The UFO Conspiracy (2004) | Full Movie | Joe Leahy | Kenneth Arnold | Jimmy Carter | Brian Barkley

  • Published on: 15 July 2020
  • Space travelers or demonic deceivers? This is the first, and only, documentary that answers the question of who the pilots of UFOs really are, where they come from, and what their intentions are. Unidentified Flying Objects have been recorded in various forms since the creation of man: Crudely drawn on Stone Age murals...chiseled in Egyptian stone...noted in the journals of ancients like Alexander the Great...even described in the ship's log of Christopher Columbus. More than a stunning catalog of UFO photography, video, and eyewitness recordings, hear startling scriptural evidence from noted scholars like Dave Hunt (The Archon Conspiracy) and I.D.E. Thomas (The Omega Conspiracy) which reveals the hidden truth about UFOs and the beings who operate them.

    Director: Brian Barkley
    Writer: Brian Barkley
    Starring: Joe Leahy, Kenneth Arnold, Jimmy Carter, Ellie Crystal, Paul Deutsch, Frank Edwards
  • Runtime : 1:10:57
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  • boneman1960
    boneman1960   2 days ago

    We all know they are there, and most of people except them, the powers to be know if the ETs announce them themselves they lose control.......NZ

  • Dreadlock Sage
    Dreadlock Sage   4 days ago

    Remember watching this exact documentary 10 years ago on DVD. I comeback to it from time to time, but did notice that it was completely wiped from YouTube for a couple of years. Frankly I'm surprised to see it now. Also, I guess it's not a concept reserved for the looney bin conspiracy theorists given the US governments acknowledgment of UFO's.... oops, I mean UAP's.

  • roadwarrior !!
    roadwarrior !!   1 weeks ago

    I rest my case.. They exist and have for thousands of years !!!

  • Donald Michael Lumsden

    So, the Preacher got the last word.I will abide by this word .And keep the faith . DML

  • Loree Brew
    Loree Brew   1 weeks ago

    There are no other worldly brothers. No ET's. It's Satan, he is the father of lies and that's what he does best. He is fooling people with all this alien stuff.

  • **HACKETT**
    **HACKETT**   2 weeks ago

    But a renound christian historian has discovered a tablet dating one hundred years exact before jesus .....! An it was authentic because of israel rhunestones an the ancient writing an how it changed twice of atleast half there alfa bet letters lost there form an was easy to put a time on it ......but THE MAIN SCRIPT THAT STICKS OUT IS IT SAYS ""I GABRIEL ...COMMAND IN THREE DAYS...LIVE!!! SO WAS ITS SOMEONE WHO INFLUENCED THE JESUS WE KNOW....BECAUSE KING HEROD WAS UNDER ROMAN RULE SO GOSPEL WAS VERY HARD TO DO.....AN IT SAYS HE LEAVES AFTER BEING BAPTISED AN CAME BACK A CHANGED MAN .....CAUSE THINK IN THOSE TIMES IT WOULD ALMOST BE SOMEONE OUT SIDE JERUSALEM INFLUENCED HIM AN HE REALLY WAS THE SON OF GOD BUT HOW DOES THIS GET EXPLAINED???? ITS WEIRD,...!!!

  • **HACKETT**
    **HACKETT**   2 weeks ago

    Christian movies ???? Ok well what's hard to preach in church about ufos an strongly an let people know the truth besides glimpses of reality ...if you look at early paintings of jesus or mary of leonardo da vinci paintings what do you clearly see .......ok add that to every tribe on the planet an they all have the same story of a man who rose in three days even now man who done the same with the inscription ...reading: I gabriel,command in three days!!:::ok so wake up an put the real pieces back in the bible that has been took out ,enoch...and Noah an get to the reality of what has brought humanity this far an why we cannot ...I say cannot replicate things of antiquity how is it we advanced in 80 years basically that the say we only been here 200,000 years ????? Hahahahaha ok well that's been blew out of water but really ......IT WOULD NOT HURT TO PREACH THE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE WHO GET LOST TRYING TO FOLLOW AN BELIEVE IN GOD AN JESUS BUT THINK THE PAST WAS MAGIC ......

  • Max Light
    Max Light   2 weeks ago

    interesting documentary , but the CONCLUSION is really PATHETICH.. and also from many point of views (even reading deeply the bible) totally wrong. At the end, mixing demons, angels,umans and UFOs this way destroyed any credibility to this pseudo-document...

  • Charles Phillip's
    Charles Phillip's   2 weeks ago

    No such thing as demons. It's just religious superstition which has put millions at each others throats. They are ET beings who probably seeded Earth eons ago and are doing upkeep. Just as a zookeeper does it with animals. Get rid of stupid religion then we will be able to see real light.

  • Mr X
    Mr X   2 weeks ago

    We should not be concern or frightened by these UFO'S even if they are real because in my experience and studies the most frightening and deceitful power is WESTERN WORLD CIVILIZATION.I never heard of UFO'S DROPPING NECULAR BOMBS OR WEAPONS ON HUMANITY OTHER THEN WHITE WESTERN WORLD CIVILIZATION OR MASS SLAVERY ON THE DARK PEOPLE OF AFRICA OR colonial dominants over Africa natural resources,NO,NO,NOTHEY ARE THE REAL DEMONIC ALIENS AND THEY WON'T TO TRICK US IN BELIEVING THAT THERE'S SOMETHING MORE THEATHENING THAN THEM.

  • Mr X
    Mr X   2 weeks ago

    The last part about Christianity and Jesus is 😈DEMONIC AND VERY ARROGANT,The most terrible crimes against humanity came from Western World civilization,meaning white people on the planet and maybe the story of Noah is talking about white people "and the son's of God saw the women and that they were fair and took them for wives"meaning white people on the planet was giving knowledge from these falling angels,that's why you rule the WORLD.

