"Let's Chat Space" Live Stream!

  • Published on: 15 March 2020
  • I think we all need a break from the coronavirus news barrage! So to take our minds off things, I (Prof David Kipping) will host a little live stream Q&A Hangouts session on Sunday night. Happy to field any questions you have about our previous videos, research happening in my team, or just general astro/planet questions (as best I can!). Join us live and feel free to get your questions in early down in the comments.
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  • Fire Up
    Fire Up   9 months ago

    what would nothing be? a vacuum? isn't that still something. It's hard to imagine nothing, it's impossible. You either think of a solid, liquid or gas, or a vacuum, which is an empty space, but because I put myself there in that vacuum, when I imagine it, it feels like I am in something.

  • Cecil Ray Burnett III
    Cecil Ray Burnett III   12 months ago

    Dont forget,in 1665 Newtons most productive 2 years were during a plague that forced Cambridge to close!

  • oOo Gimmy
    oOo Gimmy   1 years ago

    If I had a professor like you, I would certainly have continued my studies ... His teaching method is incredible, truly.

  • Skiltra The Philosophical

    There was a time when i wouldn't be extremely sceptical of what you are saying but i listen and read alot of philosophy. At least im not some spiritualist that would be very terrible

  • Dnz
    Dnz   1 years ago

    I can only state how much I appreciate your being there for all of us Mr.Kipping. You make our lives richer and grander as you take us along with you and share your knowledge and persona. Thk U!

  • criscola 03
    criscola 03   1 years ago

    Shoutout from Canada. Love your channel

  • AvantiSignora
    AvantiSignora   1 years ago

    Love your videos and always great content. Keep up the good work, thank you from Italy

  • shaymar588
    shaymar588   1 years ago

    What’s the meaning of life? What’s our purpose?

  • Jeffrey A. Smith
    Jeffrey A. Smith   1 years ago

    There needs to be an Italian restaurant in NYC called Spaghettification.

  • Jeffrey A. Smith
    Jeffrey A. Smith   1 years ago

    Picturing a guy from a bowling league on the upper east side; 10 to 15 Eart masses? Once you get past the event horizon your fingers would be stuck fuh good.

  • gal
    gal   1 years ago

    Prof. David: Which channels are the ones you mentioned that converted to Podcasts? Also which channels do you watch ?

  • james f Barry
    james f Barry   1 years ago

    Love you 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️💕💕

  • Yuriy Fazylov
    Yuriy Fazylov   1 years ago

    46:34 - asteroids are failed planetesimals, planetesimals are failed terrestrial planets, terrestrial planets are failed gas giant planets. gas giant planets are failed stars... etc

  • Josh Bower
    Josh Bower   1 years ago

    Hey I just wanted to thank you for what you do. I have always loved the pursuit of knowledge. I myself am not a scientist, but i wanted to let you hear about a moment I had with my daughter while watching one of your videos about traveling across the universe. She is 4 and very bright, she loves to sit and intently watch your videos even though she doesn't understand much of what it means yet. She asked me a wonderful question today. "Daddy does that man know how to go faster than light?" I did my best to explain the concept to a 4 year old. " No baby, nobody does yet or if they can at all. It might not be a thing. It might just be something we can't ever catch." Well she told me, " Ok, daddy I'll be the one that catches it and I'll tell him how when I do it." So, I wanted you to know if nothing else, you have made a difference and have created a spark in the mind of a little girl, who loves listening to you the way most kids like watching cartoons on television. I hope one day she tells you how. Thank you sir.

  • Emile Scheepers
    Emile Scheepers   1 years ago

    Hey I love your videos! Quick quarantine question:Apart from the obvious engineering challenges, does physics allow for the creation of a wormhole within a black hole? With the inlet being past the event horizon and the outlet at a safe distance outside of the event horizon? (Creating a possible escape for particles with or without mass)

  • Joey
    Joey   1 years ago

    Curious, could something like the TeraScope or JovoScope be used with much short wavelengths of light to scan the surface of small particles in the air like droplets and detect surface receptors? Unlike radio astronomy I would assume your would have to use very short wavelengths in the Terra-hertz range but could the principles of Spectroscopy or VLBI used to study stars and planets be used to study or identify markers on very smalls things? https://terasense.com/products/sub-thz-imaging-cameras/

  • User1990
    User1990   1 years ago

    Dr. K, maybe you can do these livestreams every Sunday while we are in quarantine. Also, a possible topic for this channel could be RNA, self-replicating molecules, viruses, abiogenesis, and whether viruses are a life form or not. Might have to collaborate with someone from biology at your university. Biology is front and center in the world right now

  • Raimo Kangasniemi
    Raimo Kangasniemi   1 years ago

    ESA's Comet Interceptor mission will be parked in the L2 point after launch in 2028 to wait for - hopefully an interstellar - comet to visit. http://www.cometinterceptor.space/

  • nataka billingsley
    nataka billingsley   1 years ago

    It took me 3 days to watch and was worth every minute. I love the videos you and your team post but I'm addicted to this live stream open forum format. Keep up the great work!

