Strange Egypt (Documentary)

  • Published on: 12 October 2017
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  • Runtime : 45:13
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  • Indy Made It
    Indy Made It   2 months ago

    Humans being the product of gods inbreeding makes a lot of sense now’a days

  • Syed Abdul
    Syed Abdul   2 months ago


  • richstarx
    richstarx   2 months ago

    'he masturbated the world into existence'. lol. well thats a sentence i never thought i would ever hear

  • The Lord of Awareness
    The Lord of Awareness   3 months ago

    The people of atlantis? I guess this theory came from scientific branch called stupid science

  • Judith Bunny
    Judith Bunny   3 months ago

    Very interesting. How every culture has different ways of attracting one and another. And doing the....deed.

  • del trotts
    del trotts   3 months ago

    Masturbation is a blessed relief............And a life giver!

  • Fubar :
    Fubar :   3 months ago

    I think all of them are dead .

  • k b
    k b   3 months ago

    I feel past life connection to egypt. A place starting with J. I often see an elderly man standing in sun, sweating and regretting on something and feeling helpless as if he saw a death of his child and was helpless to prevent it. He seems to be from a poor family as he is holding a hammer and has been breaking the stones as a labourer. It pulls mr towards it. I want to vist here for soul searching.

  • belsnickles
    belsnickles   3 months ago

    Maybe the early practice of killing servants and officials after a Pharaoh's death didn't just protect him in the afterlife. If I knew I was going to be executed and entombed when my boss died, I'd take VERY good care of him while he was still alive!

  • shwat2013
    shwat2013   3 months ago

    EVEN STRANGER...See "Ancient Egyptian Art They Don't Show" in my uploads. More shocking info in my top pinned comment and replies)Sub-Saharan African history in the description or uploadsAlso, African and African American acheivements

  • Brock • 78 years ago
    Brock • 78 years ago   3 months ago

    Guys please stop commenting about the God masturbating us all into existence. I can't like all of them 🤣

  • JACK-Of -All-Trades
    JACK-Of -All-Trades   3 months ago

    I wish I didn't watch this documentary. The mysteries of everything that happened in Egypt it was more interesting to me. Lol.

  • DJ DL Tributes
    DJ DL Tributes   3 months ago

    we wuz tyronz n' felishaz, n' jermainez n' daiyuum bratha oooga booga!

  • Hisham K
    Hisham K   3 months ago

    Sex is the problem for all centuries!!

  • JonesTonesGuitar
    JonesTonesGuitar   3 months ago

    So you definitely want to remember to brush your teeth THEN use the washroom

  • J Kennedy
    J Kennedy   4 months ago

    Do ye people think you are any different? I really hope so.

  • Robbie Kipping
    Robbie Kipping   4 months ago

    We are all part of Egypt and egypt is part of all of us. Every jew and christian draws their spiritual energy from those who lived along the nile.

  • know thyself
    know thyself   4 months ago

    Alot of this is disturbing. But it also has its fascinations.

  • Alice Putt
    Alice Putt   4 months ago

    Why is everything they did “strange “. They lived a good life and wanted to continue it exactly as it was into eternity. Currently we want to continue to a better life which doesn’t say a lot about the one we are actually living right now. I think they had a better idea.

    ABU EL PICASO   4 months ago

    I think the modern day man wants to believe we are the only advanced race ....when in reality many before us knew how to do more with less ...but certain technologies have been lost over the centuries ....its a shame they say a race of people that only worked with copper built the pyramids 🤔really they had ways of doing things we couldn't begin to fathom

  • La Lapa
    La Lapa   4 months ago

    I also was mesmerized by the story of Egyptians

  • IX /VIII
    IX /VIII   4 months ago

    I'm here after playing assasins creed origins

  • Kevin Hartwell
    Kevin Hartwell   4 months ago

    Don't let them fool you ancient Egypt was Black as midnight.

  • Stacy Akerman
    Stacy Akerman   4 months ago

    Most varietys of lettuce contains opium, from the stuff in your salad to the leaves the men in this doc would rub on there heads!

  • Voice of REASON
    Voice of REASON   4 months ago

    History is just amazing!! When I'm out behind work vaping sometimes I'll bury things in the ground or carve stuff into trees so that it will be found thousands of years from now :D 😜And, I always wonder what people will think 2000 years from now when they discover things from our era!? Although, there will be a lot of digital evidence to say the least!

  • Dre Love Productions
    Dre Love Productions   4 months ago

    All this is pagan... Don’t believe anything these Modern Europeans say to devalue the Melanin Man And Woman

  • Shonda Warren
    Shonda Warren   4 months ago

    Even in death, men think of their "tool" 🤣🤣🤣

  • jmaggs 543r
    jmaggs 543r   5 months ago

    Imagine being known for downing so much beaver you get mummified with a stiffy😆