[ASMR] School Nurse Annual Lice Check

  • Published on: 05 December 2019
  • It's time for your annual lice check with school nurse Tingting in this relaxing real hair ASMR. Enjoy ear to ear whispers, lots of hair play and hair sounds, hair parting, hair brushing, a special hair treatment and detailed examination, and lots of personal attention.

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  • Runtime : 23:29
  • tingting asmr school nurse annual lice check exam relaxing sleep personal attention ear to ear whisper hair play real hair hair brushing hair parting hair treatment medical doctor asmr chinese accent tingting asmr


  • B r u h
    B r u h   3 days ago

    I saw this in my recommended after watching a video about weird ASMR channels, I don’t regret clicking on this. I now can get sleep

  • BarbJ White
    BarbJ White   5 days ago

    Excellent video. Very calming, relaxing.

  • Olivia
    Olivia   5 days ago

    I’m literally on the toilet watching this with headphones on!

  • Pro Scope
    Pro Scope   1 weeks ago

    It would get you out of lessons there wond be a qu put red hair dye on da scalp then ur good

  • Sariya Johnson
    Sariya Johnson   1 weeks ago

    Anybody else like when people play with your hair with a gentle touch

  • Vijay
    Vijay   1 weeks ago

    Hope you get 2 million subscribers soon

  • Its Me Nik!
    Its Me Nik!   1 weeks ago

    Tingting may be prettyBut you are to ;)

  • your mom
    your mom   1 weeks ago

    TingTing should make a compilation of her intros like all put in one, because i absolutely loves when she says "hi welcome back"

  • Krista Carter
    Krista Carter   1 weeks ago

    Bruh i had super lice just a year ago and my mom would spend up to like 5 hours just combing my hair. And my head was so sore that even to this day after shaving my head its still sensitive

  • Sanford Button
    Sanford Button   1 weeks ago

    for all the sleepy heads here, i have a check list for u so u can sleep now 💖:-make sure auto play is off-if needed take ur meds-make sure u don,t have on make up anymore -if needed open or close a window-if u can,t sleep in un-comfy clothes,wear comfy clothes-lay down how u like it-good night 💖

  • Grace Robson
    Grace Robson   1 weeks ago

    Me turning up the volume to make me fall asleep...THEN SEEING A FRICKENG MCDONALD ADVERT AND GETTING A HEART ATTACK🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Green
    Green   1 weeks ago

    I get tingeles when she says werecome back

  • Krystal Gambling
    Krystal Gambling   1 weeks ago

    I feel bad for all those people who must have fallen asleep while trying to press like then accidentally press dislike Let’s pray for them 🙏

  • Min Yoonji
    Min Yoonji   1 weeks ago

    I fell asleep watching this and then woke up to Yoongi hip thrusting....I don’t regret anything

  • Saiesha Rajan
    Saiesha Rajan   2 weeks ago

    all i want to ask is,- where do i find a nurse like this? because she ain't at my school!

  • Kyrstin Simmons
    Kyrstin Simmons   2 weeks ago

    "Little bow or little heart"Me: heartHer: okay bow Me: nvm

  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez   2 weeks ago

    Her: which now you wantMe: the heart Her: the bow okMe: i-

  • Oliver Croan
    Oliver Croan   2 weeks ago

    TingTing: Which hair sticker do you want? School nurse: grabs popsicle sticks in irritation

  • Heather The demon
    Heather The demon   2 weeks ago

    The thing is that if we didn’t feel well we would get an ice pack for no reason. And everybody would complain about it. While I would stand right there eating popcorn

  • leavemetobeme
    leavemetobeme   2 weeks ago

    She proteccShe attacc But most importantly....SHE IS THE CEO OF WERCOME BACC

  • Toxic 2020
    Toxic 2020   3 weeks ago

    Wait ok so she’s talking to her screen right but the manikin is facing her??? So who is she talking to???? I’m so confused 🤷‍♂️

  • Mr Bare Foot Bogan
    Mr Bare Foot Bogan   3 weeks ago

    I haven't been to school in 9 years. But... This shit always helps me sleep ;)

  • Sharice Billett
    Sharice Billett   3 weeks ago

    Lol this is absolutely NOT a real nurse or a real LICE check... Pretty much soft porn .lol😂😆

  • Nightcore_city
    Nightcore_city   3 weeks ago

    When you said heart but she said “ThE lItTlE bOw” 👁👄👁

  • Hiral Desai
    Hiral Desai   4 weeks ago

    Ting ting :just let me know if you have an itchy feeling,ok?Me: oh I am not itchy,no I am feeling tingly

  • arwen_ official
    arwen_ official   4 weeks ago

    Why do I feel safe in these comments, it's like I've known e everyone for ages

  • Mylee Jackson
    Mylee Jackson   1 months ago

    i love the fact she took my head of and put it in front of her to talk to me while she’s checking my hair 🤣🤣🥰🥰🥺🥺💕💕

  • Clean With A Teen
    Clean With A Teen   1 months ago

    Half the time I have no idea what she’s saying, but her voice is so calming😴

  • Gacha_Groot Alice
    Gacha_Groot Alice   1 months ago

    if there was lice there ....... idkwould you be scared if she pulls off the head

  • Tia Collins
    Tia Collins   1 months ago

    Me: "I can't sleep!"Ting ting: "Hai, wercome back."

  • slime time
    slime time   1 months ago

    I can't watch your videos in day or I fall asleep

  • Cailyn Alexander
    Cailyn Alexander   1 months ago

    YOU Yah you! I know you want to be ting tings mannequinLike if true

  • peachy x squad
    peachy x squad   1 months ago

    This is literally the only asmr video that’s triggered me. Great job!