  • Lucas Gibbs
    Lucas Gibbs   1 years ago

    Can you please invent the infinite telescope

  • Ravenmad
    Ravenmad   1 years ago

    When will we able to delete memories from our minds that we don't like?

  • Søren Riise
    Søren Riise   1 years ago

    Damn.. You are such a great narrator. How have could I have missed your channel for so long? I've consumed 25 of your videos over the last 24 hours and will continue to watch until I've watched all of them. Keep up the great work! Much love and admiration from Denmark.

  • Derp
    Derp   1 years ago

    Missed this live, but absolutely loved it it still - so many great questions and answers.. Would certainly watch another one as well

  • Mark O'Sullivan
    Mark O'Sullivan   1 years ago

    Absolutely fascinating, thank you! If you have any more Q&A's I will try and listen in live.

  • Joseph Vaughn
    Joseph Vaughn   1 years ago

    I think NASA and all the scientist that are working in these fields are brilliant people. But I have to wonder. Take the Voyagers for example. We have learned so much from two probes that are so basic (compared to what we have now) Why are there not dozens of Voyagers out there? Why do we not equip these probes and rovers with video cameras? We have video of Curiosity coming down….but why is there not a video camera on the Rover. It gives us 8 billion pixel photos, but we can’t get video. I am in no way undermining the achievements of any of the progress we have made. Just wondering about the more simple things we might be able to be under taking. The Terrascope idea for one. I think it is foolish not to attempt it. As long as it does not endanger the craft. You hit upon my question about the Voyagers as I was typing this. Seems like NASA needs to be paying very close attention to your ideas. In regards to the flat earth baloney. During my tenure in the military I was fortunate enough to sail around the Earth 8 times. How anyone can even remotely believe the Earth is flat is beyond me. I have seen things and witnessed phenomenon that I cannot begin to explain while upon the oceans. Flat Earthers have flat brains and are nothing more than attention seekers. In closing I want to thank you so much for what you do and how you project your ideas. I know there are so many more people, young people out there, just like you, that don't have a voice. And by making these videos and working with the younger generation you give us all hope.

  • MrD44z
    MrD44z   1 years ago


  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins   1 years ago

    I missed this life stream so I will look forward to the next one.

  • Nigel J Dougan
    Nigel J Dougan   1 years ago

    Hi. Not sure whether you return to your streams once aired, if so, the two programs I have watched, have been incredibly informative. That said, as my knowledge of everything off earth is so limited, if you said the moon was made out of cream cheese, I'd believe every word you said. Although much of the information you impart is double-dutch, for me as someone not overly scientifically focussed, I'm geology, not physics, there is much that I can follow well enough which shows I'm not a total lost cause.I lived through the Apollo missions as a boy and during the first moon landing, skipped school to watch everything being televised. Nothing was said about my absence and my headmaster, my Dad, had wished he'd thrown a sickle too. My absence was conditional, not to let it be known I had watched any day time telly and just stick to sharing my excitement from watching the 6 o'clock news. Back then, ask your parents, daytime TV between Monday till Friday, didn't exist. This was the second broadcast I'd watched and now I can't wait for the next instalment, hopefully echo free, as the previous broadcast was plagued by this problem too.Maybe, something of value has come out of our pandemic [email protected]

  • Paul Ch52
    Paul Ch52   1 years ago

    Yes, please do more of these Q&A sessions. Great info. Great fun. Thank you for this one.

  • martin M
    martin M   1 years ago

    My thinking is that Entropy is the bleach the removes the by-product from the making of the universe. The universe will continue for how many trillions upon trillions without anything within it. The void is the goal not the waste product . A sterile void without Contaminants

  • Fuck You Google
    Fuck You Google   1 years ago

    Unfortunately, I was unable to catch this live, but I'm watching it now. Thanks for helping to take my mind off of the Kung Flu. Great stream.

  • Hope4Today9 Now
    Hope4Today9 Now   1 years ago

    Oh... are you using like a USB mic? Cause when you get close to your screen your the built-in mic is picking up ... and that's maybe what's causing your echo.

  • kombrig 2
    kombrig 2   1 years ago

    You can forget about an "asteroid mining" and that's why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo72-BtYc24

  • Hope4Today9 Now
    Hope4Today9 Now   1 years ago

    A Million people on Mars? In Eons lifetime NO. A million people on mars any time ... hmmm ... doubtful. Around Mars? Yes, absolutely.

  • Erik1
    Erik1   1 years ago

    Missed it live but really enjoyed the replay. Hope to see more livestreams. Thanks David!