know?  - The word salad that has become inner city basketball

  • julius dogta
    julius dogta   3 weeks ago

    2:26 still to this day one of the GREATEST AND CREATIVE DUNK IVE EVER SEEN

  • jallo ham
    jallo ham   3 weeks ago

    i just thought of the greatest dunk idea everwhat if u throw the ball up high from half court and make it land on the free throw line then do a free throw line dunk

  • Serkan
    Serkan   4 weeks ago

  • Aruun Tamho
    Aruun Tamho   4 weeks ago

    bro we all know free throw line dunks are beyond normal dunks