Different Mintality

  • Published on: 29 June 2020
  • Some people say we're not savvy my business people. But my brother can suck it. #MintMobile
  • Runtime : 37


  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy   4 hours ago

    Can we all just agree that this "Free Guy" has a smoking hot wife?

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko   1 days ago

    Can we all just agree that this "Free Guy" has a smoking hot wife?

  • JD six
    JD six   1 days ago

    Does anybody remember when he stared in the movie Just Friends

  • David Ibarra
    David Ibarra   1 days ago

    The first ad that people intentionally clicked on

  • Duane Rancourt
    Duane Rancourt   1 days ago

    I want some of that Aviation Gin. But IDK where to find it. :(

  • YTP Master
    YTP Master   1 days ago

    When coming up with ideas for deadpool 3, you could add into it all the under-appreciated heroes, i.e Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Blade etc.

  • Operator 020
    Operator 020   1 days ago

    Yeah my comments keep getting deleted so. . . Love you Ryan.

  • Sk miganoor Rahaman
    Sk miganoor Rahaman   1 days ago

    I just love you bro,Your speaking attitude has been made the ad. Interesting #cool I waiting for #Deadpool

  • Azim Sharkar
    Azim Sharkar   1 days ago

    Wait when did Ben Affleck learned to write?

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay   1 days ago

    I think Ryan Reynolds should teach advertisers "How to make ads"

  • The Good
    The Good   1 days ago

    I want to know who has a mint mobile line

  • Dave 2194
    Dave 2194   1 days ago

    Dear Ryan, stop being a sell out.

  • alida flus
    alida flus   2 days ago

    He's on different league when it's come to advertising.

  • Bonnie Nutter
    Bonnie Nutter   2 days ago

    Hey Ryan, I have heard whispering on the net that "Goodables" on twitter may be connected to child trafficking. I went to the site and noticed they do have the "two hearts" which are listed as pedophile symbols on the FBI Child Trafficking website. I'm just curious as to what you know about them since you are one of the 27 they are following. I'm hoping you will speak out for the children if it is proven that "Goodables" is another child trafficking service. The Soldiers are picking up these Traffickers and Pedophiles. Thank God for that, Right? Also, Ghislaine Maxwell was also a wonderful environmental enthusiast. You have something in common. Who would have guessed that when she wasn't protecting our environment she was raping children and passing them around Hollywood. The days of keeping secrets is over. Aren't you glad these scum are being exposed. I Am.

  • ashton hills damm
    ashton hills damm   3 days ago

    can u do more deadpool films its one of my most favourite films and also im only 12

  • Thomas Sosa
    Thomas Sosa   3 days ago

    I support anything Deadpool is involved in.

  • Cuttest Cat
    Cuttest Cat   3 days ago


  • Milliardo5
    Milliardo5   3 days ago

    Would love to see your reaction to the interactive Deadpool head recently released...

  • The good son 123
    The good son 123   3 days ago

    I bet you a 1000$ Ryan Reynold will not notice this comment

  • Paul Richard Stroud
    Paul Richard Stroud   3 days ago

    Only Ryan Reynolds could possibly make a Raid Shadow Legends ad actually enjoyable

  • Bunny BunBun
    Bunny BunBun   3 days ago

    Technically touching himself as Deadpool with a baby hand is pedophilia.

  • D34D
    D34D   4 days ago

    You have contributed to my death i hope you are happy as i am. xD

  • D34D
    D34D   4 days ago

    I agree good job.

  • Vladislav Petkov
    Vladislav Petkov   4 days ago

    E tu brute!It good that he have Lively next to him, not marry like jew recently to make wierdly accomplished success. Or.... But leave that how come alcohol company as asset and then telecommunicational company advertising.... You are hitting the points bro...

  • Mirac_67 x
    Mirac_67 x   4 days ago

    If i were in USA i'd buy that If it is even real cuz i dunno if this is a real ad(Seems to be too good to be an ad)

  • LaKraven Studios
    LaKraven Studios   4 days ago

    I just voluntarily watched an Ad! The power of Ryan Reynolds knows no bounds!

  • v1d300
    v1d300   4 days ago

    At this point Ryan Reynolds is super successful marketing agency.

    NITESHADOWx2   4 days ago

    Man for a second there I thought he passed away or something that opening photo had me like oh no 0.0 but thank god hes not

  • Julian Obo
    Julian Obo   5 days ago

    I wonder if Ryan Reynolds is an elite