  • Thomas Magee
    Thomas Magee   3 weeks ago

    This program is superstitious christian propaganda.

  • John McDermott.
    John McDermott.   3 weeks ago

    I seen 3 UFO's at the age of 12 years or so! They were darting around at unbelievable speed, zigzagging across the sky above my home.the sudden change of direction I saw left me truly astonished. They were moving in and out of eachother until dissapering individually at a even greater speed. I believe today that there the technology of fallen angels!! possibly now given to mankind. Jesus Christ is LORD of Lord's and king of kings 🙏✝️🙏

  • Robert Lawler
    Robert Lawler   3 weeks ago

    If they wanted to harm us in any way we would definitely not no about it i think theses beautiful beings have showed great retrained not to attack in any way they way we have treated them by shooting them down for their advanced technology if you governments around the world want it that bad just ask them by making contact in a polite manner don’t for get they have probably been around longer than we have or we probably come from there DNA who knows but it makes you think about the hole Christian and worshiping god and reading bible thing because if we are made in is image then were do they come from just a thought

  • Liz H
    Liz H   3 weeks ago

    i call it telepathically abducted they have telepathically taught me how to play piano their teaching are easier for us in the near future ive learnt in one day they are venusian they told me and speak different languages and also have taught our writing will be different i write differently in time my time of thought is different since my teaching with them command ka-ree is one that teaching me things they also do not eat meat killing is not allowed food is consumed with high frequency veg and fruits less is consumed by the body and one more before i go they are christ its self very loving and care for us as one with that of earth with them we will become them live longer be smarter as a whole the light is near full disclosure is coming and so are they surrounding earth with their ships crossing from one solar system into ours.

  • Jonathan Nixon
    Jonathan Nixon   3 weeks ago

    Well we know bad odors of Sulfur means its demonic according to the Bible.

  • kroogerlive
    kroogerlive   3 weeks ago

    This "documentary" mixes factual events with untruths.....example; the transcript of flight 19 stated in this program is completely made-up. I suspect this program has just been made as a vehicle to preach the last 20 minutes of utter nonsense. Still, I can sometimes be quite entertained by utter nonsense and so I didn't mind watching it. The most interesting thing I learnt is that there is a type of ridiculous Christianity that would be unwelcoming to visitors from other worlds....So, it looks like we cannot rely on a lot of Christians to show us in a good light!

  • Valerie Austin
    Valerie Austin   3 weeks ago

    Wish every video and picture wouldn't be so damn grainy

  • André Santos
    André Santos   3 weeks ago

    Excellent documentary, one of the best resumes I've seen about the most important cases. However, I don’t feel the ending is the best approach to the subject.

  • Marsha Dailey
    Marsha Dailey   3 weeks ago

    We have had a lot of our leaders say we my have war with those from outer space..

  • PeggyD
    PeggyD   3 weeks ago

    Watch Kingdom in Context .For those with eyes and ears open.

  • CurbKillaz
    CurbKillaz   1 months ago

    It's almost ridicolous to not believe that were created by a specie that has been around billions of years before earth was even formed. We are probably nothing more than a fishtank in a dentist clinic.

  • The Truth Hurts
    The Truth Hurts   1 months ago

    These old documentaries are so much more believable than today’s. A few questions I have is 1) why do the old sightings look so old school and today’s sightings look more advanced, 2) why haven’t I seen one yet nor anyone I ever met in my life, 3) if real why haven’t they helped us or destroyed us yet?

  • markonefly
    markonefly   1 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this video.. what is UFO to do with christianity ??? ET, a

  • Letty Bayoneta
    Letty Bayoneta   1 months ago

    Fallen angels have associated themselves with ungodly humans to build advance Civilization, making humans feel that they don't need any God or supreme being, they themselves were gods and the fallen Angels were the gods of this world who can provide everything they ever wanted through advance knowledge, this is what the Serpent promised to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, if they eat the fruit of good and evil they will acquire knowledge and be like god but as a result they will wave their right as heirs of Eternal City and legitimate children of God.Our era is full of deception and lies, not even one account of documentary or series of documentaries can be trusted, what is certain is that man are becoming more enslaved with the world system created by the enemy of God and the RULER( FALLEN ANGELS) of this world are posting themselves as "aliens" ready to invade the earth when in fact, they were already here before man and with their forbidden knowledge Man were caught and subjected to an illusion that only the One true God can release them.

  • nessa j
    nessa j   1 months ago

    With all of the things they have in the air now, the skies are not as clear as they were 200 years ago. Especially with all of the lights from the grounds that are blocking and all of the new technology heck somebody could probably set up a phoney Eclipse of the SUN. People that know important things about what is done in the skies today in secret we don't know after all of these hundreds of years what really was actually created accept for what they expose to us. So to see we see something strange today could be some droid somebody created or something. Only those who know, knows. Just like most of us were born just in these 200 years and we have learned from only with what history taught us to where with the majority of us, unless you've seen the real theory with your own eyes, we don't know who or what was here before we were. True we just don't know and who knows that could be hidden so well done so long ago just like any other secrets that we never discovered or programs like this video didn't have us rambling nobody can actually prove what's true. There are even people on earth who speak a language lots of us never heard or understand so how could we actually figure out what's here just by looking in the skies. Then there is the ocean who knows what life is actually there? Lol

  • 63phillip
    63phillip   1 months ago

    The 5 missing planes were found.

  • Ade Larsen
    Ade Larsen   1 months ago

    Nothing like Bible studies to get one's brain stimulated.....

  • Michael Halstead
    Michael Halstead   1 months ago

    Why someone would think it would be a great idea to put stupid back ground music to enhance there videos is beyond comprehension